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December 12, 2017
I was told so many times that a new Chazelle's masterpiece is only an ordinary pic of a nostalgic dreamer with underacting Ryan Gosling and charming but a little bit boring Emma Stone but I love this movie so much, though.
December 11, 2017
La La Land - A Colorful World of Sacrifice and Hardships

A combination of upbeat jazz and colorful imagery, La La Land serves as a refreshing tale about the reality of life in Hollywood. The film powerfully and gracefully showcases the differences between the life we?ve come to know in movies and the realities of everyday life. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling star in this film directed by Damien Chazelle. Though never one to purposefully watch a musical, I really enjoyed this movie as both a musician and movie-goer. Composer Justin Hurwitz takes the film to a whole new level by pairing this heart touching story with equally heartfelt music. The music is so integral to this movie that at times it?s clear that the events taking place cater to the music itself, allowing it to take over and masterfully, yet subtly evoke emotion from the audience. More than just background noise, the music in this film becomes a character of its own, one so incredibly intimate and ever-present. While giving us so much to feel, it asks for nothing in return.

Beginning with ?Someone in the Crowd?, Hurwitz sets the stage for the plot with this cheery tune. Accompanied by vivid and vibrant imagery, there?s a level of optimism emanating from the screen to the audience that creates a light and stress-free atmosphere. It?s fitting that the character?s first song seems to have to no strings attached?it?s so weightless, and free. As the film goes on, the music becomes much more somber and anchored in deeper emotions. This is in direct connection to the fact that our characters are experiencing much more difficulty than ever before, while trying to fulfill their dreams in the city of stars. Not only does the music itself draw the audience in, but the lyrics highlight the events that are going to take place in the film as well. ?Someone in the crowd could be the one you need to know, the one to finally lift you off the ground.? That someone in the crowd is exactly who Sebastian turns out to be for Mia, the someone who can lift her off the ground (as we see in the planetarium scene). Hurwitz uses each composition as a tool to foreshadow what we?ve yet to behold. From this point on, every song draws upon its precedent for melody and sentiment, to both enforce the leitmotif and strengthen the tender romance that unfolds before our eyes. The core of this film?the song that ties it all together, is of course, ?Mia and Sebastian?s Theme?. More than just a statement of their introduction, this is the leitmotif aforementioned for our main characters. The beginning of the song denotes the presence of music as a character so strongly that it?s clear that audio and image are completely dependent upon each other to deliver the story. This theme is what calls to Mia in the beginning of the film, drawing her into the club where she first sees Sebastian. It beckons her to the Rialto while she?s on a date with another guy, and helps her realize where her heart lies. It reminds them both of the love that once was, but could never be, as the film comes to a close in Sebastian?s night club. Hurwitz envelops us in their world each time the piece is played. There are several other songs in the film worth mentioning. For example, ?A Lovely Night? enlivens the scene in which their romance is born. ?City of Stars? points to the decline of their relationship, brought about by the pursuit of their life-long dreams. But overall, the film relates to us as an audience that the fantasy of a perfect life exists in our imaginations, in ?La La Land??not in the realities of our daily lives. The epilogue, the great ending, of the movie perfectly instills that message by giving the audience the chance to see Mia and Sebastian together one last time. While showing us everything that could?ve happened in a perfect scenario, it also takes us through the musical journey that captured hearts once again, leaving us longing for something more. We?re given the traditional Hollywood ending we so often expect, and then suddenly return to the reality that their love was a sacrifice they had to make to achieve their dreams. A ?someone? in the crowd is how their story began, and also how they came to an end, as Mia sat in the crowd with her husband in Seb?s jazz club. With a loving and reminiscent gaze to close the film, it seems fitting to realize that our dreams can take us to places we?d never expect, leaving a trail of life-changing memories in our past. In a ?City of Stars?, though possibilities are infinite, opportunities always come with a cost.
December 10, 2017
Probably my favorite movie of all time.
December 10, 2017
This movie is uneven and boring.
December 9, 2017
December 7, 2017
LaLa Land-Dream Chasing is Not For the Weak

Because Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are quite the duo, they are a perfect choice for the two leading co-stars in Damien Chazelle's film La La Land. This wonderfully clever film plays on their talents and intertwines the stories of two very determined dreamers showing the true dilemma that dream-chasing can bring.

