Johnny Guitar Reviews

January 24, 2018
A cheap Western from Republic Pictures, yes. And also one of the boldest and most stylized films of its time, quirky, political, twisted.
May 5, 2016
Unforgettably strange and brilliant.
May 3, 2016
A movie for anyone who's ever been judged on their appearance, their outlook or the way they choose to live.
November 13, 2015
It's not just Joan's campiness -- her line readings take on an almost incantatory quality -- but the way the whole thing feels like a stealth therapy session for smart actors trapped in horse-opera stereotypes.
November 10, 2015
A slyly radical psychosexual oddity busting through genre conventions, beyond its Old West Arizona setting ...
November 9, 2015
The acidulous palette of the costumes and the dcor conjure Ray's insolent, isolated fury; though the action is set in the nineteenth century, the actors break out of the story to foreshadow the stylishly electric revolutions to come.
December 1, 2008
It proves [Joan Crawford] should leave saddles and levis to someone else and stick to city lights for a background.
June 24, 2006
Ray's film is not a romantic comedy, but a Western. Or is it?
March 25, 2006
Let's put it down as a fiasco. Miss Crawford went thataway.
January 15, 2004
For all its slightly tatty sets and off-the-mark decor, the film abounds in wonderful lines and acting that doesn't betray them.
July 11, 2002
One of those classic westerns that has maintained its status by reinventing itself every decade since its release in 1954.
January 1, 2000
For all its violence, this is a surpassingly tender, sensitive film, Ray's gentlest statement of his outsider theme.