Hors Satan (Outside Satan) Reviews

August 2, 2013
I find the movie mind-blowing, though it will likely alienate as many viewers as it impresses.
January 18, 2013
Inarticulate characters, long blank stares, forced camera angles and allegorical nonsense make up this pretentious study in quasi-religious ennui.
January 18, 2013
Maddening, pretentious, hypnotic and transcendent in roughly equal measure.
January 17, 2013
Despite its pictorial intensity and the extremity of some of its scenes, the film proceeds in a mood of detachment, turning the suffering physical beings under its scrutiny into abstractions.
Top Critic
January 17, 2013
Hors Satan is stark, strange and uncompromisingly personal. It's also vivid and unforgettable.
January 17, 2013
As its title suggests, Satan grapples with the existence and nature of evil in the world, but it's hard to take such weighty matters seriously when they're explored with all the subtlety and grace of an anti-abortion pamphlet.
January 16, 2013
Dumont's rigorous, serious attention to the mysteries of good, evil, and faith rewards those willing to be confounded.
January 15, 2013
Ultimately less an arty provocation than a secular invocation, Outside Satan seems almost helplessly exploratory, an honest account of groping for grace.
January 15, 2013
The promise Dumont once showed has ossified into unholy shtick.
January 14, 2013
The problem with "Outside Satan" is that the filmmaker has remained faithful to expectations without enlivening them.
January 4, 2013
The film develops a powerful hold on the watcher as it progresses. But beware, it takes you on the weirdest of metaphysical journeys.
January 3, 2013
Bruno Dumont's film-making is just so fluent, unnerving, gripping; he is entirely unique.
December 26, 2012
The result is mesmerising, beatific, disturbing, and leaves us pondering our own beliefs in a way few films do.
December 26, 2012
Not everyone will want to go back for more, but those who do will find rich rewards.