Connected by more than just mediocre musical talent, the two stars dance, sing and wittily bounce off each other in a magical way, showing the joys and heart aches of two dreamers working oh-so hard to pursue their own ambitions while encouraging the other to do the same. Gosling plays Sebastian, an aspiring piano player who wishes to one day own a Jazz Club. He crosses paths with Stone's character Mia, an ambitious actress who despite her best efforts, just can't seem to land a role and is stuck being a barista at a coffee shop. The two, at first, don't seem to get along, displayed in a couple different scenes where their interactions are not so pleasant. When they finally come face-to-face enough to actually talk to one another, they flirtatiously banter and sing a very provoking duet while dancing, before there are any noticeable feelings between the two. Soon after getting more acquainted with each other, Mia and Sebastian are drawn together by their similar drive for their dreams. Their very distinctive dreams. The couple's wonderful chemistry can't seem to keep them together as they are both trying to follow their dreams, realizing that as they are both working to fulfill their individual dreams, they are inevitably getting torn apart. The ending scene shows the two characters with their very separate lives in their very separate dreams, fulfilled and satisfied.

I think that one of the things that drives home the predicament between love and ambition is the sheer chemistry between the main characters. We've seen Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling previously work marvelously together in Crazy, Stupid, Love and know that they are two very lovable actors. I would say they are even more lovable when they're in love with each other. The film does a wonderful way of playing off of each actor's strengths, with Gosling's doting charm and Stones adorable sense of humor, giving the on-screen pair a perfect, not over-bearing, amount of spark. That amazing amount of chemistry between the two is what makes the ending of the movie especially hard for me. I dare anyone to say "I hope that those two(might I add, perfect people) don't end up with each other at the end of this all!" So, it kills me that they don't actually end up with one another. Who could see that coming? I can't say that I wouldn't have rather have had the two together, with each other, happy at the end. What makes the ending even more difficult is that a heart-wrenching scene plays the "what could have been" between the couple showing how happy their life together could have been. Regardless, it is clear to see why they couldn't be together. There was not a way for them to both to fulfill their separate dreams without sacrificing their relationship. But who cares? Mia and Sebastian are soulmates and as we see from that scene showing their alternate lives, the couple could have been so happy in their life together! Not to say that they are not happy in their dream lives-the last scene shows that they most definitely are, but it certainly makes me happier having them together. It goes to show that sacrifices have to be made in life to fulfill ones dream's, however painful the sacrifice may be. It also shows that happiness and satisfaction can be found in many different paths of life.

That central idea of chasing after dreams and the things that need to be given up in order to do so, is so original and I love that! This film does a splendid job at really showing both the joys and pains of dream chasing. The whole movie I was wondering, which character, if either, would be able to attain their ambitions and what they would need to forgo in order to remain together. You see as the classic romantic storyline goes, things are always sacrificed for love, not the other way around. In some cases, the dream and the love are found together. One example of this is found in one of Stone's previous films-The Amazing Spider-Man, where Peter Parker(Andrew Garfield) gets to live out his life as a superhero and gets the girl(Stone), showing both love and ambition being obtained. This film, however, chooses to sacrifice the unspeakable: love. The fact that love is given up in the end is a major plot twist and makes this film very distinct. Yeah, maybe I knew that Sebastian and Mia would fall in love, but I never would have guessed how their lives would play out to be so detached. Although notably appreciative for the life together they forsook, in the end, both characters were content in living the life they had worked so diligently for and I can't be upset about that.

All in all, I think that La La Land relays a wonderful message, in a clever way, with amazing actors. We truly get a unique take on the risk of pursuing dreams. Everything from Stone's and Gosling's natural chemistry, to their drive for their ambitions, to them taking a stab at a musical with less-than perfect singing and dancing endeared me to them and their situations and made me love this movie. I loved it so much that I walked out of the movie, not only contemplating what had just happened, but feeling surprisingly happy about it because clearly, the ending was not one that I would have ever would have wanted. If that isn't impressive, then I don't know what is.
½ December 7, 2017
Not being the biggest fan of musicals, I didn't expect much from this film. Upon watching, I was superbly impressed with it's fresh, contemporary take on the Musical genre. Wonderful acting and musical numbers from both Gosling and Stone. A definite must-see!
December 2, 2017
No No No this movie is NOT that good. The songs are forgettable the singing is terrible. The Jazz music is nice, but I was shocked at how little I liked this movie. It came very close to winning best picture. Why does Hollywood get so excited over a musical? I guess the story of "poor me", I moved to Hollywood and I'm a struggling artist really hits home with Hollywood. But in all reality "Who Cares" about an actor's struggle to crack into the business. Emma Stone winning best actress is such a joke. Ryan Gosling was pretty good and outshines Emma Stone, not sure what the Academy was thinking here. As I right this short review, I find my self getting even more mad at this movie. I watched it last night (over 12 hours ago) and I'm still amazed at how over rated this movie is.
November 30, 2017
I don't even like musicals and I loved this movie. The soundtrack is absolutely brilliant, I found myself listening to it on Spotify over and over. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are as good as always, I enjoy watching them together on screen. The plot is well thought out and manages to intertwine a grand romance with something deeper.
Super Reviewer
½ November 30, 2017
While all musicals since West Side Story are inferior and therefore redundant by definition, this one actually works. Starting with a great number in LA traffic, it also helps that there is plenty of space for conversations between songs, are both are well written. Additionally there are a few pretty neat visual gimmicks, especially in the final act which even comes with a bit of a twist in the end. That's pretty sweet, entertaining and most importantly well acted. A genuine pleasure.
November 26, 2017
Borrowing heavily from The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, it nearly manages to capture the emotion and magic of Demy's film.
½ November 26, 2017
La La Land was directed by Damien Chazelle, the writer/director of Whiplash. His first directing credit was for another musical, Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench. This guy clearly has a passion for music, Jazz in particular - all three of the movies he has directed feature a Jazz musician as the protagonist. Chazelle is a graduate of Harvard and the youngest person in the history of the Academy Awards to win Best Director - so it's safe to say we are talking about a sharp guy here. He was also the screenwriter for 10 Cloverfield Lane, a very under appreciated and interesting movie from 2016.

