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½ January 23, 2017
This movie is awesome! What a great way to start off the entire MCU. Jon Favreau was the perfect man to direct this and he knocked it out of the park. But man was Robert Downey Jr not born to play Tony Stark? He really is Tony Stark in real life and just fits the role so perfectly. Gwyneth Paltrow is an awesome Pepper Potts as well. But this movie has great action and comedy a must see and still one of marvels best.
January 15, 2017
It's whats started the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but its rarely been passed any of its successors. Funny, sleek and featuring (at the time) the standout performance of Robert Downey Jr., Iron Man is simply terrific.
½ January 15, 2017
January 14, 2017
My favorite marvel movie so far
January 11, 2017
Tony Stark is an enormous douchebag, but that's what most people like about him! This, I admit was a great launch to the Marvel cinematic universe, and boy did it pay off, or what!? I realized that I ended up enjoying this allot more for the second time it's been viewed in years! Director Favreau Once again brought us something special here, not just with memorable characters, but with an interesting origin story, and heart pounding action! Only wish that the rest of the cinematic universe didn't have it's fair share of mistakes which came along in the years afterwards.
January 6, 2017
Robert Downey Jr is Iron Man in this cinematic universe kick off!
January 1, 2017
A Well crafted, well cast beginning to an incredible film universe. Iron Man sets the bar on how to make an origin story.
January 1, 2017
To start off the MCU, this movie is arguably one of the better MCU movies and even one of the best superhero movies of ALL TIME! Robert Downey Jr was a perfectly casted Iron Man, the action is well made(mainly being the Mark I escape scene), but I only have like 2 flaws.
1.The Villain is underdeveloped.
2.The Last Fight scene isn't that great.

Besides those,you will be entertained and love the taste!
December 23, 2016
Great performance by Robert Downey Jr. on the character, even better cartoon itself, becoming one of the best players in the world
December 22, 2016
Really good, classic American film!
½ December 20, 2016
Not exactly groundbreaking, as it takes the seriousness that was given to superhero movies by Batman Begins, but nonetheless an amazing film with an amazing lead.
½ December 14, 2016
Start of the MCU. Downey does a legendary job as the amazing character.
½ December 7, 2016
Started the Cinematic Universe excellently.
½ December 6, 2016
One of the best comic book adaptations I've ever seen. Robert Downey Jr. is perfect as Tony Stark and the film itself is true to it's source. Jeff Bridges is great as the villain. Fantastic first chapter in the MCU.
December 2, 2016
WHAT I LIKE: The birth of Marvel's cinematic Universe was a successful one, with Robert Downey Jr. establishing himself as the king of cool. Now of course 'Iron Man' is a real classic, but it's easy to forget that at the time it was a risky and fresh idea that basically reformed the genre. This was succesful not only because of RDJ's sub-zero performance though, we must also thank Jon Favreau who pulled out all the stops to bring a fleshed-out origin, some really great secondary characters and a whole movie jam-packed with real-world action and gritty excitement that just feels so real.
WHAT I DON'T LIKE: That realism falters somewhat iin the final act, where it builds up to a bit of a silly and cliched CGI mess.
VERDICT: This film will always be a comic book classic that's never forgotten. 'Iron Man' is a film that lives the test of time for good reasons.
November 30, 2016
Honestly, a well-done superhero film, not my favorite marvel film, but I have to admit that the action and story is good enough to keep you entertained!
November 30, 2016
The movie that started all. Fantastic all the way.
½ November 13, 2016
Enjoyable enough, with an agreeably offbeat lead performance from Robery Downey Jr., and an unusually engaging performance from Gwyneth Paltrow (before she's made to cower and whimper, as women in action movies are wont to do...but that's a different story). Pity the latter half of the movie amounts to typical nonsensical action movie plotting, and requires the usually skilful Jeff Bridges to SCREAM HIS LINES to show how bad (in both senses of the word) a villain he is.
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