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½ June 27, 2017
Great movie. While there are inklings of a cliched story here and the plot almost feels like it goes nowhere in the end, the characters are thoroughly captivating and compelling to watch, the direction is delivered stylishly and with the eye of a true artist, and the performances are all superb, especially Washington and Allen.
½ June 25, 2017
A hokey fantasy about a man and his son with too little genuine darkness to be realistic, and too much Aaron Copeland doing the heavy lifting, but some enjoyable performances and great images.
April 13, 2017
one of my favorite movies of all time
April 3, 2017
Denzel Washington terrific, as usual. Pro basketball player that played his son was also very good. Spike Lee gets a bit heavy handed with his message about the pressure on great high school athletes, but makes his point. Downer ending - typical of Lee.
½ April 2, 2017
It's okay. Denzel does a great job of making you love him and hate him; his performance is really the only reason to watch this.
½ March 9, 2017
Capitalism the basketball story
½ December 11, 2016
I really enjoyed He Got Game. Lee's signature unorthodox direction was interesting and Denzel was excellent. Loved the cameos by big figures in the NBA. And for an athlete, Ray Allen could act!
November 30, 2016
Lee did his best to ruin this
November 28, 2016
An intriguing story that is powered by the consistently good Denzel Washington. The main downfall of this film comes from the wooden acting by Ray Allen and the TV movie vibe that it gives off. That being said there are still some very powerful moments in this film.
November 26, 2016
Spike Lee works with a little too much material here, but there's no denying the movie's hefty father and son story and Lee's filmmaking prowess.
November 19, 2016
Ray Allen is a surprisingly good actor. Spike Lee is at the top of his game, and this is a very compelling movie with a great soundtrack, believable characters, and an important commentary on corruption and the black experience.
November 19, 2016
Worth a watch. It's nothing special, but still decent. Ray Allen is really good, Denzel is average in this one. I love the Soundtrack with Public Enemy.
July 26, 2016
The game of basketball is a great one. It's a fantastic game that brings everyone and anyone together and is one of the great all American sports. Spike Lee is someone who knows and still knows this very well. This is at the heart of He Got Game. Spike Lee directs the type of basketball picture not seen on the big screen at the time.
Lee's 98 feature is about Jake and Jesus shuttlesworth. Jake is a convict in prison and one day he gets a deal from the warden that his sentence will be lightened if he can convince his star player son to go to one of the big state colleges in the country. Jesus is no ordinary star player he is one of the most sought after ones in the country, that means every league in the NCAA wants him. the main conflict of the story is that jake was responsible for the accidental murder of his wife jesus's mother and so jesus harbors a lot of hate for jake. Jake has only 1 week to convince his son and hopefully mend his relationship with him as well.
Right off the bat it started great. I Really liked the opening credit scenes. it's a really impactful showing of basketball and its impact on kids and adults everywhere. spike lee does an amazing job of showing the beauty and art of the game and also how it can affect people. he shoots it very documentary style but with cinematic flair too it. His story telling ability in this film is almost Spielberg like its incredible. As someone who loves basketball and loves watching it I really dug this film! this film is dope favorite basketball film ever. I am actually convinced that if the 10 film extension rule had happened in 98 this would have made the Oscars best picture category, its that good! great choice of music for the soundtrack
I was impressed ray allen can actually act. he doesn't force it with each line and he has quite a demeanor that is extremely rare to find with actor who was or is a pro athelete. Jesus is a very righteous and level headed guy and he's tryna stay humble while making a decision that will change his life. He was interesting to watch. It was cool seeing all the nba cameo's in there. As far as my man denzel he does it again. Jake Shuttlesworth is a man with redemption on his mind but he knows he cant dwell on the pain of what happened to his wife his sons mother he's got to do something.
the film actually reminds me of the hype that came with Lebron james when he was getting ready to go to the NBA. the script is phenomenal! so well written. If you love basketball and want to see a great film on it check this film out
June 23, 2016
Jesus Shuttlesworth played by real life hoop star ray allen feels pressure from everywhere on where to go to collage. When you are #1 prospect you get agents, hoes, $, coaches , family all in your face trying to influence you. In this spike lee film the hoop star's dad (denzel Washington) is released for a short time and promised more freedom if he can get Jesus to go where the warden prefers. Ya dig washington or b-ball , must watch :)
½ May 20, 2016
My favorite basketball movie, bar none, and there isn't even a real game in it. It just oozes a love for the game cause Spike loves it, and denzel makes anything work. Conor Palette, authenticity, music and story. Top notch.
½ April 26, 2016
Denzel Washington as an inmate who talks his estranged basketball star son into attending the prison wardens alma matter. A bit far fetched and again Lee's pacing of the film becomes its downfall.
January 5, 2016
When there is Denzel Washington in a movie, its always a taken who pulls it through.. People came and went, but the way Washington did enough to pull everyone's attention, you have to know the man knows his art, and lives the life before he plays them.. Rest of the movie, actually falls apart looking at the acting standards, and some of scripting put together..
December 8, 2015
Most critics and movie fans are going to tell you that Spike Lee's masterpiece of a movie is "Do The Right Thing" I am going to have to wholeheartedly disagree with that. He Got Game is the best Spike Lee film for my money. First and foremost the way the movie was shot and filmed is fantastic. The cinematography gives the entire movie a true gritty and urban feel to it, which suits the subject matter perfectly. Ray Allen isn't giving an Oscar worthy performance here, after all he is a professional athlete thrown into a major motion picture, but he does the job well. Giving the movie an authentic feel to it for the main character. Most inner city high school basketball players are not going to be giving authentic intriguing movie type dialogue, so why go that route anyway? Spike did a good job casting this movie. Denzel shines as he usually does. I like how Denzel Washington isn't afraid to take roles like this. Some black actors may not want to take roles like this playing into that stereotypical inner city African American male, but Denzel does a superb job playing this role. Its a story that most sports fans know all to well, and was never more prevalent than around the time it was released. With loads of high school basketball players shooting straight to the NBA for big money. But also there are high school basketball stars who are being recruited by tons of big name schools offering everything they can throw at the kid trying to entice him to sign with their program. It has to be hard for these young men as they try and balance school, sports, family, girlfriends, their future and their reputation around their neighborhood and city. It is a lot to handle for anyone, let alone a high school kid. Sometimes we forget that these athletes may look big and seem mature, but in reality they are still children. He Got Game shows this in detail, how this character is trying to balance everything and on top of it is the man of his house. His father was accused of murdering his mother. So his mother is dead and his father is in prison, but soon to be relapsed. What we see is a young athlete getting everything all at once. Schools offering him girls and taking him to parties. Agents offering him money and jewelry to sign with them and go to the NBA. A very authentic and real movie, this is a must watch for not just a sports fans, but fans of a good drama as well. Well done Spike.
½ October 29, 2015
Denzel was great in this movie but Ray Allen's acting is "plain"
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