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Robert B.
Super Reviewer
October 1, 2015
Gerhard Richter Painting gets low marks due to the lazy filmmaking (with the boom coming into shots) and is overall not very good as a documentary. It gets interesting in a few spots but overall feels flat. See Jiro Dreams of Sushi as a positive example of a documentary about a man and his dedication to his work. Note that this review reflects on the film and not its subject.
½ February 9, 2014
the intersection of one of the world's greatest living artists with the transformative and mutative properties of film and being filmed has resulted in something quite quixotic and sublime. of course, that sounds pretentious, but it's like richter explains himself earlier in the film, language is capable of communicating only so much, and the need, HIS need, to express himself visually is as vital to his existential graspings for meaning and truth as breathing is to his living. i'm quite sure we all feel this need and lack and desire .. it's quite inspiring to watch a master who has solved his way of quelling those demons while still acknowledging (and enjoying and suffering) the realities of day to day life. ps you don't have to love richter's work to appreciate this film. pps imho he's the greatest painter of this era.
½ June 30, 2013
GERHARD RICHTER PAINTING is that rare art documentary that captures the creative process without trying to capture the creative process. Arguably one of the greatest living painters, Richter comes across as an amiable gentleman with absolutely no pretensions. I loved this film so much, I didn't want to see it end.
June 22, 2013
my paintings could go for millions
June 20, 2013
Why anyone wouldn't rate this with 5 stars is beyond me. Do you realize what a gift it is to get to see an artist working in their studio environment much less an artist of the calibre of Gerhard Richter? He didn't seem like a curmudgeon to me at all, perhaps a little uncomfortable with an more into his work space but I thought he was quite graceful and gave well thought out responses to questions.I would have liked to have seen his house as well but that is me just being nosey. This is a great movie if you have any interest in the inner workings of an artist in their studio. It is only one look at how artists work - not all work like Mr. Richter - but it is a real treat.
May 13, 2013
I watched half of this documentary about Gerhard, an abstract painter. At first I was EXTREMELY bored by this film, then I started to feel inspired to paint. Richeter seems like a sweet grandfather type who takes his time painting with mainly primary colors. I watched about half before turning it off and choosing something more entertaining.
May 4, 2013
a calming, and at times, absorbing, view into the mystifying world of Gerhard Richter creating art.
April 17, 2013
The artist says at the beginning that you can't really talk about painting. Much of the film is on the process, with brief vignettes into his life, none giving significant depth. Nice, without being fascinating.
March 28, 2013
Es verdad, el artista termina siendo un Ojo cansado de ver lo mismo y lo mismo, tan así que, construye algo nuevo. Experiencia y decisión en cada pinturaaa!
March 15, 2013
sensational artist.saw his retrospective exhibition in Paris last year and fell head over heel with his work.
December 19, 2012
This pivotal, personal portrait of one of the finest living artists should be viewed by anyone with a modicum of interest in art and the artistic process; it is stunning, illuminating, and positively thrilling.

Gerhard Richter, born in 1932, Germany, has a multi-layered history revolving around the second world war, dissection of Berlin, living in a politically -charged environment; his work is autobiographical on many levels. His influences are vast, from iconic Joseph Beuys, John Cage, American documentary photography (especially of WWII); he is assiduously devoted to his own moral aesthetic; like Les Nabis, prophetic in his vision.

Materials: cadmium, lemon yellow, black/white/gray tubes of paint, layered on squeegees up to six feet long; meticulously applied to canvasses; his empowered hand has a will of its own, oftentimes he is shocked with the results. Following his instincts, his masterpieces spring to life; addictive and subtractive techniques, dazzling the viewer.

He is an extremely private person, a curmudgeon and highly uncomfortable being filmed while working; but warm and genuine with his dealer Marian Goodman, a partnership stretching from the eighties, their mutual bond, palpable.

Truly enlightening is Richter's grasp and use of contemporary technology in his creative process; over eighty, his present works are informed by digitalization; there are no roadblocks or parameters capable of stunting his remarkable gift.

"Gerhard Richter Painting" glows and reminds one of Percy Bysshe Shelley's poem: "I am Ozymandius, King of Kings, look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair"; despairing at the ephemeral element of art, but exhilarated that Gerhard Richter has accomplished what few mortals have attempted.


For Now.....Peneflix
November 1, 2012
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½ October 17, 2012
Oh god, what a snoozefest! And I am a fan of Richter (or at least used to be till I watched this drab thing). Early on in the movie Richter says something to the effect that words and painting don't go together. And it sort of a blessing that this documentary tries to keep words to a minimum (still you get enough to realize why he's a great painter, not a great writer or orator). But what ends up filling the void is a bit-too-literal take on "watching paint dry", or even worse, the adoration! And nothing is as a big of a turn-off for genius as its idolization.
Did it add anything to my faculties? No, just the realization that often learning the trick behind the magic ruins it. And Richter's magic has been ruined for me; thank you very much!
June 15, 2012
Real good documentary of an artist at work.
April 6, 2012
Awesome to just see him paint. Maybe the coolest old guy I've ever seen on screen.
March 17, 2012
Anything art, I WANT to see..already excited to check it out..
February 17, 2012
Excellent.. Apart from the projector breaking down... Having to wait half an hour.. For a taxi to pick another 1 up from elsewhere...
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