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December 18, 2019
The weakest entries are absolutely dreadful.
July 17, 2019
On the one hand, TIm Roth gives the bellhop an almost Charlie Chaplin silent film feel. The impish looks, the exaggerated shock takes, the way he bounces in place or struts behind his room service cart. On the other hand, he has lines.
September 7, 2011
February 13, 2008
Begins with two awful segments, which you'll want to fast-forward past to get to the third and fourth segments.
December 16, 2007
March 13, 2007
A ghastly train wreck of a movie, littered with the corpses of promising careers.
March 13, 2007
The results are mainly awful, and even Roth got saddled with a mannered part that he can't comfortably play.
December 28, 2006
Four of the hottest indie directors--Anders, Rockwell, Tarantino, and Rodrigues--miss a unique opportunity to display their idiosyncratic talents resulting in a tedious anthology in which 2 segments are inept, one barely decent, and one OK (guess whose)
May 30, 2006
O episdio dirigido por Taratino, que funciona como uma grande preparao para uma excelente tirada final, memorvel. Pena que temos que assistir a uma hora de besteiras para chegar at ele.
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January 26, 2006
They should have called this One Room and released it as a Rodriguez short.
September 28, 2005
July 3, 2005
April 13, 2005
April 6, 2005
The final tale is a real treat; too bad you have to wade through such awfulness just to get there.
February 17, 2005
January 19, 2005
October 20, 2004
Worth it for the Rodriguez' episode, but otherwise nothing much.
April 2, 2004
January 5, 2004
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