Journey to the Center of the Earth Reviews

Aug 23, 2020
With this group, there are always opportunities for tea, moments for carrying a tune, terribly annoying sound effects, and unexplainable conveniences for survival.
Jul 19, 2018
The best value in nonsense for a very long time.
Sep 15, 2017
It can't help but delight fans of the genre, and Mason and Dahl's wonderful rapport provides the finishing touch.
Oct 3, 2016
It may well be second to KING KONG (1933) as the film I have seen the greatest number of times.
Apr 4, 2015
There's a rolling-boulder scene that almost certainly inspired Spielberg and Lucas when they initially dreamed up Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Peter Ronson's lovable lunk Hans seems like a live-action template of Frozen's Kristoff.
Oct 11, 2012
Enjoyable hokum sci-fi tale that's based on an 1864 Jules Verne story.
May 22, 2012
Fun for the whole family, and—instead of the 2008 3-D version's Brendan Fraser—offers James freakin' Mason, who can pull off urbane and befuddled at the same time. [Blu-ray]
Jan 2, 2011
A fanciful sci-fi tale for the whole family.
Jul 10, 2008
well paced film entertains
Jun 29, 2008
By standards of the time, the special effects of Hollywood's first (but not the only) version of Jules Verne's sci-fi classic were good and nominated for Oscars; they lost out to Ben-Hur, which swept all the awards.
Jun 23, 2008
Twentieth Century Fox pulled out all the stops - and the giant mushrooms - for this silly spectacle...
Jun 6, 2007
Still captivating despite the obviously dated effects.
Jun 24, 2006
It's one of the very best Hollywood adventure movies, with lots of monsters, underground oceans, sinister villains, and touches which would have delighted Jules Verne himself.
Apr 6, 2006
...distinguished by its curious casting mix of Mason and pop croonster Pat Boone, some striking CinemaScope vistas, and Bernard Herrmann's orchestral score with cathedral-sized pipe organs.
Mar 25, 2006
It's really not very striking make-believe, when all is said and done.
Jul 28, 2004
Apr 23, 2004
Nov 26, 2003
Big, glossy, entertaining if not exactly compelling.
Nov 19, 2003
Fun sci-fi flick.
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