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January 10, 2018
En film som är ett mästerverk även om det blir lite roligt när de riktiga åldrarna på de som spelar mamman, dottern och pojken var 36, 27 och 30...
½ January 8, 2018
A film that is a must for every movie lover, a film that promotes a story in the best romantic comedy style and yet is surprising, with absolute mastery of technique, script and performances, the American director Mike Nichols knew how to conduct his work with almost complete perfection in what it provides to do. Take a look at the story of Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman), a 21-year-old who gets caught up in a sexual journey with the mother of the girl he loves, the movie script is perfectly told, always exploring all sides of the story, the pains, anxieties and fears of all the characters, and we are glazed and stuck to its narrative, even being a romantic comedy, a genre that massively searches for cliche. Benjamin is a character who is embraced by loneliness, he is completely desperate to quench his emptiness, even though he may not know it, when Ben is invited to participate in a sexual adventure, this temporarily fills his void, but after a while he realizes that it only leaves him empty, and when falling in love with Elaine, he sees a desperate attempt to get rid of this "darkness", Ben is a completely broken character, that even in love, he has no idea what to do, loneliness who pursues Ben is the drama of many, and the way she is explored in the film is spectacular. Not only does the script have its merits, but the direction too, speaking first of the camera angles, aiming always show well in zoom and then rolls a large zoom out, always showing how small the character is in the scenario, in addition to always using outlets and not to abuse in the cuts, even being a 1966 movie, besides, we have great songs on the soundtrack, sometimes it may seem little distoante or repetitive, but the track talks with the drama of Ben, besides, we have a great editing and sound editing, as well as beautiful photography. Dustin Hoffman is a great performer, and he is one of the pillars that makes the script get to explore so many themes without the actor, the movie would perhaps be a dramatic romantic comedy, we also have the magnificent Anne Bancroft. The use of the spectacular song "hello darkness my old friend" in the end contrasts somewhat the idea of ??what the film is going through - unless it is interpreted that the character still feels empty - in the end, it is not a perfect movie, but it accomplishes everything that promises and a little more, a lot more.
½ January 2, 2018
My second Mike Nichols' film I believe, and boy - it's a good one. Some college graduate is getting into trouble. Big trouble. A friend of his parents is seducing him, practically begging him to do something he really don't want. But heck, he's a virgin and she is looking pretty darn good for her age. She does all the right tricks and eventually she get's what she wants. So far so good, but when Ben, our graduate is falling for her daughter, things get pretty tricky.

This is a superb film. The plot, the humor, the drama. The acting from the three leads is amazing and the lovely score from Simon and Garfunkle helps out a lot. This messy story does also got some weird moments, some nice capturing tricks done by the camera and a lot of heart. The pace is brilliant and it's constantly rising into a climax, ultimatly revealing like few others.

I found the sampled scream from one of my favorite albums here too. It took me by surprize that cLOUDDEAD sampled something as classic that this film truly is.

9 out of 10 crosses.
½ December 28, 2017
A Pioner In the COming Of Age Genre, The Graduate Uses Every Element (Music, Cast and Script) Very Well To Create an Almost Cartoonish Yet Efficient Emotionally Story
½ December 18, 2017
Puntaje Original: 7.0

