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Forbidden World (Mutant)

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A horrible creature is discovered in the research labs on a far away planet by space explorers in this science fiction film. (AKA Forbidden World)

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Jesse Vint
as Mike Colby
June Chadwick
as Dr. Barbara Glaser
Dawn Dunlap
as Tracy Baxter
Linden Chiles
as Dr. Gordon Hauser
Fox Harris
as Dr. Cal Tinburgen
Raymond Oliver
as Brian Beale
Scott Paulin
as Earl Richards
Michael Bowen
as Jimmy Swift
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  • Aug 20, 2013
    Laughably lousy <i>Alien</i> ripoff, to say nothing of blatant. Lookit their monster's head, it's exactly the same! Which is about all you can see, somebody turn on the damn lights. Fox Harris is at least amusing as Dr. Cal while claiming his honorary Jeffrey Combs Overacting Crackpot Scientist award. And here's an ending you'll never see anywhere else: have a space ranger cut out the doctor's tumor without anesthetic and feed it to the monster, thereby killing it! Apparently they didn't have the cumulative brainpower to think of "fire bad." Dawn Dunlap's absurdly gratuitous nudity (does a research station on a hot desert planet really need a steam room??) helps ease the pain a smidge. If the bad drugs say you <i>must</i> watch an early-'80s <i>Alien</i> copyright infringement produced by Roger Corman, make it <i>Galaxy Of Terror</i> instead - that's where these cheap sets came from.
    Doctor S Super Reviewer
  • Sep 28, 2012
    An amazing looking sci-fi flick for such a tiny budget, fun, complete nonsensical opening, loads of female exploitation, vintage synth soundtrack, tons of gore, stupid monsters and a plot stolen from Alien. What more can you ask from your average cheesy sci-fi flicks?
    Francisco G Super Reviewer
  • Jun 22, 2012
    Clearly a rip off of Alien, Forbidden World is one of those obscured underrated gems that should be seen by fans of B movie flicks. This is a s sleazy as Roger Corman films go, bad acting, cheap sets and plot lifted from Ridley Scott's Alien and add to that a lot of blood and gore with nudity and you have a cult horror film you won't forget. Saying this about Forbidden World may seem like I'm stating its weakness. However, that's not the case. The film has a lot of charm that will surely appeal to fans of obscured horror cinema. Before watching this film, empty your mind and just enjoy some 80's schlock. For a low-budget quickie, I found Forbidden World to be lots of fun from start to finish. This is pure Roger Corman and it delivers everything you'd expect. The film is imperfect, and looks very cheap, but at the same that's what makes it good. This has plenty of good moments for horror fans to enjoy, and the strength of the film lies in its shocks, thrills and bloody content. Roger Corman knows how to deliver the goods on effective trashy horror gems, and Forbidden World is one of those films that really stands out. This is a film worth seeing if you love low-budget rip offs of big budget films and it's simply a fun film from start to finish. Don't take this film too seriously because it's pretty over the top. I very much enjoyed the film and it is gorier, grittier than the big budget films it tries to outdo. This is a flick that is sure to please Corman fans as well as low-budget horror fans looking for that film that delivers in ultimate cheapness; Forbidden Worlds is a very good viewing experience, one that horror fans should take.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Jul 16, 2011
    Cheaper more gory version of alien (With tones of sex) as you can tell from the poster. Roger Corman is a fucking genus with him producing and some of his horror movies like these are the kind we never ever seen anymore :( Still all this madman did was use the left over sets from his last smut of a film called Galaxy of Terror and some paint-Them over and make an alien called Subject 20. Still fun movie no doubt with some great acting and direction at least.
    Keiko A Super Reviewer

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