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August 17, 2020
...a decidedly over-the-top premise that's employed to exceedingly (and, mostly, excessively) frenetic effect by Howden...
July 18, 2020
I like the style of the movie but, for a movie called guns akimbo, about guns being bolted to someone's hands, it should have had much more guns akimbo.
July 13, 2020
"Guns Akimbo" is a blast, literally. Daniel Radcliffe does an exceptional job portraying a nerdy angry troll who gets thrust into the underground social media world he didn't ask for."
July 8, 2020
It's like playing a video game that tries to teach us how bad video games are. Does that make sense? Of course it doesn't. Neither does this.
June 30, 2020
Aims for bad taste, but it's just tasteless.
June 17, 2020
Daniel Radcliffe is very good in this movie, but the film starts to lose steam once you realize that it doesn't really have much else to offer beyond these high-energy action sequences.
June 17, 2020
Even if the theme of internet addiction feels a bit lazy, the fun is watching Radcliffe's nerdy character get in way over his head.
June 7, 2020
All of this works for the type of movie that Howden was trying to make, which is a video game-style massacre for twenty-something gamers.
April 30, 2020
Howden's film gives itself a good three minutes to play the amateur satirist before it abandons any pretense of cultural commentary and instead embraces every cliché it repeatedly insists it is undermining.
April 17, 2020
'Guns Akimbo' is a techno-punk audiovisual work. A forced view to ask us what kind of representations, in our neoliberal context, we want and which we try to avoid. [Full review in Spanish]
April 14, 2020
"Guns Akimbo" feels more like a missed opportunity. It may have been pacey and some of the acrobatic cameraworks are technically impressive but Jason Lei Howden's script is so hollow that it's hard to care much about everything been going on here.
March 25, 2020
The film is excessive, histrionic, and perfect for enjoying the actions without any sort of ethical or esthetic filter. [Full Review in Spanish]
March 25, 2020
If Guns Akimbo is meant to be a satire of gamer culture and cesspit comments sections, Black Mirror has done it more often and to much greater effect.
March 19, 2020
The comedic bullet bonanza that is Guns Akimbo checks all the boxes for a film festival midnight madness movie.
March 13, 2020
[Guns Akimbo] - which kicks off as a satire on online bullying never seems to get it paddles back into coherence.
March 12, 2020
So over the top you can't look away. It just gets crazier and crazier.
March 6, 2020
...a slightly amateurish and tatty look to many of the edges here, which director Howden attempts to disguise with reams of humdrum flash and cybernetic nonsense...
March 6, 2020
The Deathgasm maestro has not just made a really dumb movie, but a really dumb movie that's also very smug: a noxious combination of imbecilic and self-satisfied.
March 6, 2020
This obnoxious and relentlessly off-putting action flick is simply a mean-spirited and self-indulgent exercise in ultraviolent mayhem.
March 6, 2020
The film is a perfect example of a promising concept being ruined by a visually and audibly obnoxious execution. Its nonstop video game references make Guns Akimbo feel like a film that is too aware for its own good.
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