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½ August 13, 2017
A movie the more I watched the more I liked. This is to me Refn's best by far.The look of it was stunning, the soundtrack was great and it had what his movies that came later did not, an actual story.Refn nailed this one. It's like candy for movie buffs. Definitely check this one out.
August 11, 2017
outstanding performences by everyone involved. Truly unique directing. The best movie i've seen this year! some aren't going to like it and some will love it. I loved it!

AMC Parkway point- Smyrna with bro
August 4, 2017
One of the greatest films ever made. And I am not afraid to say that
½ August 4, 2017
What a film. Perfect!
½ July 27, 2017
Bloody thirsty thrill and romance!
July 22, 2017
2011 FILM: "DRIVE"
Director: Nicolas Winding Refn
Lead Actors: Ryan Gosling/Carey Mulligan
The 2011 film "Drive" is a cinematic masterpiece that's hands down the most surprising and most unforgettable film I've seen in years! With its uniquely refreshing style of music, polarizing imagery and intoxicating blend of attitude and violence it's absolutely astonishing on every level.
July 19, 2017
Violent, romantic and visually stunning, Winding Refn transforms his LA setting into a contemporary oasis where doomed love and the brutal restrictions of reality are around every corner, and cars are the poetic vehicles which help speak for the lead character within them.
July 14, 2017
The original Baby Driver. Between the invigorating score and the apparent "underground" feel of an 80s like city, this movie will leave you thinking for a long time. A modern day classic.
July 8, 2017
Drive is one of my favourite movies of all time. The visuals are breathtaking, beautifully shot. The plot is solid and performances are understated but great. Love Drive, it's a classic.
July 6, 2017
Excellent movie, blood, guns, knifves, adrenaline, suspense, action, and obviously love that change everything in the world, good actors and theirs performances are the best i tese movie , it's great to get your pop corns until the last flavor.
½ July 3, 2017
Everything in "Drive" is very interesting, from the disturbing gaps proposed by the script, its soundtrack full of synthesizers with descriptive messages of the characters, the neo-noir style (neon) adopted by photography and the impeccable frames that refer to the Tarantino style.

"Drive" is a script adapted by Hossein Amini, inspired by the books of the series "Diver" of the American writer James Sallis, having been directed in 2011 by the Danish Nicolas Winding Refn. A curiosity is that Ryan Gosling, protagonist of the film, indicated the director for the studios of FilmDistrict.

In "Driver" Ryan Gosling lives the unnamed protagonist, who is not mentioned or named at any time in the film, this already punctuates the mysterious characteristic of the character, who has nocturnal habits and sometimes makes vigilante figure of the streets of the city of Los Angels, who he knows very well, so well, that the film starts with Ryan making clear his skill as a connoisseur of the streets and of a driver, and that he comes down to that moment, the service for which he is being hired or to come After that service does not interest you. All this initial speech of the protagonist is captured in asymmetrical cuts of a window, with a play of shadow and light characteristic of the film noir and that collaborate for the construction of a prologue that presents a situation, does not explain anything, what the public can count It is with that moment and that situation that sets and presents in a small dose, one of the faces of the protagonist. And this will be a constant throughout the film, there are no explanations, there is the cut of a certain moment in the life of the main character and we will follow what we can understand as an outcome, where in this cycle, just as this man presents himself and It ends enigmatically.

It stands out in the prologue a concise presentation of the film proposal, being very clear that it intends to be and the form that will use for that. A magnificent work of script and direction that added to the photography, editing, art and soundtrack promote an exceptional and deservedly top 10 of the best films made in 2011, yielding to Winding Refn the award for best director at the Cannes Film Festival . Still on the prologue, among other highlights, the appeal of joining the escape of the assailants against the police, where in the car Ryan hears the narration of a basketball game, which will serve as narration of the escape and helper for thieves if Disperse, in the car where the two bandits escape being led by Ryan, we have a camera that records all the moments inside the car and reveals the driver through the rear view mirror and reflection on the front panel of the car. After the successful escape, we have a stylized sign with a pink neon color that entitles the film and having as background the suggestive "Night Call" (Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx), notice that from the musical choice the insertion in the title, the clippings and the Neon photography, everything is very well thought out and structured, collaborating even more to prepare the terrain of "Drive" that does not only mean driving, that is to say also impulse, motivation, the latter being the primary characteristic of Ryan Gosling's character, he is a A hero who rides around the city in search of motivation, something that drives his life and makes him a real hero.

Ryan uses his skill in the wheel to carry out the most different functions, he is a mechanic, a Stock Car driver, a stunt driver in movies, a night watchman and, among other things, a chauffeur in assaults. Having Shannon (Bryan Cranston) as an entrepreneur, agent, and the closest figure to a friend. Characteristic in the presentation of the characters is that they rarely appear in a conventional way, they always arise from casual encounters or as long as they are needed for a service, for example, Shannon himself appears the first time as someone who rents a car for Ryan, while Irene (Carey Mulligan), whom Ryan later falls in love, appears unpretentiously in a casual lift encounter. Detail for the elevator, which gives the same shape that presents and is the meeting point of the characters, will be in the future of separation and ending, in a beautiful scene, able to insert in the same environment romance and violence, using light, track and perfect performances.

