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½ October 27, 2012
A comic love story about a man who refuses to accept that old age is empty of love, meaning and value to society.
October 24, 2011
Bittersweet Czech humor. Can't beat it.
July 1, 2011
warm and lovely story, wonderful film.
April 4, 2011
Hillarious Tragiccomedy!!! I fall in Love with Czech Humour!!! Such Charming Story & Characters!!! And the Ballon Run reminds of the one in Quax, der Bruchpilot!!! Excellent Acting, Cinematography & Soundtrack!!!
½ January 20, 2011
My favorite Czech movie. Very nice also to recognize all the familiar places in Prague.
May 28, 2010
I refuse to call it an example of the Czech humor, because it could make Czechs feel offended.
½ April 20, 2010
I can't remember why I wanted to watch this in the first place. Definitely not my thing.
April 8, 2010
Leffan nimi suomeksi on "Elämä kierrättää." Ihanan sympaattinen ja huumoristinen elokuva kokonaisuutena. Viimeisestä kuvasta meni kyllä fiilikset alas. Olisin toivonut toisenlaista loppuratkaisua.
½ March 5, 2010
From the director of "Kolya", "Empties" is a delicate and beautiful comedy from the Czech Rep that succeeds to capture the dignity and humanity of old age, striping down the useless parts of it and preserving what makes life go ahead.
February 27, 2010
Hauska ja lämminhenkinen. Elämää yhdessä ihmetellessä.
½ February 23, 2010
Nice writing and performance from Zdenak Sverak! I always appreciate how Czech movies dig into everyday issues and flow smoothly. This one is particularly nice and funny. Love the soundtrack.
Super Reviewer
½ January 4, 2010
Beautiful little film. You can see some of the magic of Kolya has been replicated here. I think there is a part of me in Zdenak Sverak's character...without the age of course.
½ December 25, 2009
A nice Czech movie about a man getting old... but not in the spirit. Funny without being superficial
½ December 23, 2009
Saw it in Festroia Film Festival at 2008.
The dreams can become true in a train... And what a train!!! XD
½ December 9, 2009
This is the first movie in Flixster no one critizices
½ August 31, 2009
Great, subtle Czech humour and oh, so realistic. In the most humorous moments it reminds you so much of your own flaws and you recognize people around you. It is quite refreshing to watch a proper Eastern European sense of life and humour.
½ August 7, 2009
"Vuoti a rendere"

Piacevole commedia insospettabilmente leggera nonostante certi temi...ebbravo Sverak
August 2, 2009
I love Czech movies & this particluar one was just hilarious! Definitely my kind of movie :)
½ July 25, 2009
It is a disarming, unpretentious, and charming little film about an elderly teacher who suddenly resigns his job, yet who needs daily contact with the world at an uncomplicated level. He understands people and quietly helps them. He even manages to reignite love in a boring marriage.
July 24, 2009
"Vratne lahve" is the last film from the workshop of the family team Sverak father and Sverak son. While making the film the two of the Sveraks had to go through tough fights, but at the end the result depicts the fall of life in a true and funny way. They did a perfect job and the film is definetelly worth watching. If not now then maybe later when you have some experience with aging :)
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