Killer's Kiss Reviews

May 8, 2007
Kubrick's low-key lensing occasionally catches the flavor of the seamy side of Gotham life.
February 12, 2007
A noirish thriller with experimental trimmings that holds back most of the emotions, sensitive as well as otherwise, that threatened to make Kubrick's first feature mawkish.
February 9, 2006
Kubrick makes the most of flashback and dream sequences, and a surreal climactic fight in a warehouse full of mannequins.
May 20, 2003
Kubrick worked in an uncharacteristically naturalistic style despite the genre material, with mixed but still fascinating results.
January 8, 2015
...a must for Kubrick aficionados...
March 31, 2014
Faced with hardly any budget to speak of, the 26-year-old Kubrick pulled out every trick that an independent filmmaker of no means could ever hope to stumble upon.
March 6, 2008
Frankly, it's a pretty wretched story, but this small, cheap film has style to spare.
October 3, 2007
Kubrick's second feature shows his promise as a powerful and iconic director in motifs and style.
October 3, 2007
It's tense, compelling and steeped in an urban anxiety that's strangely contemporary.
February 12, 2007
Killer's Kiss is no one's idea of a great film but it displays much evidence of future brilliance.