Irene is responsible for getting to know other aspects and facets of Ryan, through the relationship drawn and watched to be developed throughout the film by Ryan, "Irene" and his son "Benicio" (Kaden Leos), that we can have the human dimension And it is through this relationship with the intersection of Irene's boyfriend that he was arrested that there is a motivation for the hero present in Ryan to introduce himself, and this is made explicit in the film in several dialogues, especially when Shannon tells Ryan that He is the only man who tries to save the husband of the woman for whom he is in love.

The dialogues in "Drive" are constructed by an originality and punctuality very rare. So much that it is a film of few speeches and several moments of silence that say much, mainly by the game realized by the actors, where the interpretation of a subtext is much more important and evocative than any other speech. Among the performances Bryan Cranston - as Shannon - stands out. The versatility of this actor, famous for playing Walter White in the Breaking Bad series, once again shows his ability to create differentiated characters with a careful attention to the details and subtleties of a smile or the discomfort of a mancar. The rest of the cast promotes a precise job, but Ryan Gosling as a driver, leaves at various times an inaccuracy of proposals, are several plans showing the actor with a neutral physiognomy that does not express anything, nor do they evoke any dialogue or collaborate for a Narrative, its inexpressiveness turns into empty moments and that generate a certain annoyance before a break in the action that says nothing.

"Drive" is a dark film with nocturnal shots and alternates with clear internal plugs with an abuse of orange and yellow tones, its prolonged silences taken by a transmission of suggestion of the actors / personages that alternate what is said with what if That is to say, a story that presents a plot initially with a romantic bias and turns into a brutal violence, with strong scenes and its takes and plans that reminisce much the Tarantino films, mainly by the use plongée and against plongée, the use of a symbology Suggestive, such as the figure of a scorpion allied to the character of Ryan and the conversation with the child Benicio, where a villain is seen from the perspective of a children's drawing, in which to be of evil is an inherent condition of being, in short, in the Dualities that "Drive" is constructed we have a coherent film, that is worth very much for the omission of answers and that make of this film a real work.
½ June 30, 2017
So disappointed. No redeeming qualities even with Ryan Gosling. The soundtrack was unbearably awful. I'm going to forget about this movie and pretend I never saw it.
½ June 30, 2017
Probably the sh#ttest film i have ever witnessed. 3 people i watched it with were all equally gobsmacked on how bad this film is compared to what the ratings say. The reviews are paid lies on a huge scale. So i needed to warn you. Watch it & find out for yourself if you wish. Just dont waste a hard earned friday or saturday night on this badly produced badly written film. The first 5 mins are good. Unfortunately its a steep downhill from there all the way to the end. Cringeworthy in many places.
June 26, 2017
OH MY GOD!!!!! This movie is nothing but dramatic pauses. Other than that it okay.
June 25, 2017
Ryan Gosling is a badass in this movie and I was particularly impressed with the fighting action scenes. The story was not intriguing, and so bland that it hurt what could have been a Great movie.
½ June 23, 2017
One of my personal favorite movies of all time. It's definitely not for everyone... but maybe that's what makes it so great. It can only be described as "the perfect mix between 80's aesthetics and Pulp Fiction". It's a simple movie with an incredibly deep and complex story that, while not always "exciting" or "thrilling", will shock you when it matters the most (the violence is really rare, but when it exists, it's incredibly brutal). Ryan Gosling also introduces us (with a very good performance) to The Driver, who is, without a doubt, Gosling's most iconic character to date.
June 20, 2017
Ryan Gosling gives an incredible performance in this violently awesome car chase and mob movie that works on almost every level!
June 19, 2017
Yes, this movie was suspenseful in some parts.
But, overall, it lacked a good flow and dialogue
Given the high ratings by critics and even a good number of viewers, it was quite disappointing
Want to see a good action film about the British mob,
with a plot, go watch LAYER CAKE, starring Daniel Craig (James Bond)
So much better
Overall Grade C+
June 17, 2017
Movie is a modern masterpiece.
June 17, 2017
This is not a masterpiece. This movie wants to earn the title of being a film, but fails on every level of bringing that to you. Firstly, I would like to say that I was not expecting a Fast and Furious style movie from this, nor did I want it. I hate all the F&F movies. But I was expecting a near perfect made movie, though I didn't go in certain I would love the movie. Drive turned out to be a overhyped wanna be mix of action heist film and an arthouse film. The acting is good, but nowhere near Oscar worthy like people try to say it is. The plot is cliche with nothing that is truly unpredictable, and tries to throw things into the story that just felt like the studio saying "yeah, this scene will really look good in the marketing campaign when we mismarket this." The worst part are the completely uneven tones, that go from family drama at one point, to Ryan Gosling beating the shit out of a guy in another, that is so Tarantino style bloody that it is very offputing.

Overall Drive is okay, but it is an extreme let down after seeing multiple people call it "A masterpiece of film", which it definitely is not.
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