John Carpenter's Escape from L.A.


John Carpenter's Escape from L.A.

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Escape from L.A. has its moments, although it certainly suffers in comparison to the cult classic that preceded it.



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It's 16 years after Snake Plissken's rescue of the President in New York. Now, a different President is in power and declares the United States to be a land of moral superiority: no smoking, no red meat, no freedom of religion and no unapproved marriages. A massive earthquake has hit Los Angeles, leaving it in ruins and completely surrounded by water. From this new island hell rises an army of discontent, led by brutal South American revolutionary Cuervo Jones. L.A. has become an anarchist state. The President deports all immoral (and therefore criminal) citizens of the U.S to the City of Angels. However, his own daughter Utopia joins forces with Cuervo, taking with her the key to a doomsday device that could send mankind back to the dark ages. Once again, Snake is recruited by the President's men to complete an impossible task: penetrate the Sodom that is L.A., retrieve the device, and eliminate Utopia. Infected by a fatal virus, his clock is ticking as enemy forces threaten America's borders.


Kurt Russell
as Snake Plissken
Steve Buscemi
as Map to the Stars Eddie
Peter Fonda
as Pipeline
Georges Corraface
as Cuervo Jones
Cliff Robertson
as President
Bruce Campbell
as Surgeon General of Beverly Hills
Pam Grier
as Hershe
AJ Langer
as Utopia
Jeff Imada
as Saigon Shadow
Ina Romero
as Blonde Hooker
Peter Jason
as Duty Sergeant
Jordan Baker
as Police Anchor
Caroleen Feeney
as Woman on Freeway
Paul Bartel
as Congressman
Tom McNulty
as Com Officer
Shelly Desai
as Cloaked Figure
Leland Orser
as Test Tube
Kathleen Blanchard
as Female Narrator
William Luduena
as Mescalito
William Pena
as Jacket Mescalito
David Perrone
as U.S. Cleric Justice
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  • Jun 18, 2019
    Oh my god. As a parody it is quite enjoyable. As a high-concept action film it falls short on many levels.
    Spencer M Super Reviewer
  • Jul 29, 2016
    Not as good as the first but still entertaining enough to enjoy but gets abit silly and predictable but worth a watch.
    Jamie C Super Reviewer
  • Apr 03, 2016
    A lot sillier than "Escape from New York", but that's because Carpenter crafted a more overtly political and satirical version of the same story this time around. The movie is little less tight as a result but still great fun. Plus despite the overall campier tone this ending might actually be more cynical than the original's.
    Alec B Super Reviewer
  • Jul 18, 2014
    Sequel to John Carpenter's action classic, Escape from New York is a mediocre picture that recycles old ideas, except now, you've guessed it, the setting is in L.A. This was a completely unnecessary sequel that failed t9o really grab your attention, and it's basically the exact same film, except they've changed a few things around so that it looks like it's something new and exciting. This is disappointing, and it lacks anything really engaging and it's not worth your time, as it is just a pointless sequel that doesn't do anything with its concept. There might have been a great film here, but the fact is, is that it uses old ideas, and it becomes predictable in a way that just doesn't make it interesting. Not only that, but the material is laughable and there are scenes which are plainly ridiculous and stupid. Fans of the original, should definitely not give this one a shot because you're not missing much. This is a bland film with nothing new to offer, and it's lacking in any ideas and good entertainment value. Escape From L.A is pointless, and it's a waste of what could have been a good film, if there could have been a different angle on the story established in the first one. Maybe an expansion of the events of the first film fearing Snake would have been interesting. But the filmmakers went the same route, and simply changed the setting and tried to make it seem less dark and atmospheric, unlike the first film which was a fine action film that blended Science Fiction and action very well into one film. With Escape From L.A, John Carpenter has easily made one of the worst films of his career. I think that this had the potential of being a superb film; instead it misses the mark on so many levels.
    Alex r Super Reviewer

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