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Gin gwai (The Eye)

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Conventional ghost tale with a few genuine scares.



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A corneal transplant sets the stage for terror in this supernatural thriller from directors Danny and Oxide Pang. Blind from the age of two, 20-year-old Mann (Angelica Lee) now has a chance to reclaim her sense of sight thanks to recent breakthroughs in technology. At first elated to have her vision restored, Mann's joy soon turns to paralyzing fear when she begins to see mysterious dark figures which foreshadow sudden, shocking deaths. Subsequently distraught over seeing Ling (Chutcha Rujinanon), the previous owner of the corneas, when she peers into the mirror, Mann's disturbing images slowly begin to chip away at her sanity until she has no choice but to track Ling's past and solve the horrifying mystery that plagues her. Traveling to Ling's former home in a small Northern Thailand village, Mann learns that Ling was driven to suicide after suffering similar visions preceding a tragic fire. When hundreds of the mysterious black figures descend upon Mann just as she is about to leave Thailand, she realizes that a horrific tragedy is set to unfold unless she can summon the courage to take action and use her supernatural gift of sight to alter the future.


Pierre Png
as Dr. Eke
Wai-Ho Yung
as Mr. Ching
Wilson Yip
as Taoist
Yut Lai So
as Ying Ying
Benjamin Yuen
as Mr. Ching
Yin Ping Ko
as Grandma
Wang Sue Yuen
as Ling's Mother
Ben Yuen
as Mr. Ching
Miyuki Lau
as Wah's Secretary
Poon Yiu Ming
as Boy with a Cap
Cub Chin
as Boy's Father
Winson Yip
as Taoist
Wu Tian Nan
as Calligraphy Teacher
Ho Si Won
as Ghost in the Restaurant
Lau Yuk Ha
as Waitress
Jim Pui Ho
as Boy in the Car Accident
Sungwien Cummee
as Ghost in the Elevator
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Critic Reviews for Gin gwai (The Eye)

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  • With its spooky first-person rendering of Mun's experience -- blurred, tentative, disoriented -- The Eye creates a world of constant and imminent upheaval.

    Nov 21, 2003 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…
  • Though perhaps not the greatest thing since sliced eyeballs, The Eye is definitely worth a look, or even a double-take.

    Nov 21, 2003 | Rating: 2.5/4
  • Seeing dead people? A jarring journey from darkness into light? Granted, it's been done. But there are sweet, difficult pleasures here just the same.

    Jul 25, 2003
  • It's a definite display of talent, but without enough thematic richness to get deeply under our skins.

    Jul 25, 2003 | Rating: C+
  • An atmospheric and cleverly executed nail-biter.

    Jul 19, 2003 | Rating: 3/4 | Full Review…
  • To put all the pieces in place, the Pangs have to cut a few corners in logic, but the story is generally effective if not exactly original.

    Jul 11, 2003 | Rating: B-

Audience Reviews for Gin gwai (The Eye)

