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The young heir to a family funeral home discovers that death can be quite a tricky business in first-time feature filmmaker Chaz Thorne's blackly comic tale of fate and formaldehyde. Oliver (Jay Baruchel) has just been called home to attend the funeral of his father, Rollie (Jeremy Akerman). Having not seen his recently deceased dad for some years now, Oliver is somewhat taken aback to view the old man's videotaped will and learn that he has been chosen as the one to inherit the family funeral home. In the video, Rollie spun a wheel to determine who would be the recipient of the once-thriving business, but in reality the patriarch performed 11 takes just to get the wheel to stop on Oliver's name. Rollie was convinced that Oliver possessed the power to bring the funeral home back from the brink, and it isn't long before the boy who fears death the most is managing the mortuary. Now, as Oliver does his best to overcome the financial roadblocks that lie ahead, thwarted heirs attempt to sabotage his efforts at every turn. Eventually, Oliver begins to seek solace in the company of enchanting mortician Roberta (Rose Byrne) -- who has worked at the funeral home for several years. When the frazzled new funeral-home owner accidentally runs over an eccentric pedestrian and Roberta reveals herself also to be the county coroner, it quickly becomes apparent to the duo that their unique relationship could serve to mask a multitude of sins. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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Jay Baruchel
as Oliver Zinck
Rose Byrne
as Roberta Knickel
Graham Greene (II)
as Henry Sanipass
Thomas Gibson
as Charlie Richmond
Nigel Bennett
as Chief Knickle
Sergio Di Zio
as Jackie Whynacht
Brian Downey
as Pickles
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  • Jul 12, 2016
    Eh, don't know why, but this movie didn't click for me. It tries to be a dark comedy, but it doesn't really have the comedic edge to really be the jet black comedy that it wants to be. And I also can't shake the feeling of deja vu, like somehow I've seen this movie before. I know I haven't seen it before, I know I would've remembered parts of it if I had seen it. But what I mean by that is that this seems to be an amalgamation of different films that I've seen. There's some Burke and Hare here, for sure. I remember seeing a movie called I Sell the Dead, that I quite enjoyed, I was also reminded of that. The funeral home setting isn't entirely unique, of course, but it also reminded me of a mediocre British comedy called Undertaking Betty. There's even some Sweeney Todd here, what with causing deaths in order to keep their business afloat. So, from what I have seen of course, it's a mixture of all of those things, though I'm sure there's more films out there that I haven't seen that bares a resemblance to this. The point of this is the fact that there's nothing about this movie that's unique. And, again, that's not so much of a problem if, as I mentioned in my previous review, you have a strong script or, at the very least, strong dialogue. If you have that and a good cast then, to me, the rest will take care of itself. Unfortunately for this film, however, it only had one of those things and that is a solid cast. Jay Baruchel and Rose Byrne are always good, so there's no worries about their performances at all. The problems come with the script which, to me, for a comedy, just isn't really that funny. There's a couple of chuckles and one particularly nasty death in the film, but this just lacks a consistently entertaining tone. The narrative goes exactly the way you'd expect. The more Oliver causes deaths to keep his business afloat, the more he gets used to it and the more cocky and overconfident he gets, getting rid of people closest to Roberta. Of course, however, it comes out at the end that Oliver was just being used as a patsy by Roberta to get rid of those in her way from taking over the business that was meant to be hers. Her father forced her mother to sell the funeral home and she's been resentful of him ever since. If you've seen more than five films, then you'll probably figure out Roberta's game once she says that she was meant to inherit the funeral home. The film, technically speaking, isn't great, but that doesn't bother me nearly as much as the fact that the script just isn't that strong to begin with. I'm not suggest thing the film is bad or anything, because I don't think it is, it's just a movie that's more content on being a pedestrian black comedy. Though, to be fair, that's just my perception of it. I'm sure plenty of people worked hard to make this movie the best it could be. The problem with that is the fact that this movie's best is just not good enough. This is what I would call average, at best. It's predictable, derivative and not consistently funny. A good cast doesn't simply doesn't do enough to elevate this past just being average. I wouldn't recommend it, but you can do considerably worse and it's on Amazon Prime, so you don't lose much if you do decide to watch it.
    Jesse O Super Reviewer
  • Aug 28, 2013
    This funeral home based dark comedy is somewhat of a rarity. It does not pull any punches, at times is gritty, and resolves itself with quite a satisfying ending. The fact that other than Graham Greene's character, no one will elicit any sympathy just adds to the fun. If you like death as a motivation for personal gain, then "Just Buried" is a must see. The acting and character development is quite good for this limited budget endeavor. It is funny, never boring, and at times unpredictable. The conclusion especially is surprisingly original. I recommend this black comedy for both it's creativity and entertainment value. 4 stars 8-19-13
    Bruce B Super Reviewer
  • Sep 07, 2010
    I was disappointed to see so many critics pan this one as overly quirky or gruesome. For once, dear friends of the press, I disagree. While the first 15 or so minutes were dull, to be sure, the pacing picked up (as did the body count) after that. The casting was simply fabulous on all counts, each adding that little dose of "WTF?" to the mood. Not only that, but the plot managed to keep me guessing while keeping me entertained with the various ways you can cover up murder for the sake of a paycheck. Yup. It's morbid. But damn, does that make it charming.
    Jessica v Super Reviewer
  • Jun 17, 2010
    One of the better Canadian farce movies around. Certainly not a textbook plot. The characters are pretty twisted and its a funny movie.
    Red L Super Reviewer

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