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      I Am Chris Farley Reviews

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      Oct 30, 2021

      Impossible to untangle my love for Chris Farley with the actual movie. A sad tale of anxiety that's funny but tragic.

      Apr 5, 2021

      I Am Chris Farley est un documentaire fait par des amis de Chris Farley, pour des fans de Chris Farley et qui souhaiteraient se rappeler des bons souvenirs de Chris Farley. Une fois ceci compris, le film de Brent Hodge et Derik Murray est plutôt sympathique à défaut d'être vraiment informatif. Chris Farley semblait être un comique aimé de ses pairs et le tout semble plutôt honnête pour une telle hagiographie. Encore une fois, c'est un plaisir d'entendre parler Mike Myers et Adam Sandler d'humour, de comment faire rire et de la science du stand-up. Mais I Am Chris Farley n'essaie pas d'amener des non-fans à regarder ses films et c'est ici que réside son principal souci. Dommage!

      Nov 9, 2020

      Excellent doc. really shows you what made Chris, Chris. I have a bias in that I really liked him I thought he was a force of brilliant nature on SNL and although not all his movies were perfect they all had a sense of fun and energy thanks to his larger than life personality. One of those actors that as a viewer you dont know how much of an impact they have on you until theyre gone. Miss you Chris RIP.

      Mar 16, 2020

      I hope there is more to this than his friends and family saying "he was really talented".

      Jan 13, 2020

      Great Documentary, and shares the legendary Chris Farleys life story I would 100% watch this even if you do not like documentary's

      Jun 24, 2019

      I wanted to say that this was a heartfelt tribute to the late great Chris Farley Chris Farley was gentle human being incredible after funny comedian I think it was well preserved as a fan I give this a sealed approval highly recommended

      May 20, 2019

      This was a good docu. on the life of Chris Farley, it is a great douc. I would watch again but sad, celebrities talk about knowing/ the life of Chris Farley if you are a fan of him I'd say give it a watch.

      Dec 29, 2018

      Wow. Absolutely beautiful.

      Mar 8, 2018


      Dec 22, 2017

      This documentary was very well made. Heart felt, honest, and great stories about Chris from some of his closest friends and family. It was also surprisingly inspiring to be your true self.

      Dec 6, 2017

      Great movie I loved this farley before he died

      Jun 26, 2017

      Watching old SNL skits with Chris Farley after watching this documentary was like watching an artist performing his craft while at the height of his fame and brilliance. Chris Farley was a genius who was taken from us way too soon. My favorite movie that he starred in is a toss up between Tommy Boy and Beverly Hills Ninja. Seeing his peers, his friends and his family reminiscing about him throughout his life and career was heartwarming and brought tears to my eyes. Even seeing some celebrities I respect breaking down showed the love and respect they had not only for Chris as a performer but as a person as well. Learning things about Chris Farley that I had no idea about him showed me the human side of this celebrity. If you loved Chris Farley, then you will absolutely love this documentary and it will bring the feels and nostalgia to your life.

      Mar 26, 2017

      Not enough stars on Flixster. 10/5. My only complaint is the run time. For me, an hour and thirty is not enough. Then again, I am a huge Chris Farley fan. RIP

      Jan 17, 2017

      Having grown up a big Chris Farley fan, I recently searched out his Hank Williams, Jr. impersonation on his last SNL appearance, as I remember thinking that it was incredibly funny. It was, but there was this strained, smoldering desperation in his portrayal. The YouTube algorithms then directed me to some his last TV talk show appearances, in which this same dark undercurrent of physical and psychological decline were present. There was something disturbing and fascinating about this footage, so I thought it would be interesting to watch a documentary about him and see what insights could be gleaned about his life and these sad, final days. This film, unfortunately, offered no such insights. It was the standard Hollywood soundbite recollection fest, in which the stars of SNL and some films recall Farley with an almost masturbatory sense of self-congratulation. They talk about how lucky they were to have been in his presence, remember that he had "it," ruminate about a talent so expansive that it defies analysis. Farley, in their appraisal, was everything to everyone, a star among stars. Unfortunately, this constant onslaught of show biz hagiography replaces any real insight the viewer can have into Farley. We don't learn about his final days, conflicts on the SNL set are glossed over, very few of his personal insecurities are explored in great detail. This is followed by the standard Hollywood lament about a star who burned too brightly and let himself be consumed by his demons. There are a few touching moments, such as when a college friend reads The Clown's Prayer, a discussion of his charity work, or when his family recalls how he wanted to please his father. At the end, however, the film comes off as a slickly produced version of a VH1 Remember the 90s show and, when the nostalgia wears off, one is still left wondering about why Chris Farley really went down the path that he did.

      Nov 26, 2016

      Good doc about a big life guy

      Aug 29, 2016

      I am Chris Farley is directed by Brent Hodge and Derik Murray, and it's a documentary about Chris Farley's life from his past life, to his success in SNL and his movie careers. When I saw this movie on DirecTV, I recorded it on demand and when it was getting close to expiring, I figured I should watch it before it's too late. The interviewers really genuine in talking about him as they were actually friends with him. When they were talking about how Chris Farley acts to them, it's really funny, and it seems that he wasn't trying to do it for his own enjoyment. When it shows the clips of Chris Farley in SNL, it's a delight to watch as it shows about why he was funny to even begin with. It's really interesting to watch, and when it gets to the end, it gets really sad as he was trying to get himself out of it as much as he can, but in the end it got the best of him. I am Chris Farley is a terrific documentary that shows us that Chris Farley will never be forgotten.

      Aug 10, 2016

      A poorly done documentary on an interesting person.

      Aug 4, 2016

      I've never seen anything like it. I feel like I knew Chris Farley...and I really wish I could have met him.

      Aug 1, 2016

      This was a charming documentary about a charming, lovable, nice guy, but unfortunately the movie played more like a greatest hits clip show at times, rather than showing us insider info about the star.

      Jun 7, 2016

      I'm not really a documentary kind of guy but I made an exception for Farley. Always seemed like one of the greats. Can't believe he was only 33 when he died.

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