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When a young couple embark on a road trip through the Irish countryside, car trouble lands them in an place that few people would choose to visit. When something sinister is awakened from a thousand year slumber, deep within the dark bog, the couple is faced with an unimaginable evil. They soon realize that light is their only protector, but as the sun sets and light sources dwindle, the creature becomes more powerful, and they are in a fight for their lives. There is nothing to prepare you for the terror that will emerge from the dark.(C) Dark Sky

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  • Jul 19, 2015
    Not what I would call a bad horror movie, by any stretch of the imagination. It's just a movie that really comes and goes without really offering much in the way of something that sticks. I will say that Sarah, and I had to search for her name on IMDB as I forgot it and I finished the movie less than an hour ago, is actually a pretty cool character all things considered. It's not like she's the best female character there has been in a horror film, but she is pretty much a badass. I honestly really wanted to like this movie. While it doesn't really offer anything that differentiates it from other vampire films, I did like how some of the shots were framed. The cinematography is also quite good. It's not like it's realistic, but the cinematography really puts you right in there in the situation with this couple. But, and I don't know why, the film just never really came together for me. There's pretty much no narrative to speak of. I mean Sarah does have to 'put down' Mark, so to speak, and they do get something out of that and Sarah's reaction, but it's pretty minimal. They're almost immediately thrown into the shit and you didn't really get much of a chance to get to know these people. There's some development at the beginning of the film that shows how their relationship probably was, but not really enough to make you care about either of them. Though I do think that, once Sarah shows her true colors, you come to like her as the film progresses. She definitely grows on you with her badassery. It's not like she kicks a lot of ass, she's not the female equivalent of Rambo, but she does do a lot of things that, at least until more recently, a lot of female characters simply didn't do in horror films. They'd be there to scream, cry and/or act scared. So I definitely liked and enjoyed that role reversal. Also, the film does do a good job at portraying this like an exhausting ordeal. So, SPOILER ALERT, when Sarah kills the Creature, it feels like the film, and the character, truly earned this moment of satisfaction. It doesn't feel like it's playing into the cliche of 'this is how the movie ends, the monster dies.' It really does feel like Sarah truly overcame something on her own. Yet, and I said this already, I have no idea why I didn't get into this film that much. It's got certain things about it that I liked, but it just doesn't do enough of the good to carry it past a certain level. I never thought it was bad, it's actually a competently made, to me at least, horror film. Not much in the way of scares, though. I mean that's somewhat made up by the fact that the film throws you very quickly into the shit, but still. Well-made, but lacking something that would've made it good. I think there's some stuff that some people will like but not enough to make this worth recommending. Take that as you will.
    Jesse O Super Reviewer

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