Feb 16, 2021
It's genuinely a delightful experience; full of memorable songs and fun moments & lots of dry humour.
Feb 1, 2021
Frozen has all the elements of classic Disney.
Jan 20, 2021
I felt like Frozen was a mixed bag: not as bad as I feared it would be, but not as fun to watch as Tangled or as subversive as Brave.
Dec 3, 2020
The story occasionally transforms around the musical numbers, but they're of notably momentous design.
Sep 8, 2020
It is one of 2013's most immersive and enjoyable animated features.
Jul 15, 2020
Frozen in parts was entertaining and fine as a feature film but its not consistent enough to grab my attention for long periods of time.
Jun 30, 2020
Frozen is the best of Disney's princess films since Beauty and the Beast.
Jan 7, 2020
Sparkling with wonder, is magical. Won't Oscar gold look beautiful glistening in Elsa's ice palace!
Aug 27, 2019
Frozen is a bit childish, but that's okay. Its level of sophistication isn't Pixar-ian, but that wasn't its aim. This was an attempt to travel back to mermaids, little and beasts, beautiful. And by and large, it does just that.
Jul 31, 2019
Frozen is, above all, an entertaining and charmingly poignant tale about love overcoming fear.
Jun 9, 2019
Disney still has the magic and charm to turn out something wonderful, and Frozen is a delightful animated treat for the whole family.
Jun 8, 2019
There are laughs aplenty, memorable tunes galore, and enough subversions of old tropes to make Frozen fresh.
Apr 9, 2019
As animated features go, "Frozen" is a visual feast, a beautifully designed film that perfectly captures this magical world.
Mar 6, 2019
It's Bell's infectious performance as Anna that's easily the standout here though, the actress instilling the young princess with a tender core that makes her easy to root for.
Feb 6, 2019
It is a seminal movie in the Disney Canon for me.
Jan 19, 2019
A consistently delightful animated feature, action-packed, beautiful to watch and studded with strong show tunes, Frozen harks back to the Disney classics.
Jan 10, 2019
It's a sweet film that offers an escape from paying bills, shoveling snow and the other doldrums of life.
Nov 16, 2018
Highly, highly recommended.
Nov 4, 2018
Frozen is, to put it simply, all technique and iconography in desperate search of a story and its own viable mythology.
Nov 1, 2018
It's ironic that a film about the land being stuck in winter would be so heart-warming, but it's the truth.