Sep 7, 2011
Sep 19, 2008
The film is indeed likable. But director Hugh Wilson, who co-wrote the script with Peter Torokvei, just skims the surface of potentially rich territory.
Jun 24, 2006
Cage is on best behaviour here, but he's not an especially sympathetic performer.
May 20, 2003
Mr. Cage, once again sounding mock-suave and Elvisy, makes the most of his character's fragile cool.
Jan 1, 2000
What counts is the comic tension between MacLaine and Cage. It's so well done, it doesn't matter how dumb things get.
Jan 1, 2000
MacLaine and Cage are really very good here.
Jan 1, 2000
Like the role itself, Cage is clearly in service here to a fabled but fading star, and he seldom slips on that second banana.
Jan 1, 2000
There are lots of laughs in this picture, and though at one point he teeters perilously on the brink of mush and gush, Wilson manages to regain his gently caustic comic footing.
Jan 1, 2000
There are a few good jokes, some solid chemistry between the leads, and a little pathos, but it all doesn't add up to very much.
Mar 11, 1994