Charles Cyphers

Charles Cyphers

Highest Rated: 98% Assault on Precinct 13 (1976)

Lowest Rated: 28% Halloween II (1981)

Birthday: Jul 28, 1939

Birthplace: Not Available

Specializing in middle-aged characters even in his twenties, American actor Charles Cyphers has been a familiar face on the TV-movie landscape since the early '70s. Cyphers was particularly well served by director John Carpenter, who cast the actor in Assault on Precinct 13 (1975), Halloween (1978), The Fog (1980), and Escape From New York (1981). Carpenter also featured Cyphers as Sam Phillips in the made-for-TV Elvis (1979). Perhaps it's coincidence, or perhaps a private joke between actor and director: Whatever the case, Cyphers' character names in his Carpenter films are often lifted from real life. For example, he played Dan O'Bannon in The Fog (screenwriter O'Bannon is Carpenter's most frequent collaborator) and Leigh Brackett in Halloween (Brackett, a female screenwriter, worked on such films as Rio Bravo, which Carpenter remade as Assault on Precinct 13). On TV, Charles Cyphers was seen on The Betty White Show (1975), as Hugo Muncy, White's cross-dressing stunt double.

Highest Rated Movies



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No Score Yet Critical Mass Henderson 2001
No Score Yet Mach 2 Harry 2001
83% Major League Charlie Donovan 1989
No Score Yet Big Bad Mama II Stark 1987
No Score Yet Hunter's Blood Woody 1987
93% Honkytonk Man Stubbs 1982
No Score Yet The Executioner's Song Noall Wootton 1982
33% Death Wish II Donald Kay 1982
28% Halloween II Sheriff Leigh Brackett 1981
85% Escape from New York Secretary of State 1981
No Score Yet Borderline Ski 1980
76% The Fog Dan O'Bannon 1980
No Score Yet A Force of One Dr. Eppis 1979
No Score Yet Elvis Sam Phillips 1979
No Score Yet Friendly Fire Tom Loomis 1979
No Score Yet Someone Is Watching Me Gary Hunt 1978
96% Halloween Brackett 1978
82% Coming Home Pee Wee 1978
57% Gray Lady Down Actor 1978
50% MacArthur Gen. Harding 1977
No Score Yet The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald Michael Brandon 1977
98% Assault on Precinct 13 Starker 1976
No Score Yet Vigilante Force Perry 1976
No Score Yet Truck Turner Drunk 1974


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Coach 1998
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Brackett says: Doctor, do you know what Haddonfield is? Families, children, all lined up in rows up and down these streets. You're telling me they're lined up for a slaughterhouse?

Doctor Loomis says: They could be.

Brackett says: Alright, I'll stay with you through the night, just on the chance that you're right. And if you are right... damn you for letting him go.

Brackett says: You know it's Halloween. I guess everyone's entitled to one good scare, huh?

Leigh Brackett says: You know, doctor, I'm just about there.

Sam Loomis says: What?

Leigh Brackett says: The point where I stop taking orders from you.

Leigh Brackett says: You couldn't have shot him six times!

Sam Loomis says: You think I'm lying, Sheriff?

Leigh Brackett says: I think you missed him. No man could take six shots.

Sam Loomis says: I'm telling you this isn't a man.

Leigh Brackett says: Damn you...

Leigh Brackett says: Damn you.

Sam Loomis says: I'm sorry...

Sam Loomis says: I'm sorry.

Leigh Brackett says: What have you done...?

Leigh Brackett says: What have you done?

Sam Loomis says: I haven't done anything.

Leigh Brackett says: YOU LET HIM OUT!

Leigh Brackett says: You let him out?!

Sam Loomis says: I didn't let him out. I gave orders for him to be restrained.

Doctor Loomis says: You must think me a very sinister doctor...oh, I have a permit.

Doctor Loomis says: You must think me a very sinister doctor. Oh, I have a permit.

Brackett says: Seems to me you're just plain scared.

Doctor Loomis says: Yeah, yeah I am...

Doctor Loomis says: Yeah, yeah I am.

Brackett says: (about Micheal's escape and coming to Haddonfield) - Damn you for letting him go.

Brackett says: (about Micheal's escape and coming to Haddonfield) Damn you for letting him go.

Brackett says: Every kid in Haddonfield thinks this place is haunted.

Doctor Loomis says: They may be right.

Brackett says: Somebody broke into the hardware store...Probably kids.

Brackett says: Somebody broke into the hardware store. Probably kids.

Annie says: You blame everything on kids.

Brackett says: What all they took was some Halloween masks, a rope and a couple of knives. Who do you think it was?

Annie says: It's hard growing up with a cynical father.

Brackett says: Aren't you gonna be late?

Annie says: Huh?



Annie says: He shouts too.

Brackett says: A man wouldn't do that.

Doctor Loomis says: This isn't a man.

Brackett says: You's Halloween. I guess everybody's entitled to a one good scare, huh?

Brackett says: You know, it's Halloween. I guess everybody's entitled to a one good scare, huh?

Doctor Loomis says: Hey...What is that?

Doctor Loomis says: Hey. What is that?

Brackett says: A dog...It's still warm.

Brackett says: A dog. It's still warm.

Doctor Loomis says: He got hungry.