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Halloween II

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Halloween II picks up where its predecessor left off - and quickly wanders into a dead end that the franchise would spend decades struggling to find its way out of.



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Shaken and injured from her battle with unkillable psycho Michael Myers, Laurie Strode is taken to the Haddonfield Hospital for observation, while Dr. Sam Loomis continues his desperate search for his monstrous patient. After slashing his way through the town, Myers manages to track Laurie to the hospital. Numerous night-shift employees are slaughtered in a variety of gruesome ways as Myers closes in on his fixation.

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Jamie Lee Curtis
as Laurie Strode
Charles Cyphers
as Sheriff Leigh Brackett
Donald Pleasence
as Dr. Sam Loomis
Dick Warlock
as The Shape
Ford Rainey
as Dr. Mixter
Cliff Emmich
as Garrett
John Zenda
as Marshall
Alan Haufrect
as Announcer
Lucille Benson
as Mrs. Elrod
Leigh French
as Gary's mother
Howard Culver
as Man in pajamas
Ty Mitchell
as Young Gary
Dana Carvey
as Assistant
Nancy Kyes
as Annie Brackett
Pamela McMyler
as Laurie's mother
Dennis Holahan
as Laurie's father
Nichole Drucker
as Young Laurie
Ken Smolka
as 1st Patrolman
Adam Gunn
as Young Michael Myers
Roger Hampton
as Patrolman #2
Jack Verbois
as Bennett Tramer
Tony Moran
as Michael Myers (age 23)
Kyle Richards
as Lindsey Wallace
Brian Andrews
as Tommy Doyle
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  • Nov 01, 2017
    The first Halloween is one of the best Horror films of all time, and easily the best film centered around the holiday of Halloween. Halloween II, taking place on the same night, attempts to essentially recreate the magic of the original, but without the focus or sharp execution. Picking up directly after Michael Myers falls out of the window and to "his death", the divisive sequel is in large part the same plot as the 1978 original. Myers is on the loose, seemingly won't die, and is on a killing rampage for no good reason. Interestingly enough, there's even less method to his madness this time around, which is typically where the film fails. There was something about watching Myers go around killing sex-obsessed teenagers, and specifically Laurie Strode's friends, that made the first film so intense and more personal. But with Laurie spending most of the film in a hospital bed, there's a lack of emotional connection. That's not to say Myers doesn't have his frightening moments. In fact, the new ways Myers chooses to kill his victims was pretty creative, and luckily just gruesome enough to send chills up and down your spine (but not too gruesome where you feel like turning the movie off). We still have the first person camera movement and well edited cuts to legitimize the kills and keep a sense of reality to the situation. It's in these moments that I feel the film solidifies itself even if it doesn't nearly have the impact the first did. There is one particular third act twist/reveal that I'm sure ticked off fans of the franchise at the time, and I found it to be quite a reach as well. There's always a way to build mythology without overdoing the reasoning behind Myers' crimes and exploiting them. To me, Halloween II is a worthy horror film, but not nearly satisfying enough as a sequel to feature the main two characters from the original. Why not use Jamie Lee Curtis a little more? 6.8/10
    Thomas D Super Reviewer
  • Jun 22, 2016
    Despite being made 3 years after the first one, the story begins literally within minutes of the end of the first film. Laurie is rushed to the hospital and Michael finds her and stalks her around the building. Definitely doesn't have the same "edge" as the first one, but still stands on its own 2 feet as a continuation of the first film. Still enjoyable and the writers seem to have a good time coming up with new ways of how Michael dispatches his victims. If you liked the first one, watch this one too as it should also be enjoyable for you.
    Patrick W Super Reviewer
  • Feb 16, 2016
    Halloween II continues the story of the original '78 film. In this film, we find out that Michael Myers is particularly after Laurie Strode and this is because of a deep family secret. His whole mission for coming back to Haddonfield, Illinois is, we discover, to get Laurie. The main setting for the film is a hospital, where we see sexually charged nurses and orderlies neglecting their duties and Dr Loomis, Myers' former therapist, hopping on scene to play hero. Laurie for her part faces more challenges than the first film, only this time, she is learning to get tougher. Still, by the end she is still a Scream Queen, horror movies' version of a damsel in distress.
    Billie P Super Reviewer
  • Aug 22, 2015
    John Carpenter knew enough as a young director not to take responsibility for directing the sequel to his masterpiece, Halloween. He and Debra Hill did, however, write it and produce it, so his fingerprints are all over this installment, despite his efforts to distance himself over the years. The story is actually ok, and is a logical continuation of the same night as the first film, October 31st, 1978. (Probably Nov. 1 after a few hours of hunting the very wounded Mike Myers all over Haddonfield.) This feels like a typical horror sequel and cash-grab. Michael, shot 7 times at close range, including in the head, is still on the prowl and hunting Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) now in the hospital recovering from her rough night, stab wound, fall down stairs, shock, etc. Anyway, let's get to the movie. It's a weak imitation that, other than including most of the entire cast from the original film, lacks Carpenter's eye for detail, slow burn build up and eerie atmosphere. This one is pure slasher silliness, more on par with the Friday the 13th series than with the first Halloween. It was inevitable, with the way the first ended, that a sequel would follow, especially considering the amount of money it made (like 70 million on a $320,000 budget). This was a guaranteed money maker, even if it stunk, which it mostly did. Also, Jamie Lee had short hair by this time (Trading Places, Perfect) so her wig is really silly looking. It's not a total bomb, with all the cast returning and Carpenter and Hill producing and writing, but it lacks the magic and eerie ambiance of the first. Check out The Fog, The Thing or even Halloween III instead. Still, a huge financial success, relatively speaking, taking in 25 million dollars on a 2.5 million budget. Not the juggernaut that Halloween was money-wise, but a solid hit. And while it pales in comparison to the original, it is best viewed back-to-back with the first film for continuity purposes. It also benefits by simply being associated with such a classic piece of horror history.
    Mark H Super Reviewer

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