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Infernal Affairs III picks up where the first film left off. Ming (Andy Lau) is cleared of any charges involving Yan's (Tony Leung) death, and is eventually assigned to the Internal Affairs division. He discovers that another cop, Yeung (Leon Lai of Fallen Angels), quickly rising through the ranks of the police department, has a mysterious link to Shen (Chen Daoming of Hero), who was apparently Sam's (Eric Tsang) connection to the mainland. Ming strongly suspects that Yeung is another one of Sam's moles, and is determined to expose him, while keeping his own connection to Sam a secret. It's a tricky proposition because Yeung also seems to suspect Ming, and appears to have the same goal in mind. With the help of Dr. Lee (Kelly Chen), Yan's psychiatrist, Ming looks deeper into Yan's final days, and flashbacks explore the undercover cop's dealings with both Yeung and Shen. Eventually, Ming finds an incriminating tape of Sam conversing with his mole, and has a climactic confrontation with Yeung. Anthony Wong and Chapman To also reprise their roles from the first two films in flashbacks. Infernal Affairs III was shown, along with the rest of the trilogy, at the 2004 New York Film Festival, presented by the Film Society of Lincoln Center. ~ Josh Ralske, Rovi


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  • Apr 05, 2011
    They couldn't take the story any further forward and they couldn't go any further back...sooo, they decide to bodge together a film from a load of deleted scenes. A big boring mess, and an insult to the brilliance of the original.
    Marcus W Super Reviewer
  • Nov 26, 2010
    Where Scorsese's recent version of Infernal Affairs all the loose ends pretty much got tied up during the film whereas with the original we were left with an open (but much more emotionally impacting) conclusion. The first sequel was a prequel so part III was left to pick up afterwards while also going back over the original film and filling in more detail. In doing this it marks itself out as one that is aimed at the fans rather than being just out for money. The downside of this is of course that if you are not a fan you might find this hard to follow along with (and if you have not seen the first film then just forget it totally). Personally I thought the first film was an enjoyable cop thriller but I didn't think it was brilliant or developed characters that well but the tension was great. With the third film the focus was very much on the characters rather than the tension - with the fate of Ming being the modern thread that holds the film together. If you are into the characters and the parallels with the original film then it is worth seeing because it does do it pretty well. It does ask you to pay attention but it rewards you if you do and have been. There is action but mostly it is the Ming's ongoing struggle with who he is that the film pays most attention to. I quite liked this but must confess that this film still didn't do a great job of bringing out the characters that well and it is more the events and revelations that kept me interested rather than an emotional buy-in with the characters. Lau is perhaps partly to blame for this because I thought he was buttoned a bit too tight - it was understandable in some regards but the third film should have been the point where he shows more of a breakdown (which he does, but again it is events rather than emotion). Leung is good again but his scenes don't seem as relevant or as interesting within this film - again it is probably to do with the lack of emotional buy-in I felt with his character; his performance is natural and engaging though. Outside of these two the rest of the cast are pretty good. Again I didn't think much of the use of Chen but Wong and Tsang are both solid in their small returns. Overall then an effective and enjoyable film if you love the series and the characters; an interesting one if you have seen the first two films and a pointless one if you are looking to join in at the last minute. Tying up the loose ends of the series, the film isn't tense enough or emotionally impacting enough to be worth a look unless you are really already into the characters but it is an interesting way to bring things to an end - with restraint and tragedy rather than excess.
    Cassandra M Super Reviewer
  • Mar 29, 2010
    A worthy attempt to fill in holes and provide greater depth of the characters, especially Tony Leung and Kelly Chen. The main problem is the constant going back n forth between past and present; I felt I was in some time machine and it felt awkward at times ...
    alan j Super Reviewer
  • Nov 02, 2009
    The third one wasn't terrible - but it lacks the freshness that we got from the very first film. The plot starts to get confusing ways with the flashbacks and sub plots. The new characters like Yeung (Leon Lai) are so unlikeable. They're not interesting at all. Leon Lai's performance was SHIT! The only performances I liked was from Tony Leung, the beautiful Kelly Chen and the winner would probably Andy Lau. His performance was great because in this film his character was a bit more different due to some mental problems. The film does build tension and suspense well. Overall, this isn't as good as the first movie - but it's still an ok movie.
    James H Super Reviewer

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