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October 23, 2019
Time and space are suspended in [director Nagisa] Oshima's beautiful images.
August 8, 2019
The cinematography, mise-en-scène, and music respond to the solid and unitary idea of the film. [Full Review in Spanish]
September 24, 2018
In the Realm of the Senses remains one of the great erotic art films, and it retains 100% of its ability to shock and scandalize audiences today, every bit as it did in 1976.
September 23, 2017
Oshima has crafted an uncompromisingly hardcore study in sexual obsession, which also serves as an allegory of the insularity and madness of Japan's phallocentric, self-destructive imperialism in the build-up to its explosive wartime climax
March 1, 2015
It is the great example of Artistic Porno.
March 22, 2012
This particular consideration of mutual possession which approaches and then transcends death is well-paced and, within story possibilities, -acted as well.
November 27, 2011
That graphic sexual expression is the narrative currency Oshima uses to explicate a connection between sex and death only adds to the film's incalculable power to provoke, offend, frighten, and spellbind its audience.
October 24, 2011
Oshima holds nothing back. Yet watching the couple's constant lovemaking is the very opposite of erotic. Which may very well be the point. Sada and Kichizo's fantasy world is strictly private; it doesn't just shut out society, it excludes the viewer too.
September 1, 2009
Declaring yourself bored by a movie full of explicit sex may sometimes mark you out as a dreary pseudo-sophisticate, but in this case it's fair enough.
September 1, 2009
I still find In the Realm of the Senses impressive but it now puzzles and worries me.
August 29, 2009
Ai No Corrida is an undeniably powerful, stylish and impressive piece of work.
August 29, 2009
Unsanitised, worryingly convincing in its sadomasochistic detail, this is seriously provocative cinema, a telling reminder of what it really means to be dangerous.
August 29, 2009
As the soundtrack moans in sympathy while the deep crimson colours dazzle in delirium, the entire movie comes desperately close to approximating the pell-mell emotional turmoil of sex itself. Not porn, sex.
August 29, 2009
One of the most extraordinary moments in screen history. Oshima's film widens and deepens the sensual realm.
August 29, 2009
A graphic and extremely disturbing exploration of lust and love that deserves its reputation as a classic of world cinema.
August 29, 2009
It was made 33 years ago but Nagisa Oshima's doomed lust classic doesn't look in the least bit dusty. Quite the opposite.
July 26, 2009
I can only imagine critics at the initial screening ... marveling at a 20-foot penis taking up the entire screen: "Oh yeah, that totally represents the patriarchy."
June 28, 2009
Like his characters, Oshima is determined to explore and transgress sexual boundaries, if they even exist, by posing a challenge to conventional morality. [Blu-ray]
May 11, 2009
quickly becomes as monotonous as bluenoses accuse it of being prurient
April 27, 2009
To paraphrase a crack from Pauline Kael: light the incense, perverts.
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