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November 4, 2018
Probably one of the worst movies I have ever seen. The humour was terrible, so many forced jokes which were not even remotely funny. The characters were all rather boring and honestly didn't seem to be good at acting. The plot was awful, I kept thinking "if this happens next then that will be a good story line" but of course there was no good plot. Also, the portrayal of women in this film was really off-putting and is what made me dislike it the most. I watched this film because I wanted something lighthearted and funny, if you want the same do not watch this!!!!!
½ October 28, 2018
STUPID movie. Why does this STUPID, GOD-AWFUL, HORRENDOUS, INCREDIBLY BORING ATROCITY HAVE A MUCH HIGHER AUDIENCE SCORE THAN HULK??? The American audience is so fucking stupid and retarded!!! I live in a world where atrocious films like Good Luck Chuck, Because I Said So, The Darkest Minds, Max Steel, The True Memoirs of an International Assassin, and Gotti are all liked by the audience more than Hulk, Daredevil, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Spy Kids, and Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams. What a stupid world this is! Americans are idiots! Good Luck Chuck is one of the WORST MOVIES EVER MADE. The plot of the movie is SO STUPID. This comedy is beyond stupid, beyond boring, super cliche, unfunny, unromantic, and extremely forgettable. This movie is so bad and boring that I fell asleep and didn't even make it past watching the first act of the film. HUGE SNOOZE-FEST. Why does this retarded movie even exist? Was this horrendous comedy written by a 14-year-old? And why does Jessica Alba almost always appear in bad movies? This was the second worst film of 2007 right above Because I Said So. Only morons would like this movie.

Rating: 0.5/10
July 1, 2018
Funny nonsense. Easy to watch.
March 4, 2018
October 30, 2017
All i gotta say is... Jessica Alba is in it!!! LOL!
½ June 22, 2017
Gross and sometimes a little hateful, "Good Luck Chuck" is an atrocious rom-com.
June 18, 2017
O filme é ótimo, só faltou inteligência, sinceridade, caracterização, realidade, talento, bom senso e vergonha na cara, fora isso sobra Good Luck Chuck um subproduto incapaz de provocar simpatia aos telespectadores, Não posso pontuar erros, isso tudo é um grande erro e ponto.
March 26, 2017
No stars. Once upon a time, Dane Cook ruled the comedy world. He was the Andrew Dice Clay of the MySpace generation-successful yet controversial. Unlike Clay, it doesn't seem like ANYBODY liked Cook. I found that stunning-that a guy so successful could be so reviled by critics, comedy lovers, and, most of all, his fellow comedians. I wondered why-then I saw this film. Well most of it. By the time the end rolled around the seething rage I felt for the rampant stupidity being hurled at me throughout this P.O.S left me depressed. I had to go watch a Marx Brothers movie to laugh and love again. This is one of the worst idiot comedies ever made. Adam Sandler could only dream of reaching this level of agitation. The plot is so stupid it's not worth mentioning. The performances are all bad, but I reserve special scorn for Cook. The guy can't act. At all. Sandler can't either but he at least seems comfortable enough in front of the camera. Cook looks throughout like a deer in headlights. Even when he rattles off some stand up jokes, he looks like he's about to pee his pants in terror. The breaking point for me was when the movie suddenly-in another Sandler-like turn-decided we should take a moment from laughing at these idiotic scumbags and feel SORRY for wittle Daney Waney because he's sad and lonely. I've seen this strategy before but never in such an undeserving manner as this. I finally checked out. I hope the movie didn't suddenly turn into a comedy classic in the last 2 minutes, but if it did, whatever. I'm better off not knowing and so are you. Whether you like Cook or not, stay away from this. It's not funny, it's just vile. Not in a nose picking way, but a drive by shooting way. NOW I understand the hate.
½ February 17, 2017
Dane Cook and Jessica Alba star in the comedy Good Luck Chuck. Dane Cook is Charlie and he is cursed. Because of a childhood incident he gets a hex put on him. Women believe that if they sleep with Charlie, the next person they meet will be the person that they will spend the rest of his life with.

He and his friend shallow friend Stu (Dan Fogler) do not think of this much at first and he uses this as an opportunity to have sex with many women. After being used for a while and its clear they don't care about him, he gets tired of it. When he meets, what could be the girl of his dreams Cam (Jessica Alba) he starts to get worried. All of the women he slept with really do meet the guy of their dreams, and he gets worried he will soon lose Cam. Charlie gets needy, but soon learns he must break the curse to have her.

Good Luck Chuck is a sub-par comedy. The film is relatively mindless which gives makes it quite re watchable to some extent, but this mostly is for looking at Alba. The film doesn't not particularly hit the funny bone despite the efforts of Cook and Fogler. The films real only strength is watching the gorgeous Jessica Alba and a few other hot chicks seen throughout the movie. The film's characters do not have a ton of depth and there is not much of an element to this film beyond a teen comedy.

December 30, 2016
It's good movie to watch
November 17, 2016
I've enjoyed this one, despite being so predictable.
½ September 5, 2016
Was never a Dane Cook fan, and this shows a major reason why! Makes me cringe whenever I think about it! UUGGHH, THE HUMANITY!! #%â,¬Ã,Â¥ YOU DANE! $@^Ã,£ YOU!!
August 3, 2016
pretty stupid but I found parts of it pretty funny. Fogler played a funny best friend character and Jessica Alba is hot.
½ May 18, 2016
omg... so damn funny! i expected this movie to be kinda dumb, since it's a typical chickflick. towards the ending was a bit lame... and the fat chick sex made me gag though. watch the credits, fucking hilarious!!
March 13, 2016
I came away from this movie with a new respect for the power of love... or was it sex? I was pretty much in a laughing rage the entire film! Dane Cook is amazingly funny and Jessica Alba is an amazing actress and SO HOT! all of the above
February 22, 2016
i actually thought this was one of Cook's better movies and still I can not recommend it....sad.
February 21, 2016
Over all I'd say this was a good movie, the jokes were crude, the idea was a good one... however it did seem to fal short in some areas. The chemistry between Cook and Alba was good in some scenes and non existant in others. Coming out of the movie I felt there was something missing and the best way to dcribe it is I felt like at some points in the movie they were just doing what they had to do to finsish the movie or just saying the lines. Some of it was delivered without much emotion. Overall though worth a watch but wait for DVD.
February 13, 2016
Awful acting and too many stufpid scenes but nevertheless this movie has some inexplainable charm.
½ January 17, 2016
I loved this movie. It was so funny,
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