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Four friends on a road trip to Las Vegas discover that they don't have to break the bank in order to get some cheap thrills after their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and they inadvertently draw the attention of the psychotic trucker who goes by the handle Rusty Nail. Left stranded in the dusty desert with no means of making their way back to civilization, the desperate teens must bend to the diabolical trucker's every sadistic whim if they hope to survive through the night and avoid paying his deadly toll. Nicky Lynn Aycox, Kyle Schmid, and Nick Zano star. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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Nick Zano
as Bobby
Mark Gibbon
as Rusty Nail
Krystal Vrba
as Lot Lizard
Rob Carpenter
as Trucker #1
Gordon Tipple
as Trucker #2
Rebecca Davis
as Woman Stuck in Snow
Colette Hills
as Female Corpse
Gardiner Millar
as Mortician
Chris Kalhoon
as Drunk Trucker #2
Sean Tyson
as Drunk Trucker #1
Mackenzie Gray
as Bartender
Lyle St. Goddard
as Goofy Looking Truck Driver
Daniel Boileau
as Bald Trucker
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Critic Reviews for Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead

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Audience Reviews for Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead

  • Jun 17, 2014
    a b grade movie done well.. without the decent actors I would have gave up on this one, but it kept me hooked until the end.
    Shawn M Super Reviewer
  • Jun 09, 2011
    Just as great as the first.
    Jacob P Super Reviewer
  • Feb 04, 2011
    Considering that this is a direct to DVD film to the awesome Joy Ride, the filmmakers managed to pull something off that worked quite well on screen. The film though flawed makes up for it in some genuinely tense moments of terror. When a group of teens go cross country, they come across a seemingly abandoned house after their car breaks down and take a car found in the houses barn. Bad idea because now Rusty Nail lives there and he comes back to his place to discover that his ride missing. Now he's in hot pursuit, and plays an even more deadly game than in the first Joy Ride. Joy Ride: Dead Ahead is a very well crafted direct to DVD film, and it's a far superior film that the usual films released in such a manner. The cast here are a talented bunch, they won't win any Oscars, but they definitely do a fine job at this second entry. Though the film flawed, like I've previously said, Joy Ride:Dead Ahead has lots of tension and scares going for it. The actor playing Rusty Nail is fairly good, and we see a bit more of him. Also the film is more gory than the first, so it has a that going for it. The cat and mouse game is terrific and you're constantly on the edge of your seat on wondering what will happen next. A fine sequel that will probably appeal to fans of the first Joy Ride, I went in with low expectations and was fairly surprised by the overall film. Very well done, and very entertaining. Rusty Nail's cat and mouse game is even more deadly this time around and delivers good thrills. Not perfect, but not terrible. This is one direct To DVD film that was done right.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Oct 25, 2010
    30% for Nick Zano's presence 0% for everything else associated with this movie. The script was soooo terrible it was hilarious. "Is it over?" *dramatic pause* "It is now" haha so great. The script probably wouldn't have seemed so bad if the actors in the movie had tried harder (Nick Zano was good though). The one boy actor was so annoying, and honestly the trucker killing everyone was annoying too. His voice was obnoxious like just kill people and shut up already. The plot was also pretty stupid and unbelievable. I mean, most horror movies are indeed unrealistic, but this one was just crazy. If those people REALLY wanted to escape from that guy, I bet they could've. I like watching a cast that fights back and is brave/determined. These people clearly did nothing to make me believe they deserved to live. It really irritated me. However I still loved watching this movie. I love watching shit awful horror movies. The part at the end with the girl's Mustang breaking down was also so unrealistic. Like girl, that's a brand new completely reliable Mustang. What are the odds it would just break down? It wouldn't. Unless she was a crappy car owner, in which she deserves her car breaking down. Like I said shit awful movie, but fun to watch.
    Japes . Super Reviewer

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