Profundamente reflexiva, The Graduate abarca uno de los momentos mas trascendentales e importantes de nuestras vidas reflejado en una magistral visión de Mike Nichols. Ademas las exquisitas actuaciones de Michael Douglas y Anne Bancroft no tienen precio.
August 31, 2017
The Graduate is a semi-comedy drama of how we tend to rush things and even wonder to do in life
August 3, 2017
Amazing. The subtle comedy in this is so brilliant that its one of the funniest movies you will ever see if you look close enough
July 27, 2017
After finally watching The Graduate I can honestly say that I loved this film! I watched it at the perfect time with my age where I feel the same angst as Ben (not in his exact situations LOL). I have never seen a song fit so perfectly for a film. Every word describes exactly the inner turmoil that our main character is feeling. The acting is superb. Dustin Hoffman, Katharine Ross, and Anne Bancroft all deserved their Oscar nomination. The direction Mike Nichols takes The Graduation is fantastic and once again definitely deserved the Oscar win. This film is definitely a classic and one of the best coming of age stories of all time. The comedy in this movie still holds up and is absolutely fantastic. I fully heartedly recommend checking this out as soon as possible and especially if you are in college or just graduating college.
½ July 25, 2017
The definition of a classic film - The Graduate not only wrings nearly 2 hours of laughs out of a ultra-serious plot line, but director Nichols guides his actors in a way that feels youthfully somber but with a hilariously honest edge.
½ July 25, 2017
Great coming of age story for sure, with an incredible script, beautifully awkward situations, and Dustin Hoffman, what more can you ask for? Only thing about it is: this movie is 50 years now, and for most of the content holding up, the comedy doesn't. It's more of a drama with some awkward moments that make for a chuckle or two in the beginning of the movie, but that's it. Overall, the only thing that tells you how old it is, is the fact that it's a comedy that's not so funny.
July 9, 2017
Film-legend, iconic film of the 60s. Its ending is perfect. It wonderfully captures rebelliousness for the rebelliousness sake only. This film has so many memorable scenes and performances, the soundtrack is timeless.
Super Reviewer
June 2, 2017
A personal fav since it debuted, when all I liked was the moody music and couldn't understand what it was about excepting that a sense of loss permeated the work (but NOW I get it - because I grew up with it - and it'll always be a personal fav). Whatever may be wrong with the world, Benjamin decides that its better to face it with someone rather than face it alone.
May 26, 2017
With impeccable direction from Mike Nichols, The Graduate will certainly seduce you.
½ May 25, 2017
Brilliant comedy/drama about a college graduate (Dustin Hoffman) who becomes seduced by an older, more experienced, and married woman. Complicating matters further, he falls for her daughter. Soundtrack by Simon & Garfunkel features recordings that also compliment the action.
May 12, 2017
A timeless classic.

Most men who have seen this film find the affair unreal when young, with Mrs Robinson "old" ( even though Bancroft was only 35 at the time), and then more interesting as they get older.

Hoffman plays an awkward young man to the hilt.

While the film captures the period, it is timeless in capturing youthful uncertainty.
April 19, 2017
At risk of sounding trite, The Graduate is like life: comedy and tragedy are rarely far apart. This choice to never stray far from either side of the theatrical mask is largely responsible for this classic's enduring appeal. However, it's far from its only success. Fans of Wes Anderson take notice: director Nichols edits and shoots with bold experimentation for this sort of dramedy; jump cutting in time, slow shifting camera focus, and long takes full of brilliant acting punctuate this fighting-to-come-of-age romance that flies past the conventions of its era to sit alongside the best that modern indie films offer.
Ben Braddock, a recent college graduate, returns home to find himself roped into an affair with older acquaintance Mrs. Robinson. We quickly realize that Ben is essentially a fish in an aquarium, with no control over any aspect of his life, as his dead-eyes blindly follow his parents, Mrs. Robinson, and society's expectations. Hoffman and Bancroft are of course phenomenal. Their characters couldn't be more different (Hoffman anxious and spineless, Bancroft cool and emotionally broken), yet they dance around each other with wit and uncomfortable believability. Tons of great moments and characters calmly ignite the screen, each filled with humor, awkwardness, and poignancy.
On top of being a fairly on-the-nose coming-of-age parable, the entire piece is a giant critique of anything and everything (coddled parenting, youthful cynicism, stodginess, frivolity, romance, attaining happiness, even the idea of ultimate purpose). It recognizes that making decisions, even wrong ones, is an important part of adulthood. Yet despite its skeptical view, warm characters and strict honesty have allowed it to age with as much grace as bite.
April 12, 2017
Great film about milfs
½ March 27, 2017
Brilliant comedy/drama about a college graduate (Dustin Hoffman) who becomes seduced by an older, more experienced, and married woman. Complicating matters further, he falls for her daughter. Soundtrack by Simon & Garfunkel features recordings that also compliment the action.
½ March 13, 2017
A good movie that is far from timeless. At release I'm sure it was top of the class; but nowadays, this one is in desperate need of a modern retake.
March 9, 2017
Watch for the performances. Dustin H knocks it out of the park, as well as how the film was shot. Simply beautiful.
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