  • Oct 12, 2013
    Directors C Super Reviewer
  • May 20, 2012
    Only one scene that really scared me, the film actually was not about being scared, but was to understand the perspectives of those who can see ghosts. It's not completely original, but contained morals that can be used for education.
    Sylvester K Super Reviewer
  • Jun 30, 2011
    The Eye is terrific horror film. I've really dipped into the whole Asian horror films, but I have managed to see a few films.As a horror fan, I was stunned and how good this was. I love the Asian flair in creating atmospheric, and tense horror. Thats really the key in creating a good horror yarn, the atmosphere. If you don't have that in your film, well you're pretty much screwed. The Eye directed by The Pang Brothers is a well executed horror film that has plenty of jolts to creep out the viewer. You have to give Asians props for creating tense, atmospheric horror. They are rewriting the horror rule book, and creating several memorable horror films along the way. However the American market is bent on remaking all of them, to very mediocre results. The Eye recounts the story a girl who lost her eyesight atr a young age, and she gets a new pair of eyes from a doner. After the operation, she starts seeing ghostly figures with her new eyes. A horrifying tale, The Eye will keep you on the edge of your seat and creep you out till the very end. The Pang Brothers have made a terrific film and it delivers genuine scares. If you love this, stay away from the remake that film is terrible like with every other Asian horror remake. The original The Eye will never be surpassed and is one of the most original, and thrilling Asian horror films in many years.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Mar 15, 2011
    4.7/10 Now here is a foreign horror movie that I saw out of both curiosity and boredom. "The Eye" is the kind of movie that I would not have gone out of my way to see; and even though I did see it in the end, I still saw it when I literally had nothing else to do. I can be bored and content at the same time; and that's how I felt when I decided that I wanted to watch this film. So I prepared to watch it with the kind of decent expectations that professional film reviews tend to give you, as well as my own personal demands (which are almost never met due to the hacked-up quality of most horror movies these days). To my surprise, "The Eye" starts out pretty decently and sticks to that essential decency throughout. There are a couple little precious moments where it's better than it tends to be most of the time, but all-in-all; it's not quite as good (or bad) as it probably should be. I admit that this is another decent film made on a totally radical concept, but decency just isn't enough to entertain me; at least not thoroughly. But to deny that "The Eye" isn't at least SOMEWHAT entertaining would be some kind of a sin; and I am not a sinner in the slightest. So I conclude that I did not QUITE like "The Eye", which is too bad. But I do appreciate it; and I do think that some will enjoy it. The film's one good aspect is making damn fine use of visual technology such as CGI. The filmmakers never create anything that's as scary as they probably want it to be, but nothing ever looks genuinely revolting. And that's good, seeing how many horror films that are out there just don't give a damn (or half a damn) about the visual experience that is film. So if you like horror, then save this one for a rainy day. I'm passionate about the genre to say the least, and this just isn't scary or entertaining enough for me to call it good. But it is well-made; you just shouldn't be rushing out to get it and hopefully watch it. But if you do, then it's a mediocre watch; as long as you can get by some truly tedious stuff. It's not quite the movie that it makes itself out to be. It truly is a disappointment, but luckily, only a minor one. A Chinese woman gets an eye cornea transplant. She enjoys her knew gift of eye-sight for quite some time, but then she starts to have visions. These visions are those which intend to foreshadow tragedies and deaths. The woman expresses this concept to her psychologist, who fails to take the thing seriously at first; but becomes affectionate of his patient and decides to help her by all means necessary. If you were wondering, the character is named Mun; and her psychologist is Dr. Wah. I've essentially given away a good portion of the plot already (and without spoiling too much!), so I'll leave the rest up to you to discover. If you feel that "The Eye" is worth your time, then maybe you should just watch the thing. That's far from a recommendation, but I'm just trying to state that this movie isn't all bad. It's just half bad; and it's hard to look at the better half over the worse half for a lot of the time. That's the problem with this movie. But it's not the only one. I also had a problem with the film's characters. None of them had true personalities; they were just people thrown into a situation. I believe that a good horror film can make up for its lack of truly interesting characters with atmosphere, but "The Eye" doesn't even have enough of that to suffice. It's undeniably entertaining, but never as so as it may want to be. After all; visuals that are at least "good" can only entertain me for so long. Here, they run their course until they just simmer down into forgetfulness, much like the rest of this mediocrity-fest. But if you like the film, then do not be ashamed. Somewhere, there is a good horror movie hidden underneath "The Eye" and its troubled exterior. But the interior is as hollow as an aging tree, and the result is as tedious as it is mildly boring. This movie is too talky (and since none of the dialogue is interesting, you should know that this gets horridly bland) to be genuinely scary, and all the talk never leads up to anything exciting. There's no pay-off. I have just pointed out yet another problem with "The Eye". I bet that I can point on twice as more before this review is over. Some films can be just OK, but well-acted. And some films can be just OK, with just OK acting. This is one of those movies; a competently acted film that has a semi-talented cast. Nothing is wasted, but nothing is shown. The actors never play involving characters, so that takes the fun-o-meter down a notch for sure. But the acting isn't bad; not in the slightest. Mun is played by Angelica Lee; who is as I said, a competent actor. She's in a decent role, but sometimes she's just plain corny. And something tells me that corniness was not the aim with this film. The problem with a lot of horror movies is that they put style over substance. There were once days when directors such as Dario Argento could make solid films out of their visual skills, but nowadays things have gone way too over the top for my taste. On the bright side, "The Eye" isn't a gory horror movie. It makes good use out of convincing and often times creepy special effects. It also has good cinematography, so essentially the thing is best when it's exploiting its little visual gifts. There is such thing as a film which wants to be visually mind-blowing and only that. I can appreciate those films; and even love them. But "The Eye" wants be scary, and while it has some jumps, nothing should be mistaken for "scares". If you want scares, then see a different film. This movie is not scary. It isn't smart enough to be so. If it had pushed the envelope a bit further, as far as its premise goes, then maybe I would have liked it. As it is, the film is entertaining in a rather heartless way; with some laughable moments as well as some admittedly well-crafted ones. It's the mixture of the two that proves this film nigh completely unworthy of my true praise. It's a forgettable movie; and I just can't say that I enjoyed it. I don't recommend it; but I don't NOT recommend it either. So there you go. "The Eye" is perhaps better than it should be. I like the premise of having an eye transplant and seeing things out of someone's demonically infected eyeballs, but I don't like how the directors of the film decided to execute the idea. Perhaps you should know that Alfred Hitchcock had planned a movie with a similar plot, and it would have been better. "The Eye" is not bad, per se, but it's not good either. It could have entertained me in a less forgettable way; but it's just so generic that I can't let go of its boring qualities. It looks pretty damn good, and that's about it. It isn't scary, and when it tries to be movie, it isn't that kind of movie either. I've seen horror and drama blended together nicely, but this is not one of those times where it works genuinely well. The stylistic elements of the film work, but nothing else really does. It's a pity, because I was ready to enjoy "The Eye". I didn't think it would try to scare me in such generic (but admittedly visually cool) ways. I can't be scared by mere noises. You have to add that classic feeling of horror to scare me. Plus, you have to draw me in early on. "The Eye" makes almost no attempt to do that. It's at fault in so many disappointingly familiar ways. And that's why I appreciate it, but don't particularly like it. "The Eye" is forgettable horror, and I've seen enough of that for one life-time. Haven't we all?
    Ryan M Super Reviewer

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