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      Jupiter Ascending Reviews

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      Jun 4, 2023

      The greatest 02 hours: and 07 minutes ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      May 29, 2023

      In "Jupiter Ascending," the Wachowski siblings create a vast and intricate universe, offering a refreshing departure from the usual simplified depictions in science fiction. The film follows Jupiter Jones, a lowly house cleaner who discovers she has royal heritage and becomes entangled in a power struggle among the descendants of the former Queen of the Universe. While the plot and character development may be lacking at times, the film's ambition and visual spectacle make it an engaging and immersive experience.

      May 26, 2023

      I think this movie was under appreciated. Great cast and storyline! The action scenes were a little over the top. The movie brought me into a new and interesting world that I would have liked to explore more of.

      May 22, 2023

      How does this movie have such a low rating? It's visually and creatively amazing, with a convincing setting and a consistent story line that doesn't require much suspension of disbelief. They took a very believable route for such an epic story. Compared to the garbage we've been getting from Hollywood lately this movie is a masterpiece! Even without that comparison it's very good. This deserves a much higher rating.

      May 8, 2023

      Another movie that had enough lore to make this movie a decent watch, but it would have served better as tv series rather than a solo one and done movie.

      May 4, 2023

      I thought it was a really good movie. Great special effects. Wish they would've dived more into the story. In elaborate a little bit more.

      Apr 16, 2023

      I saw it recently on HBO and I enjoyed it.

      Apr 16, 2023

      Honestly super underrated. Love the underlying theme that if humans ruled the universe they would still focus on making profits. The storyline isn't super on the nose which is refreshing to have to use your noggin' a little bit to dig into the story.

      Apr 8, 2023

      It is like a roller-coaster ride...up and down and all around. It has a touch of The 5th Element, a pinch of Star Trek and a hand full of imagination. I know that it did not get a lot of positive reviews but I believe that if those reviewers would watch the movie again they just might see what they missed the first time. I love the way they took old school sci-fi and mixed it with a new journey of fun.

      Mar 30, 2023

      Really can't understand the absolute lack of love this movie gets. It's Star Wars meets Star Trek meets Cinderella meets... Great action, great Sci-Fi, without too much sap. And Tatum is absolutely perfect on this. 5+ fresh tomatoes from me. One of my favorite movies ever. R.

      Mar 13, 2023

      Wachowski's magic touch on Matrix was'nt found on this failed sci fi flick

      Mar 6, 2023

      I really enjoyed this movie it was thrilling from the get go. I will continue to watch just for the special effects alone.

      Mar 4, 2023

      Action seemed to be made to wow crowds in 3D, on a small screen didn't stack up. Leads put in good performances.

      Feb 26, 2023

      This will be a cult classic one day. It's beautifully executed, out of this world fun and most importantly completely original and whimsy. Beautifully curated in the way that Fifth Element was in terms of world building. A must see if you enjoy sci-fi. Everyone in this movie did so well, and the acting is really not that bad - I don't understand all the hate on this movie. Give it a try - don't believe all of the negativity.

      Feb 11, 2023

      Unintended comedy despite the talent involved.

      Feb 2, 2023

      It's entertainment. Cool idea. I like space trash movies though.

      Jan 7, 2023

      I absolutely loved it!

      Jan 5, 2023

      Camp and fun. Eddie Redmayne and Douglas Booth understood the assignment.

      Dec 10, 2022

      Fantastic developing story, deep powerful backstory, great acting, beautiful sexy actresses, strong heroes and powerful villainous tyranny. Amazing sci-fi special effects and 4k UHD/HDR that is out of this world, streaming on a neo Qled makes Jupiter Ascending an experience. Heroism, valor, honor, courage and from ordinary people and those with a rebellious past, Jupiter Ascending is an American classic. I often wonder if critics have a deep-rooted fear of metaphor and allegory which is applicable today. I also wonder if they react negatively to originality, non-conformity, beauty, quality and simply being too good.

      Nov 27, 2022

      Rather liked this film. Narrative was easy to follow and explored essentially class warfare in a painful and confusing light, with all the darkness we humans like to create, including nepotism, and power struggles, allowing a spiritual reincarnation to return a bit of humanity to our dystopian creations. Not sure why so many thought the narrative was muddled. Found it rather clear, and a bit basic for a Wachowski film.

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