How It Ends Reviews

October 29, 2019
How It Ends is truly unique in the fact that it's the only disaster or post apocalypse film to leave me bored. The cinematic version of watching paint dry.
January 9, 2019
How It Ends is a mildly effective thriller with an ending that will leave some viewers frustrated.
October 11, 2018
You won't beg for the two hours of your life back after watching this film. It had it's moments.
August 8, 2018
Even with a good hook, How It Ends suffers from a lack of vision, which is exactly what you don't need in an effects-heavy disaster movie.
July 28, 2018
Should begin with you not loading this one in your Netflix queue. It has potential, but squanders all of its goodwill and audience patience by the time the end credits roll.
July 25, 2018
Violent, profanity-filled tale lacks logic and resolution.
July 24, 2018
This is a mediocre post-apocalyptic movie that turns into a downright horrible one by refusing to provide any semblance of meaningful answers about its central mystery.
July 19, 2018
Delivers the vague shape of the apocalypse, but it's a frustrating sit, continually interrupting compelling stretches of drama and terror with low-wattage stunts and tedious sequences of back roads survival.
July 19, 2018
It's competently made and easy to watch, but you know every move the thriller wants to make before it happens.
July 19, 2018
Director David M. Rosenthal finds news ways to say and feel nothing. There are no bold ideas or thought bubbles; no exciting action sequences or set pieces.
July 16, 2018
Forest Whitaker's performance is just terrible. You can tell the director, David M Rosenthal, had no power over him. He just did his character-which the script failed to fully develop and exploit-his own damn way.
July 16, 2018
Theo James has gotten good at playing this one kind of protagonist; he's like the exact midpoint between all of the overwhelmed-but-capable disaster movie heroes you've ever seen.
July 16, 2018
The story has a clear-cut destination, but the technique makes the journey there and there itself aimless while watching and pointless when done.
July 16, 2018
The desire to fast-forward becomes almost overpowering.
July 14, 2018
It's always just a bit too easy to see the writer's hand at work, which serves to undercut immersion and identification.
July 13, 2018
How It Ends would have been well served to ask itself a few big questions.
July 13, 2018
Impressive looking, but undercut by passive characterizations. And how's it end? By petering out.
July 13, 2018
You're better off not even beginning.