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January 10, 2018
An honourable enough failure, but a failure nonetheless.
January 10, 2018
It is a decent, intelligent film that yet somehow fails to excite.
February 27, 2007
Top Critic
August 24, 2004
December 23, 2003
With all the legs flailing, earnest speechifying, hot-headed outbursts, and mild abuse of crockery, Robert Benton's adaptation feels more like a fat Greek wedding than an Ancient Greek tragedy.
November 3, 2003
One of those films that makes you say, 'That was powerful. Now what the hell was it about?'
November 18, 2018
The Human Stain bears all the scars and stretch marks of a work that has tried to condense the necessarily literary elements of an esteemed novel into a feature film format.
September 18, 2013
So finely tooled that it feels like it ought to be bound in Morocco leather and placed on a display case in a department store for a last minute Christmas gift.
December 28, 2010
Flawed adaptation of Roth's novel isn't for kids.
September 18, 2007
Casting a stain.
August 2, 2007
Both Nicole Kidman and Anthony Hopkins are vastly miscast in Robert Benton's poor adaptation of Philip Roth's poignant novel, one of the few works about contempo academic battlefields.
April 1, 2006
December 6, 2005
June 20, 2005
The acting is phenomenal (especially Harris), and the film will be a nice challenge for those in search of one.
March 5, 2005
December 17, 2004
One of the most underrated pictures of 2003.
December 6, 2004
The film's frame groans in its attempt to contain such a complex story, and its actors ask us to accept implausible things... but it's ultimately rewarding.
August 28, 2004
A tricky adaptation of an unlikely novel that nevertheless goes almost as wrong as possible...prey to the most amateur varieties of structural and tonal errors.
July 15, 2004
To really enjoy most movies, the viewer has to be able to suspend disbelief...
July 11, 2004
If you like the actors involved, you might enjoy this flawed and pretentious film. Other than that, the DVD seems a waste of good plastic.
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