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½ April 13, 2018
washington supplements the journey of addiction and destruction. it feels personal, yet it's entirely relatable; it's an impeccable redemption film.
March 28, 2018
Denzel shines here. And the John Goodman scenes are funny as hell.
½ March 2, 2018
Very good movie which is not only entertaining to watch but has a message to digest after it's over. DO NOT watch all the trailers and reviews if you want to enjoy this rare vulnerable Denzel movie.
½ January 10, 2018
I enjoyed watching this film but it seemed a bit confused as to what it was trying to say. In the end I took it to be talking about alcohol and drug addiction and not airplanes, redemption, love, etc. Definitely worth a watch though
½ January 4, 2018
Silly film about a substance-abusing airplane captain (Denzel Washington). His swaggering character is totally unlikable as he crashes the plane and then tries to get his rear end off the hook during an investigation. Ridiculous elements include the aviator flying the airliner upside down and the film's writer copping out by making the co-pilot involved elect to suggest divine intervention concerning the semi-safe landing instead of blowing the whistle on this drunken captain. John Goodman unsuccessfully tries to interject some comedy into his pretentious and totally unfunny appearance as a drug dealer. If you want to see a realistic movie about an alcoholic airline captain, see 'The Pilot' (1980) featuring Cliff Robertson. That is a much better film on this subject.
January 2, 2018
changed my mind. only for denzel
½ January 2, 2018
Interesting film that has been marketed completely wrong really. It's sold as an 'action-packed mystery thriller', well part from the dramatic central plane crash that's a complete lie. Instead it focuses one man's struggle with alcoholism and trying to face and come to terms with that. It's not perfect by any means but it's a much more interesting film than I though it was going to be.
½ November 14, 2017
From the very beginning Washington's character is walking a tightrope. Its watching him keep going, waiting for him to fall that makes this movie.
August 21, 2017
6/10 An anti-hero movie, could become something more. Nice crash scene.
½ July 15, 2017
Compelling performance from Denzel Washington indeed, who really carries this movie and elevates it past the mediocrity it may have otherwise been stuck in. The audience score is exactly where I'd rate the film as well.
July 15, 2017
Another Denzel classic. Great story line and acting superb. He is the greatest actor of all time.
June 21, 2017
''Flight'' is a well made motion picture. Denzel Washington gives one of his most impressive performances ... !
½ June 16, 2017
A pilot manages to safely land a crashing plane with the most audacious of aerial moves, but was the root cause of the trouble the plane, or the pilot himself? Denzel baba aces the lead role, making for a gripping and ultimately moving film
½ May 29, 2017
When we are flying high, well respected, and good at what we do to do it under the influence and still be okay until we see all things that could go wrong happen. When we see there are perks to flying high when what we do gives us a thrill as well ourselves to enjoy the ride. When we see the last thing we see when we go down and wake up somewhere else. When we see that we did we could do, when we have been doing it for along time to know we had a grip on ourselves controlling the plane. When what we once used to like seeing we don't want to see the sight of it when our life flashes before our eyes and we wished not to see somethings the way we saw they under the influence to see that we did and things could have been alot worst. When we see some people congratulate us, wish to see us as protocol, see us when we are friends and bosses when they are our responsibility but not those who we wished to see by our side. When we see others whom might see eye to eye with us whom are narrowing escaping or close to death to see they know the feeling. When we see that not many people could see what happened when we are the only surviving eyes to see. When we see that some accidents cost lives that we will no longer see which means others need to see accountability. When we see that we can't escape what we keep seeing when what kept us up and high we are no longer are when shit is going down. When we see who we are and what we do everybody wants to see that we did it right, when we are responsible each and every day to carry lives safely. When we see that some people care more about themselves to only see we both go down or both go up. When we try yo see every step as it happened to only see a loop hole in all of this when we can't be seen impaired. When what we see others dont see but facts that are revealled to the public and privately to us is open for justice to see whether outcomes could have happened differently. When we see other factors that are out if our control is a viable reason to not shed light on us to dig deeper in all perspectives when money and lives are at stake. When what we no longer see we hide away when we went our separate ways in our life. When we need to be seen clean to see ourselves as not when the truth haunts us and impairs our judgment to not be accountable. When we see we save some lives in time again to see we help out a friend whom sees we need the helping in returning the favor. When we see somethings are too hard to handle when our impairments brings us down hard. When we see somethings coming to see we don't have second chances anymore to change our fate. When we see how we are not just a good pilot, when it runs in the family. When we have always seen the high life at a young age to see somethings we disappear early to see another life after. When we don't see some rides we wish everyone to be on board to last longer but don't see others can't take no more pain when others tolerance is stronger then ours to handle it. When we see somethings that are healing and good for us we don't wish to see when we enjoy all what brings us down and out. When what we see is not us when we see some people whom want to get better and try when we rather see get better another way, the wrong way that gets us in messes when our judgment is impaired. What what we don't see coming we steer right towards it when we come face to face with our maker or saviour. When what we couldn't see coming we do what little we know what to do when we are impaired, pressured and wished we steered clear in runways we don't normally set down on. When we land in strange places we don't know how to steer when we are impaired and lose focus and sight of the larger picture when lives are at stake not only ourselves. When we can see what others see to see we are alright and don't need to be seen anything else but high and on top. When the sight of looking at us when we are down and impaired makes others see how getting better matters when there is so much life to see. When others don't wish to see us when the sight of us impairs us to violence when the sight of us is not what we wish to see. When the only people that wish to see us is the media to see if we are guilty or not guilty to care. When we wish to see anything besides this mess to escape to a getaway when we can leave all our problems behind us. When we don't see who we are taking down with us when we parading in media when we should be keeping our head low. When we see somethings we can steer clear of that we don't see and other things we steer clear of others see for us to duck, we see smooth sailings. When we see we missing flying high, constantly reminded of it when we look at the sky to flying right back into things, when somethings are an open sky. When we see flying high is not a good idea when we always crash. When we see the only way to keep flying high is to keep doing it under the influence when we see our tolerance for it keeps our wings steady and flying high. When we see eye to eye on others who can fly high with us we fly good with some co-pilots. When who we are and what we do people see and look up to us when it's are privilege to fly high that people trust us to fly safely. When what we see is clarity when we deal with the eyes if the law. When we see that some somethings are unfit to fly when it's mechanical issues, crew issues, and our issue of being under the faulty influence that all contributed to bring our high down. When what we see what brings our high down is seeing the truth when we can't allow someone else to take the fall when we are responsible for why we fall in the first place. When we see the time to be clean and start accepting our faults and responsibilities is when see we can no longer live without flying high any longer when the pressure is too unbearable. When we see we are pilots of other flights when we have second chances at influencing others to not make the same mistake and steer them clear from crashing even lower. When we fly high the open sky's another way, clean conscience, clean mind, clean body, and clean role again we are able to get a second chance.
