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½ January 7, 2017
Although I'm a now dedicated fan of Mae West, this film did serve more as a platform for her humor and double entendres BUT i'm completely alright with that as they were top notch. The story was simple enough and I was intrigued by her presence all the way throughout. I'm looking forward to watching her other films and continue to be delighted by her wit and quips.
August 7, 2016
Mae West's follow up film that caused shockwaves through the nation, one of the first openly verbally explicit actress' in Hollywood.

This time round she plays Tira a Lion Tamer who is better at taking men with only one motive in mind.

Things change when she falls hard for Cary Grant. Full of great one liners with heaps of sexual innuendo. A fun classic that easily identifies why she was so popular in the early 1930's.
½ March 24, 2016
A Mae West vehicle and she gets all the screen presence throughout, culminating in a very enjoyable courtroom scene for its conclusion.
½ July 23, 2015
In the near future I see a change.

Tira is a performer at a fair that doesn't want to be mixed in with the losers she is surrounded with. She reluctantly pursues a new lifestyle and runs into an amazing rich man that wants to marry her. Her skeletons come out of her closet and flip her life in a tailspin.

"Are you married or single?"
"I've been married five times."
"Wedding bells must sound like an alarm to you."

Wesley Ruggles, director of Bolero, Scandal, Condemned, College Humor, Silk Stockings, Broadway Lady, and The Plastic Age, delivers I'm No Angel. The storyline for this picture is amazing and unfolds very well. The script is perfect and the cast delivers breathtaking performances. The cast include Mae West, Cary Grant, Edward Arnold, and Gregory Gatoff.

"How are you mixed up in this?"
"Like an olive in a dry martini."

I came across this on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and had to watch it as I am a huge Cary Grant fan. Mae West stole the show and was marvelous as the lead actress. Some of the court scenes were a bit overdone, but this is how a classic movie is supposed to feel. I strongly recommend seeing this.

"She's safer in that cage than she is in bed."
"I don't doubt that."

Grade: A
March 29, 2015
A comedy masterpiece from the funniest woman in film history. They don't make 'em like Mae West anymore!
January 4, 2015
As West herself might have said, it ain't what ya got, its what ya do with it. If anybody knew what to do with it, Mae West certainly did, and I'M NO ANGEL finds her doing it in remarkably fine style indeed... Witty, Strong, Ultra glamorous, and Talented--"It Ain't The Men In My Life, It's Life In My Men"... A class of its own!!
½ July 18, 2014
I've never been much of a Mae West fan, but this film was pretty entertaining, particularly the racy pre-production code elements including lines like; "P as in Pansy" or "Who's sticking who's head in who's mouth?" or when a fortune tells says, "I see a change of position." West replies, "Sitting or reclining?" The Hays Office, which was pretty lax during this time, actually did force a few changes, including the title of the song "No One Does It Like a Dallas Man" to "No One Loves Me Like a Dallas Man". The story here involves circus performer West going through a series of men and having something of a shady ex-boyfriend, until she meets charming Cary Grant (whom West claimed she discovered and made famous, though that's not exactly true). Cary is a rich man who is unsure if West loves him or is a gold digger and that's where the drama comes, though it's not very heavy drama. West defending herself in court is pretty fun towards the end of the film. It's interesting to put West into context, in that her act was a bit of a nostalgia piece for the gay 90s, which is something that might be missed my audiences watching now. It's old timey humor, but the raciness of it makes the film pretty fun and it's also always great to see Cary Grant in anything. Still, I always agreed with WC Field's assessment of West, describing her as a "plumber's version of Cleopatra."
April 22, 2014
awesome mae west vehicle
March 7, 2014
Look at the cast... How could you go wrong?
½ November 4, 2013
Mae West: the show. So this is about a circus performer (West) who has a number of gentlemen callers competing for her hand. This is the second Mae West film I have seen, and it is still surprising how much she was able to get away with, especially given that this was made in the early 1930's. She speaks almost exclusively in innuendo, and practically every single line she has is a double entendre that can be interpreted in a risque way. She has the confidence and swagger to pull it off, and she dominates with screen presence to spare. She kind of has to, really, because she perpetually has 5 or 6 guys lusting over her any given movie, and honestly, you can't blame them; if their eyes were sandpaper, she would be smooth all over. The thing about her movies though (which I have only seen two of, to be completely fair) is that the story structure isn't really divided into acts like traditional movies, it's more of just one long act focused upon the star... Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I did enjoy this, and West sparkles like any one of her extravagant costumes.
February 24, 2012
"Beulah, peel me a grape!"
June 15, 2011
Great comedy written by and starring Mae West and with the great comic talent of Cary Grant.
June 4, 2011
As good as, if not better than, She Done Him Wrong.
½ April 21, 2011
My line:

Manager, questioning Mae West after her "date" was robbed: "How are you mixed up in this?"

Mae West: "Oh, like an olive in a dry martini."
½ April 10, 2011
The court case was fun to watch, but otherwise a slow moving.
April 3, 2011
It's hard for me to get past West's arrogance to find anything funny about her films. Not even Cary Grant is worth watching in this dismal affair.
Super Reviewer
January 25, 2011
"I'm No Angel" is the first ever Mae West film I have seen. Mae West wrote this movie and stars in it. I admit I watched this because Cary Grant was in it but Mae West is the big star in this. Cary Grant only has a small role in this film till the end. The dialogue is quite witty in this. It was funny to watch the way Mae West walked and talk in this. West also dressed in a very flamboyant way for this film. But it made the character even more fun. A strong female role for such a film back in the 30's. Overall this is a film that is fun. If you enjoy the old black and white films with the crazy stories and fun characters then you should enjoy this. Worth at least a one time watch.
½ January 16, 2011
My first Mae West movie. Ms. West certainly had a unique style. I enjoyed it, but her constant bobbing was a little distracting. It was fun to hear the classic line, "Come up and see me sometime." Recommended.
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