Here For Life Reviews

December 27, 2019
...something special about Londoners and their relationships with drugs, violence and homelessness against the backdrop of a gentrifying city. It's not to be missed.
December 27, 2019
Zimmerman and Jackson's film challenges us to become 'spectactors' and engage with and interrogate the stories we're told about those people on the periphery of society.
November 22, 2019
A remarkably nimble meditation on performance and vulnerability.
November 20, 2019
It is part documentary, part collectively created drama that keeps all its boundaries - between the fake and the real, biography/confession and fiction, and so on - porous and smudgy.
September 5, 2019
Politics contains the beautiful and the mundane, the film suggests, and we should value both if we are to effectively communicate an image of the individual and their world.
August 29, 2019
The experimental non-linear storytelling style of the film suggests it might be better suited to a gallery context rather than to cinema exhibition.