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When a wealthy man leaves his emotionally disturbed wife, the couple's three adult daughters, each burdened with their own neuroses, attempt to come to their mother's aid. Director Woody Allen's first foray into serious drama was alternately acclaimed for its strong performances and criticized for its pretensions.

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  • Nov 04, 2013
    An Allen film that is seldom mentioned. It pales in comparison to Annie Hall but it is a very strong film thanks to the ladies involved.
    John B Super Reviewer
  • Jan 01, 2012
    The darkest and coldest Woody Allen film I've seen to date. It's high drama, courtesy of Ingmar Bergman. The sophistication is less polished than in Match Point, and rightfully so, since the cracks in this family's veneer are more due to internal turmoil (duh, the title) than external affairs and atmospheres. I love all the silence and noise: the angry scratches of pencil on paper, the sticky screech of unrolling duct tape on window cracks. Although some commenters on IMDb are not fond of Diane Keaton's performance, I think she (and Geraldine Page) present an acting master class. Renata's first monologue just floors me. Keaton's eyes skitter just enough - to her therapist (I'm assuming), to her hands, to the window - to reveal the insecurity that she dare not show often as the eldest child. She uses her cigarettes well too. She holds it nervously in the aforementioned monologue, and in the scene in which the father (played by Juror #4!) reveals his plans to strike out on his own, she ashes her cigarette by rolling it lightly repeatedly - not letting it go out - bored but listening, almost as if she expected the news and doesn't altogether blame her father for it. Since new Flixster doesn't allow comments on friends' reviews, I'd like to address a qualm Ryan Hibbett voiced in his review about how it's never explicitly shown or stated that Eve came to the beach house the night she kills herself. I do believe there is a shot of her, standing in the shadows as Joey speaks to her. Joey senses her mother there without seeing her, but Eve really IS in the house.
    Alice S Super Reviewer
  • Dec 27, 2011
    Joey: I feel the need to express something, but I don't know what it is I want to express. Or how to express it. Interiors isn't your average Woody Allen film. It is a true drama, which you can't say about all that many Allen films. There is very little humor here and the humor that is in there, is between sophisticated people, about sophisticated subjects. Every single one of these characters is unlikable with only one exception, Pearl. This family is just so fucking bitchy. That is all they do, bitch. Joey has to be the most unlikable realistic woman character I have ever seen.  She is the very definition of the word bitch. She has no real creative talent, yet all she wants to do is create something. One of her sisters(Renata) is a writer, the other(Flynn), an actress. Joey bitches day and night to her boyfriend(Michael) about how great her sisters are. Then she quits every job she gets because it isn't pleasing to her. The only reason I don't like Michael is because he puts up with her. You know he is going to end up marrying her in the future and then something like the events in this movie is going to play out. The event I'm talking about is the divorce of the three sisters parents. If you see and listen to the mother, it is no real surprise why the father wanted to divorce her. The film is extremely well acted and shot, but this isn't my idea of a good movie. It is just way to dull. The only way to describe this movie, is being stuck at you grandma's house with no tv and it is raining outside. The characters, when they aren't bitching, talk about the most uninteresting things, like interior design and their latest book that didn't do well. Despite how much I dislike it, I still found it easy to watch because Allen's writing is pretty good and the actors all do a good job bringing to life their ugly characters. It isn't a movie I would ever watch again, but every Woody Allen movie deserves one viewing.
    Melvin W Super Reviewer
  • Mar 31, 2011
    It' All these people do is mope. If Interiors was an hour and a half of this depressing family contemplating their lives and problems, then it would have been a complete disaster - a highly literate one, mind, but something tonally flat and bereft of any dynamic or dramatic impetus. Maureen Stapleton is the film's saving grace, a deceptively observant burst of vigor introduced at about the halfway mark. She shakes this stultified, miserable social unit right to its core. Though the costume design, placing her in vibrant reds and pinks to contrast with the oppressive beiges and grays she's surrounded by, does her subtlety no favors, she immediately paints a portrait of a woman who knows what's going on but is too considerate to call anyone out for it. Stapleton aside, the acting is uniformly excellent, and Woody Allen does an excellent job of unfurling each characters' challenges and neuroses through the course of the narrative. This is a difficult film to get through, though, both as a Woody Allen piece (his trademark incisive humor is almost totally absent) and as a suffocating chamber drama - enter at your own risk.
    Drew S Super Reviewer

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