The Kentucky Fried Movie


The Kentucky Fried Movie

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The now obscure pop culture references and spoofed commercials add to Kentucky Fried Movies anarchic, anything-goes spirit and wit.



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The Kentucky Fried Movie is a collection of skits and satiric vignettes from director John Landis and the Zucker/Abrahams/Zucker writing team.


Marilyn Joi
as Cleopatra
Saul Kahan
as Schwartz
Marcy Goldman
as Housewife
Joe Medalis
as Paul Burmaster
Neil Thompson
as Newscaster
George Lazenby
as Architect
Newell Alexander
as The Firechief
Henry Gibson
as Himself
Bill Bixby
as Himself
Richard Barrett
as Bald Beer Drinker
Stephen Bishop
as Charming Guy
Derek Murcott
as Pennington
David Clover
as Husband
Tony Dow
as Wally
David Zucker
as Various Roles
Jerry Zucker
as Various Roles
Uschi Digard
as Woman in Shower
Agneta Eckemyr
as Ming Chow
Jim Abrahams
as Various Roles
Tony Gaznick
as CIA Agent
Ed Griffith
as Host (Danger Seekers)
Eloise Hardt
as Sheila Hamilton
Dulcie Jordan
as Guest #1
Michael Kearns
as Man in Shower
Janice Kent
as Barbara Duncan
Michael Lawrence
as Frank Bowman
Gracia Lee
as Guest #2
Mark Levine
as Boy Going Blind
Colin Male
as Argon Spokesman
Jeff Maxwell
as Man (Feel-A-Round)
Lenka Novak
as Linda Chambers
Manny Perry
as Big Jim Slade
Ellen Regan
as Judy Morton
Jack Roberts
as The Governor
Sheila Rogers
as Guest #3
Felix Silla
as Crazed Clown
Stephen Stucker
as Stenographer
William Tregoe
as John Fitzsimmons
Gwen Van Dam
as Mrs. Burke
Dick Yarmy
as Taylor
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Critic Reviews for The Kentucky Fried Movie

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Audience Reviews for The Kentucky Fried Movie

  • Jan 07, 2012
    Written by the ZAZ Team (Airplane! The Naked Gun, etc) and directed by John Landis (National Lampoon's Animal House, The Blues Brothers, etc), this is one of, if not the earliest spoof film. There's not really much of a plot, as this is more of an anthology of mostly unconnected sketches that parody various television programs, commercials, and different films, namely of the exploitation and educational varieties. There's also a hilarious jab at cinematic gimmicks, where a man goes to a movie being shown in "feel around"...which results in him being physically accosted by an usher. The film is very politically incorrect, rude, stupid, silly, and goofy, but I mostly had a good time with it. A lot of it is pretty smart with the satire, and really dead on, but then there's a fair amount that just left me feeling kinda "meh", despite a sly grin on my face. I think the biggest issue here is that the film, though clever and well done, is quite dated, and some of the jokes are no longer as effective thanks to the passage of time, with audiences growing more accustomed to raunch. All in all though, it is enjoyable, but not nearly as groundbreaking as later stuff like Airplane! That being said, I must give special praise to the level of detail and care that went into the Kung fu parody, as well as the fact that the film features a midget dressed in a clown suit whipping half naked Catholic schoolgirls chained up in a dungeon. If this sounds like your thing, then give it a shot.
    Chris W Super Reviewer
  • Aug 20, 2011
    Kentucky Fried Fuckin oH meAn Movie is just too FUCKING DELICIOUS.
    Lilo C Super Reviewer
  • Aug 18, 2011
    InTheBasket <center>Just when I thought it safe to go on watching, there I go again laughing Hysterically. </CENTER> SHAMLESS FUNNY. zuckNuckLe My MAN! One the Number 1 on my ZuckNuckle Top Ten Movies. I dont really care what people say but this Movie is just too friggin too funny to miss. For a low Budget and for a Seventy Spoof it was Hilarious. <u>warning not for kids!</u>
    Wahida K Super Reviewer
  • Mar 19, 2011
    HA! This is seriously a funny shit! and that shit is shit in a good way.
    Cita W Super Reviewer

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