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½ April 30, 2018
Good lord this movie was awkward to watch. Beautifully shot though.
April 9, 2018
Lacking in substance and story, failing to deliver on an interesting premise, and not nearly as clever as it would like us to believe. Her becomes uninteresting and predictable within the first 20 minutes.
April 6, 2018
A thoughtful film which, while it is rather unusual, manages to understand being human and doesn't feel distant at all. The film is also visually gorgeous and has its fair share of funny and heartfelt scenes. One of the best films of recent years.
March 11, 2018
a movie that commands 5 out of 5 stars out of respect!!well,i have seen many more successfull sci-fi movies ranging from the harry potters to the transformers to the x-mens and iron man and spiderman to the twilight series...and mind you most of these were indeed big blockbusters but they all lacked one thing - a connection with reality,while there had been many brilliantly shot sci-fi movies but none of them was able to make us sit and believe that yes that could be possible one day...but this movie can make you believe that its not frictional in a sense because in some years that might be a reality...so hats off to spike jonze for directing and writting such a movie with just a vision on our future in the coming decades and our over dependence on technology...theodore's character was really innocent and lovely and samantha being a non living computer software had much more life to its character...just in love with OS1..i really want it too in the future if it ever comes to reality
March 6, 2018
It's great not just because it's unique, but it could have been a masterpiece if it was more unique than it is
March 3, 2018
5/5. I never thought I would be so emotionally invested in a love story between a man and a computer. Her is an emotional roller coaster and one of the best films of 2013.
½ March 3, 2018
A pretty entertaining and engaging film due in large part to the central performance from Joaquin Phoenix who is very believable in an unbelievable movie.
½ February 27, 2018
Seldom has loneliness been captured so well as in Her. Scandalously overlooked by the Academy Awards, Her is a great blend of romance and scifi that poses some great questions about the relation of mankind with technology and the decay of real human interaction in a world filled with technology. Intelligently written and expertly performed by a great cast, lead by the genius Joaquin Phoenix (who proves that he can play almost anything) and the great Amy Adams, Her is an almost flawless movie. The voice acting from Scarlett Johansson as the A.I. Samantha is some of the best voice acting ever performed and is crucial for the success of the movie as it makes the A.I. come alive and makes you feel for the central relationship in the movie. It also boasts a great soundtrack by Arcade Fire and some beautiful cinematography. Her deserves to be seen by a bigger audience. The movie has a unique and original concept that's executed perfectly and will touch you and move you with its sadness and heartwarming emotions.
February 14, 2018
Spinke Jonze nailed what it would seem as a ridiculous premise into a powerfully touching and intense romantic drama, with superb performances, specially by a non-physical Scarlett Johansson, and a particularly melancholic Joaquin Phoenix, all in perfect synchrony with an amazing set up, great esthetic united with a strong direction, beautifully sad writing, and the heartwarming story of the struggle of relationships and breakups, all in an excelled and elegant simplicity.
February 13, 2018
Modern classic. Intelligent and visually beautiful.
½ February 9, 2018
The movie is a little strange- considering the concept of the entire thing - but judging the path the technology is taking... we're not far from having relationships like this. This will bring a whole new meaning to "Going to Therapy"
February 2, 2018
Excited by rave reviews for this one but it was so empty - disappointing.
½ January 30, 2018
A modern masterpiece. Such an amazingly original screenplay & superb performances. The music, the scenes & the pace all combine perfectly. I found myself reflecting on my own life & relationships. This film is one that will stay with you long after the credits have finished. My favourite film of 2013. AAN GGN AFI
½ January 29, 2018
HER was slightly disappointing- but I still liked the film. The characters are intelligently written but for some reason the film for the most part did not contain anything I hadn't seen before. But any movie with actors like Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams and Rooney Mara- all of whom are brilliant- it's always a pleasure to see these people perform.
January 4, 2018
What a beautiful movie. Unique. I've never seen anything like it and i loved the themes that her explores. All the characters were great and there were some amazing performances from Phoenix and Amy Adams.
December 30, 2017
This film caught me completely off guard. I didnt expect to be entranced and imersed completely into the story. I found myself feeling in sync with the emotions and connections that were taking place, and felt the hearbreak when it came. The film takes you on a journey of love and i found myself feeling emotions long after the movie was over. If a film can leave you connected long after the credits have rolled, that is what makes a film brilliant in my opionion. Well done.
½ December 29, 2017
Boring Joaquin Phoenix movie.
December 27, 2017
Me surpreendeu esse filme, fotografia foda, musicas foda, e textos maravilhosos.
½ December 22, 2017
I honestly didn't really like this movie that much. It wasn't bad, but I'm definitely not going to watch it again and it wasn't that memorable. It's a good movie to make you think about how technology impacts our lives, but it's not really that entertaining and can be kind of boring at times. Phoenix does a good job acting in it, but that's about the extent of the movie. There is no real plot or conflict that I could identify, othan than trivial things. I remember watching this with my girlfriend and expecting a feel-good or exciting movie, like a thriller, but what we got was much different. Maybe it was my expectations of it, which ori wouldn't have been that way if the previews didn't give a much different view of the film than it really gives the audience.
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