May 20, 2017
As a pilot, when first seeing the promos & trailers, the tho't was "No thanks" to a concocted aerial "Poseidon Adventure" disaster flick. But after picking-up a copy at our Lib out of curiosity about all the good Reviews, one finds that the story is something quite different and more interesting. No, a commercial airliner cannot maintain sustained inverted flight - key word, sustained. But it works OK here, if mightily testing one's willing-suspension-of-disbelief. The crop duster's son backstory puts it just inside the fetched realm of possibility. Also, no truly good pilot takes off into the teeth of a fully developed thunderstorm. The last time that was tried in New Orleans, PanAm 759, it killed everyone, & folks on the ground - and revolutionized aviation vis-a-vis wind shear no-go ops & airport vicinity WS alerting. The cast really nails it in a 10-15-mins too long Director's cut. Otherwise Zemeckis, too, gets it done.
April 9, 2017
Exceptionally made movie about a functioning drunk who lands a plane upside down and then realizes that his alcoholism is killing him. Not the best of endings, but still a very entertaining movie. Denzel was awesome.
April 8, 2017
Denzel goes on the session, flies a plane and saves the day despite or maybe because of being loaded. That stuff raining down on him in the poster is actually vodka.
February 23, 2017
A very well made film which chronicles the addiction of Whip Whitaker. Denzel's performance is powerful and the movie's next to last scene is tremendous. I loved the movie and it rings true to anyone whose dealt with or seen addiction up close.
½ January 26, 2017
El piloto de una aerolínea es también un adicto al alcohol y consumidor ocasional de cocaina. El capitán Whip Whitaker (Denzel Washington), luego de una noche de pasión con excesos de alcohol, en la velada previa al vuelo de la mañana, con la sobrecargo Katerina Márquez (Nadine Velazquez)., tendrá que usar cocaína para mantenerse alerta y vencer el sueño y cansancio propio de los excesos cometidos. Los comportamientos anómalos del capitán, llamarán la atención de la tripulación, pero éste reaccionará cuando un imperfecto mecánico requiera toda la expertisia del piloto en una situación crítica que puede costarle la vida a más de 100 personas. Luego de una serie de maniobras peligrosas, el capitán consigue aterrizar la nave salvando la vida de la mayoría de la tripulación y los pasajeros, no obstante las investigaciones que inicia la Compañía Nacional de Seguridad y Transporte, tienen puesta la mirilla en Whitaker, entre los posibles responsables. El héroe podría pasar a ser un villano si se descubre su desordenada vida y niveles de adicción. No obstante, siempre queda la duda de si fue la cocaina, lo que lo capacitó para las casi imposibles maniobras que hizo para salvar a la nave, o si lo logró pese a la cocaína... An airline pilot is also a cocaine-addicted and alcoholic. The captain, Whip Whitaker (Denzel Washington) was having an affair with a flight attendant, Katerina Márquez (Nadine Velazquez). The night before the tragic flight, they had an intese night of sex, alcohol and little sleep. He used cocaine to be awake and alert for the flight, In the middle of the flight, the pilot will face a mechanical failure which will cause many malfunctions in the plane. The captain will have to manouver to avoid a terrible accident, however he is forced to execute an emergency landing. After the crash, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) will start the investigations to find the responsible. Captain Whitaker, a hero, after saving the lives of several passengers in that flight due to his expertise as pilot. , might be also the villain if they NTSB discover his addiction to alcohol and cocaine dependence. Withaker will have to face a deep investigation that might show that he is not the hero that everybody think, but an alcoholic with several problems to face his own reality. Excellent music, great dialogues.
½ January 21, 2017
The main character played so well by Denzel Washington. Action-packed, dramatic. What you want to see in a movie about a plane crash. Very powerful. Full marks, nearly.
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