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October 18, 2014
Who said that Turkish film-making industry is conservative? A story that brings you back down-to-earth!
March 10, 2013
Can't believe this is such an impressive movies. it is kind of complex as i can't understand why the actor broke up w/the girl yet he was so much loving her. Isn't it kind of silly to run away from the beloved and get the freedom?
½ June 11, 2011
Wonderful turkish movie with great soundtrack! Cagin Irmak we love you...
½ October 17, 2010
September 15, 2010
Ensaio sobre um romance hollywoodiano em turco.
½ July 30, 2010
This movie hit very sensitive chords...
July 11, 2010
A rom-com with a peculiarly Turkish bent and a leading man only a mother could love...

Popular Turkish television writer-director ?a?an Irmak (???emberimde Gül Oya?? & ??Asmalı Konak??) proved his popular appeal with this particularly modern take on the somewhat overdone rom-com genre which has a peculiarly Turkish bent making it well worth seeking out for anyone who wants an insight into that country??s attitudes to love and sex.

Sleazy young man about town Alper (Cemal Hunal) falls for prim children??s costumer Ada (Melis Birkan) after stalking her back to her shop following a chance encounter in a second hand bookshop and wins her over, discards her for casual sex with prostitutes, falls into depression and with any luck dies alone.

Cemal Hunal certainly looks the part of a romantic lead as Alper and is not without his charms but the character he plays is so thoroughly repellent that it is impossible to cheer for him as he attempts to woo the feisty Melis Birkan as Ada, who one can??t help but feel realy should have known better.

The brilliant but badly underutilised television actress Yildiz Kültür (??Menekse ile Halil"??) casts her kindly gaze over the project as Alper??s mother in a star making turn at the head of an equally underutilised supporting cast which includes more minor turns from ?erif Bozkurt, Gözde Kansu, Aslı Aybars, Goncagül Sunar and Veda Yurtsever İpek.

The filmmakers throws in a fair few laughs, normally at Alpers expense, but these mostly relate to his degenerate sexual escapades and do nothing to endear him to the audience; it is this lack of pathos that was for me this films ultimate undoing as even at the end I could barely shed a tear when the film lived up to its English language title by leaving him alone.

??I??m living with tainted blood.??
May 5, 2010
A perfect soundtrack wasted on a trashy movie. I'm feeling sorry for my 100 minutes. And yet it was so overrated.
February 22, 2010
Such a touching film.Music makes it stronger, digging into your mind. I like the play on words in the title "My deserted Island"> "Isolated Man", "My deserted Ada"...
Chok guezel Istanbul, tatli muzik ve lezzetli yemek..mmm...definitely to watch twice!
January 3, 2010
sensual, great colours, scenes, talks to one's heart....
heartbreaking but plain reality-worth watching even alone
November 27, 2009
This Turkish romance-drama would seem simple enough if I were to relate to you the basic summary, but there is a complexity to this film that must be felt rather than explained. I was extremely impressed with the two leads, who were perfectly cast, and there are times when their characters' relationship is so honest it's painful to watch. I became so engrossed in the story that I really wanted them to have a fairy tale ending. As unrealistic as that would have been, I still got caught up in the fantasy, which is one of the elements that makes this movie so effective. It's true that some of the dialogue, and even one whole scene, come across as a little too cheesy, but even though I couldn't help wincing at those moments, they didn't detract from this beautiful film too much.
½ September 20, 2009
It's a shame on Cagan Irmak ! It's so overrated ! And the story trying to be sophisticated but just synthetically dramatized and cheesy...
September 2, 2009
Bu ne yaa!
Cagan Irmak abi sen n'aptin yaa. Ayitir gunahtir... Filme, makaraya yaziktir abi..Kadinn-erkek, anne-ogul iliskilerini bir daha sorgulasan..
½ September 2, 2009
Abartıldı?ı kadar bir numarası yok filmin bence, ba?rol seçimi de çok kötü, çok itici..
August 29, 2009
Very realistic plot, knock-out ending, make sure you have some tissues nearby.
August 18, 2009
salak sacma giden bir film ancak bu kadar guzel bitirilebilirdi...yikici guzellikteki finali icin aldi 4 yildizi...
June 28, 2009
"Mustafa Hakkinda Hersey" guzeldi de... Bu olmamis. Pazarlama basariliydi ama, hakkini vermek lazim.
½ June 23, 2009
There is no chemistry between the characters and the story is pedestrian at best. Despite a somehow passable second half, the ending shatters everything to pieces.
June 23, 2009
guzel bir ask hikayesi. alper ada'ya kavussaydi iyi olurdu ama nasibi yokmus demek ki. bir de cinsellik olayini abartmislar. alper 3 sahnede bir baska biriyle birlikte. bir de bayanlara kufur ettirmesinler hic yakismiyor. onun disinda klasik hikaye. alper de az serefsiz degilmis onu ogrendik. modern yasamin yalnizlardigi degil de alem cocugu olmus dogru tabirle.
June 7, 2009
Great movie:) The soundtrack went well with the theme of the movie.
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