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½ November 19, 2018
One of the few comedies that has managed to stay fresh and not age like other Judd Apatow films. Segel is the key to the film and he provides a flawed character who has all the sad characteristics of most males when they break up with long term partners. The only real annoying parts of the film is the connection to the Hollywood system, they tend to use this for comedic purposes, some of which are hit and miss. The cast are impressive and play well together, Brand is the most rewarding part of the film, you can see why they prepared a spinoff surrounding his character. The film isn't without its flaws, but it is one comedy film that has aged well and is very funny. 18/11/2018.
½ November 8, 2018
This film was solid.
September 13, 2018
Solid casting does not save this predictable comedy from being a complete bore.
½ August 24, 2018
Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a rare romantic comedy that works and is more entertaining and charming instead of annoying. Yes, it's familiar in its storyline and particularly boring in its overly serious third act, but the film was previously hugely entertaining, actually really funny at times thanks to a stupendous humor and also frequently quite endearing thanks to a likable, funny turn from Jason Segel.
August 19, 2018
This movie is hilarious. Segal does it in this one, and the supporting cast helps as well. Plot is funny and fresh. Comedy delivers HARD. Can't see anything wrong with this movie.
½ April 21, 2018
I managed to avoid this movie for almost 10 years but there are some nice comedies out there and sometimes I like to try to find one. This was not one. It's true that some scene are funny, but not enough of them to make up for all the stupid ones. The story is old, with no attempt to refresh it even a bit. Not terrible, but that's about it.
April 16, 2018
Forgetting Sarah Marshall, starring Jason Segel and Kristen Bell and released in 2008, came at the height of Judd Apatow's reign over R-rated romantic comedies, and is perhaps the peak of this movement. The film remains heartfelt and sincere the whole way through, without losing any of the hilariously uncomfortable moments and unusual characters.
The film was directed by Nicholas Stoller, produced by Judd Apatow, and, notably, written by Jason Segel. It's clearly a very personal story for Segel and his personal connection to the film is its greatest strength. The scene in which Peter is broken up with while naked and Peter's love for puppets were both taken directly from Segel's life, and both were ingeniously used to create an airtight structure (with parallels between the first and last scenes) and to illustrate Peter's growth throughout the film.
One thing this film does so well is navigating between emotionally fraught interactions and deeply funny moments. One particularly well-constructed sequence comes midway through the second act when Peter finally begins to get his self-confidence back. As he is out surfing he runs into Aldous Snow, his ex girlfriend's new boyfriend. Their conversation is sweet yet uncomfortable in the way only a conversation between two people in this type of relationship can be. In a complete shift of tone, the scene evolves into a hilariously outrageous scenario as Peter tries to help Aldous who now has coral embedded in his leg, all the while interacting with the incompetent Chuck (played by Paul Rudd). Again, the very next scene has a full shift in tone as Peter emotionally confronts his ex girlfriend Sarah. The scene is one of the most serious of the film, yet is still riveting and fits perfectly. Where other films may give the viewer whiplash with this back-and-forth, this film successfully uses these types of successive sequences to keep the viewer engaged and entertained.
Although this film is certainly most relatable to viewers whose relationships have recently ended, I would highly recommend this film to those in any stage of a relationship as there are parts of this film for everyone; Forgetting Sarah Marshall is one of those rare romantic comedies where both the comedy and the subject remain relevant for people at every stage of their lives.
April 14, 2018
A solid rom-com. If it wasn't for Mila Kunis I probably never would have watched this movie, but I am very glad I did. There were good jokes and an interesting twist on a breakup. The acting was quality and there weren't any major plot holes.
½ April 2, 2018
The movie seemed like the sole purpose was to show segals junk multiple times. Not worthy although Kunis played a cute role.
½ April 2, 2018
This movie is good for a few cheap laughs and that's about it. Russell Brand's character was funny although I feel he plays the same type of character in every movie.
March 19, 2018
Awful movie with endless penis references and shots. Please learn how to write a script without the sophomoric jokes. Funny perhaps for somebody 15.
March 5, 2018
A kind of raunchy story of a "famous" TV star and her boyfriend who break up and then accidentally vacation at the same hotel in Hawaii, her with her new boyfriend, he alone, to lament his break up. They get together again as her boyfriend leaves, but, it doesn't last as he has found someone else. Funny but nonsensical and many unnecessary references to sexual activity.
February 3, 2018
Great comedy. Kristen bell smoking in this film and funny as heck.
January 29, 2018
One of the best comedies of the 21st century. Mila Kunis is beyond lovely and Jason Segel is at his greatest.
½ December 19, 2017
A nontraditional rom-com that's raunchy enough to gross-out but still generate laughter through the given moments for each cast within the duration of attempting to demonstrate the reality of break-ups and move-on with a change in resolution and inappropriate, exaggerated viewpoint humor. (B)

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½ December 16, 2017
I Could Totally Relate To Much Of The Subject Matter, As I'm Sure Anyone Whom Has Suffered A Heartbreak Might Agree..But As Far As Looking At The Lighter / Brighter Funnier Side Of Things In These Matters..This Held Little, With Some Dark Comedy Going Off Track & Could Have Done So So Much More..Overall. Pretty Lame.
½ December 11, 2017
lots of funny parts. also lots of unfunny parts. jason segel is not funny enough to be the lead in a comedy. and this was heavy in the romance and drama department. (about 3 viewings)
November 19, 2017
I saw it and I love it. It made me laugh so hard. I got the DVD because it was worth it!
October 29, 2017
Unimpressive at best, irritating at worst. I never cracked more than a fleeting smirk whilst sitting through this. Never have i seen a movie try so hard AND not try at all to be funny.
October 10, 2017
A vastly underrated comedy. The best work of most of the talented cast. Even the people given less to work with (Rudd, Hill) deliver the goods. It's one of the rare movies that I watched twice in one day, simply because of how laugh out loud funny it was.
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