It's easy to dismiss La La Land as a nostalgic musical meant for your grandparents, but it's too good to pass up no matter what your age or tastes are. It's about a young couple in Hollywood dealing with the excitement of their new relationship and simultaneously navigating the ruthless entertainment industry as they struggle to find their place. The story, the acting, the music, it's all worth the bill of admission alone, but it's the visuals that stuck with me.

La La Land is about ambition, potential, compromise, and relationships. Each person has their own dreams about how the future of their life and their relationships will play out. However, disagreements about this future, unexpected opportunities or obstacles - the unpredictability of life in general - often force them to make difficult decisions about how much of their dreams they are willing to compromise to keep the other person around. What's more important; your career or your relationships? How much you achieve or how much you love? This movie does a great job of forcing the audience to ask these types of questions.

Yes, La La Land has a major appeal for lovers of musicals, but if you are like me and don't normally watch musicals, don't dismiss it. It's a beautiful film.
November 26, 2017
La la land" is 2016 American musical romantic comedy-drama film, written and directed by Damien Chazelle. It's Chazelle's most succesful movie, what has won all seven of its Golden Globe nominations and has made Chazelle the youngest person to win both the Oscar for Best Director and the Golden Globe for Best Director. In starringroles are Ryan Gosling as a jazz pianist Sebastian and Emma Stone as an aspringing actress Mia. The location of the film is in Los Angeles, where the whole strory unfolds.
Mia is a barista, who dreams of becoming an actress, but uselessly. Sebastian is a struggling jazz pianist, earning money as a restaurant pianist, but his boss fired him. He dreams to open his authentic jazz-bar. They met in in a party, where Sebastian plays in a third-rate 1980s pop cover band. After the two walk to their cars where the following stroy starts. They started to meet and fell in love. Soon they will approach their goals. Mia directed her one-woman play and Sebastian bacame a member of a successful jazz fusion band. But they weren't happy-Mia's play wasn't successful and even Sebastian's band was at the top, he knew, he doesnt enjoy this music. After many arguments they grew apart and went on their lives separately, but five years later they both have achieved their lifegoals-Mia is a famous actress and Sebastian owns his jazz-bar.
Even if the movie seems at first like a light-hearted musical, it's actually thought-provoking and has a good moral. Beacause it's a big budget film, it has a great camera work and is aesthetically good to watch. The only weakness is that the movie is a bit predictable. Already at the beginning I knew, how the story is going to move.
In general was this the best musical film, I've ever seen. Whith the twist of the story and a good moral, it was interesting and gripping to see it.
½ November 26, 2017
Brought me back to the days of epic musicals. Great movie.
November 26, 2017
Wonderful Romance Movie filled with amazing song and Heart touching moments
November 24, 2017
I must be one of the few who just don't get this. Singing is sub-par, acting is good, story is just ok. I get that it's an epic musical reminiscent of the 1950s, which is very nice to see. Overall it just wasn't that compelling for me. I think maybe Hollywood really likes movies about Hollywood.
November 22, 2017
a perfectly ok. nothing less nothing more.
½ November 21, 2017
"Movies are not made like that anymore"
November 21, 2017
The actors were amazing, the costumes were so vivid, the choreography and singing was fantastic, but of course they had to ruin it all with a terrible closing. a movie should leave you inspired, happy, fulfilled, and content. Not infuriated and disappointed. This movie could have gone so much farther than it did.
November 20, 2017
One of the best pictures of the century
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