Dog Day Afternoon Reviews

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May 30, 2011
As much as it is about a deeply troubled individual, "Dog Day Afternoon" is about a shift toward exploitation in the American media via live television.
April 11, 2011
Strong performances and forward-thinking situations make this political thriller an exceptionally vibrant experience.
October 23, 2008
Fine, but overrated Pacino vehicle directed by Lumet.
October 18, 2008
September 28, 2008
Though fact-based, Lumet's heist film (his best work) is a wild satire with farcical tones about a normless, irrational society whose (anti)heroes are crazy delusional marginal men, played with panache by Pacino and Cazale in their most spontaneous turns
August 24, 2008
Lumet channels Pacino's relentless energy into a sustained and blackly comic study of hopeless desperation.
March 1, 2008
May 10, 2007
An iconic movie, thoroughly New York, with Pacino in top form.
May 8, 2007
The curious thing about this film is that it has no words that are remotely memorable.
May 8, 2007
It's an insane circus and you know that something, or someone, is going to blow a gasket. Pacino's performance is a multilayered display and the whole picture seems infected by his jitters.
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