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December 9, 2019
The result is quite trippy.
November 27, 2019
The Judge has spoken. A directed verdict for First Degree Action-Packed Thrills!! Dredd 3D is a "dreddfully" delicious delight.
August 5, 2019
Surprisingly, this flashy facelift happens to be one of the best action films to be made in quite some time, its gritty adult humor and narrative aptitude recalling the best works of genre stalwarts like Verhoeven and Carpenter.
April 11, 2019
A blood soaked cocktail with a stylistic kicker. I found it to be a lot of fun.
February 2, 2019
Clocking in at a pacey 96 minutes, Dredd 3D will satisfy fans as well as serve as a great introduction for newcomers to the character.
January 31, 2019
It has just enough ambition to make a few modest statements about the nature of power and judgment without sounding pompous and its action is done well.
January 19, 2019
An immaculate vision of MegaCity1
November 6, 2018
Dredd is a fantastic film; laser focused, true to the spirit of the comic book character, and filled with ratcheting tension and killer hard-R action set pieces.
November 2, 2018
The verdict is in, and Dredd is an ultraviolent good time.
July 3, 2018
Dredd knows its characters and world in a way that many adaptations do not and it blends them together with a not-overly-complicated narrative to deliver one of the best jolt-to-the-brain action movies of the last year.
April 23, 2018
...a hopelessly misbegotten adaptation that suffers from an almost complete dearth of positive attributes.
September 19, 2017
Like George Orwell's 1984 for fans of Jason Statham's The Transporter
April 9, 2016
Action junkies should delight in "Dredd."
May 3, 2015
It's a good deal wittier than expected from a movie that consists mostly of people getting shot in the face.
April 3, 2013
There's something to be said for DREDD's not taking itself too seriously, and if you do the same, you'll have a ball watching it.
March 22, 2013
A tremendously entertaining film that consistently pushes the limits of 3D creativity in a way to seem like the images are leaping straight from the comic book panels.
March 19, 2013
Dredd is like a gun - not everyone likes them and they're only good for one thing, but they do that one thing really, really well.
March 3, 2013
Visually stunning with video game violence, this is Hollywood's answer to The Raid.
February 12, 2013
If Hollywood is going to be indicted for making mindlessly violent action films, let them at least be as good as this one.
January 29, 2013
Lean, mean and luridly violent, sci-fi action thriller Dredd does a much better job of bringing cult comic-book anti-hero Judge Dredd to the screen than the misfiring 1995 Sylvester Stallone version.
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