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As lumbering and bereft of conscious thought as its unstoppable star, Friday the 13th Part VII - The New Blood finds the franchise in desperate need of the title ingredient.



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Directed by makeup effects artist John Carl Buechler, the seventh in the long-running, grisly horror series was far from the last, although the climactic fate of its antagonist would seem to suggest a final send-off. Lar Park Lincoln stars as Tina Shepard, a teenager with uncontrolled telekinetic powers. As a girl vacationing at Camp Crystal Lake, Tina killed her abusive father with the use of her mental abilities. Years later, seeking intensive counseling from manipulative, greedy psychologist Dr. Crews (Terry Kiser), Tina agrees to participate in a radical therapy that takes her back to Camp Crystal Lake. Unfortunately, Tina's psychic skills rouse the slumbering Jason Voorhees (Kane Hodder) from his watery grave and, in typically bloody fashion, the vengeful spook begins dispatching the randy teenagers partying in a house nearby. As Tina attempts to stop Jason's slaughter with the use of her powers, the mass-murdering ghoul encounters his toughest opponent yet. Friday the 13th, Part VII: The New Blood was often referred to by series fans as "Jason vs. Carrie," an apropos reference to Tina's strong similarity to the main character in the horror classic Carrie (1976). ~ Karl Williams, Rovi


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  • Sep 19, 2018
    Despite an interesting premise involving a telekinetic woman, everything here seems to be on automatic pilot, with this being just another lazy, brainless and colossally awful sequel that has nothing of the cleverness and wit found in the series' previous installment.
    Carlos M Super Reviewer
  • May 08, 2016
    Better than I expected but the films are getting boring and sillier now, Having a girl with telekinesis powers fight Jason is just too far, I must admit it's probably the best acted in the series so far and Kane Hodder is the best suited to play Jason yet too, I was enjoying it as much as I could what with the typical Friday 13th cliche cheap scares they add in every title, until that god awful ending that made no sense and completely made the movie just pure stupid.
    Jamie C Super Reviewer
  • Oct 23, 2014
    Man, oh man. Jason versus a telekinetic teenage girl. It's basically Jason vs. Carrie if you really think about it. I realize that the Jason franchise, prior to the reboot/remake, eventually ended up in FUCKING SPACE, but I don't think I can wrap my head around how a telekinetic teenager can bring back someone from the dead. So Jason, in the previous movie, was drowned in Crystal Lake where Tina's father had also drowned when she was a child. Apparently she caused this because her telekinesis acts up whenever she's under emotional stress. Basically, she caused her own father's death after her telekinesis has caused the walkway/gazebo leading into the lake to collapse. Years later she goes back to the house to confront her past. Of course, Tina is being haunted by the guilt of causing her father's death. So she, trying to make up for what she did, somehow tries to put her telekinesis to work in order to bring her dad back to life. Not to mention the fact that he's been in the lake for almost a decade, no time is given, so who knows how bloated he would be even if he didn't decompose and all that's left is his skeleton. Somehow, and this isn't explained, and they don't even care to, instead of bringing her father back to life, she brings back Jason. This wouldn't be a big issue if they bothered to explain it, but I would almost have to imagine that the person she thought about coming back to life was her dad and him alone. How does she then bring someone completely unrelated to her, someone whose existence she's only vaguely aware of, considering she was a child when Jason "died", back to life??? How does that happen???? Or is there like a range limit to her telekinesis, which would be incredibly stupid. And, to top it off, and this will have SPOILERS, so skip ahead, she brings back her dad back to life for a moment to drag Jason back into the lake with him. So it can't be that her abilities had a range meter, that would be really stupid. So with that, the film starts off on the wrong foot. I realize that this is the horror genre, where the laws of physics and logic need not apply, but if I can't suspend my disbelief then, I'm sorry, I just can't buy into it. To be fair, this would've still been a really bad movie without that stupidity, but it might've been better. You know what to expect from a Friday the 13th movie. Teens having sex, said teens then being "gruesomely" murdered in a variety of different ways. Poor character development, poor acting, and even worse gore. Perhaps I was spoiled by Hellraiser 2, but the violence in this movie is really tame in comparison. If, at the very least, the film hadn't been afraid to get a little more brutal, then this might've gotten a better score. So that lack of brutality only helps to shine an even bigger spotlight on the narrative missteps of using telekinesis as something to bring a murderous brute back to life. Of all the ridiculous ways to bring him back to life...fucking telekinesis. How does that even work??? As far as I can tell, telekinesis involves moving things with your mind...not completely affecting whether a person is alive or not. And, another big, huge fucking plot hole, if she can use her emotional stress to bring someone back to life, then why can't she do the same thing to snuff the life right out of Jason's bloated corpse??? Really, did the scriptwriters even THINK about this before they put pen to paper??? I bet someone, somewhere has an excuse as to why she couldn't use her abilities to kill Jason once and for all. Just completely stupid, this might actually be one of THE stupidest horror movies I've seen in a while. The Leprechaun reboot was really fucking terrible, but I didn't think it was stupid. It's just a combination of things, just terrible. One positive, I guess, would be that the movie just flies by. At 85 minutes it would almost have to, but it's still a positive. I realize that this franchise has a lot of passionate fans, and if they genuinely liked this movie then more power to them, but I can't believe that this film ever saw the light of day. I would've taken one look at the script and immediately demanded that the whole thing be scrapped and make them start over again. This is a terrible movie.
    Jesse O Super Reviewer
  • Aug 27, 2013
    Going from the ridicules to the absurd, Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood is all kinds of crazy. When Tina Shepard, a troubled teenager with psychic powers, accidentally resurrects Jason from the dead, he goes on another killing spree; and only Tina can stop him. Newcomer Lar Park-Lincoln has some screen presence, but overall the acting's poor. The writing's equally as bad, and is loaded with plot holes. However, going so over-the-top does make the film somewhat entertaining. Still, Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood is an embarrassment to the series, which has gotten worse with each new installment.
    Dann M Super Reviewer

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