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September 7, 2014
The game is full of suspense, twists and turns. The characters are fascinating. The locations, sets and costume designs are all first-rate. The story is held back by the Disney formula, but is strong enough to overcome it.
June 16, 2009
The characters model some wonderful behavior for youngsters%u2014things like tolerance, restraint, persistence, good manners, and good sportsmanship. Things that, sadly, seem to have gone the way of knickers.
June 12, 2009
I don't want to just take their word for it! Show me what was so special about this guy's game!!
September 25, 2006
Greatest Game succeeds because it has enough history and authenticity to please golf enthusiasts while maintaining enough heart and human drama to appeal to the rest.
May 12, 2006
April 21, 2006
If you're not willing to stand in the rain during a major tournament, you're gonna get bored with these movies.
April 15, 2006
[Director Bill] Paxton's narrative is confusing at first, but the film is entertaining overall.
April 14, 2006
Better suspense than many sports movies, in spite of clichs and anachronisms
April 4, 2006
...the film is so well made, the acting so good, the period so well captured, and the photography so captivating that it's hard not to like it.
April 1, 2006
November 21, 2005
The Longest Movie Ever Made.
November 13, 2005
Despite the endless heart-tugging cliches and predictable storylines, Disney once again demonstrates its ability to push the right sentimental buttons in an underdog sports film.
November 9, 2005
Riddled with underdog cliches and embellishments, and lays the sentimentality on thick at every opportunity, making the emotional response feel more manipulated then genuine.
October 22, 2005
October 13, 2005
More than any such movie I remember, The Greatest Game Ever Played celebrates the ideal of sportsmanship.
October 10, 2005
The most visually and emotionally dynamic film ever made about a game of golf — perhaps the most visually and emotionally dynamic possible film about a game of golf.
October 8, 2005
...the veteran British character actor is so good as Vardon I can't imagine another inhabiting the role so wonderfully. Dillane adds so many layers, so many idiosyncratic quirks, that the golfer comes to life the very first moment he takes the screen.
October 7, 2005
As a film replay, The Greatest Game is hardly that, but it's at least a pretty good one.
October 7, 2005
A great underdog film that is absolutely stolen by the 10 year old caddy played by Josh Flitter. If you don't love him, you have no soul.
October 7, 2005
I'm going to bet that Bill Paxton loves golf. Because, despite his deftly directed "Frailty," "The Greatest Game Ever Played" rolls all over the place.
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