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May 19, 2019
Gosling and Stone shines and as a result Chazelle marks his name on the wall.

La La Land

Chazelle is on a strike. With successive jaw dropping projects coming out, his passion grows more intense and the cinema much larger. Coloring the 70mm screen with rich mesmeric visuals, the director, Damien Chazelle is boasting his love with proper understanding of the Hollywood culture that he so blindingly adores. Not an inch goes by in the film that looks pretentious, working over a year on editing along with Tom Cross, Chazelle wishes you to understand the "if's" and "but's" of this show business in one note. And boy what a note it is. I am sorry but that hooked theme of Justin Hurwitz, whispered in every line of the film always sobers me up.

All hail the production team for carving out this desert as fresh as it looks, from clothes to designing and from locations to set pieces, the view gets better and better and so does the performance. And daunting as this task may sound, but Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling might be the new Woody Allen and Diane Keaton. But unlike them they aren't quirky but are goofy about the relationship and flirty about their first love. If Stone going over the montages of failed auditions is a threat, then Gosling on piano is her equal competitor.

I have always preferred them alone, one is happy being stubborn and intuitive- something that she later on adapts from him- and other being mature and hard on herself. Together, they would fall apart, they are meant to be, no matter how in sync are they while dancing and how pitch perfect are they while singing, their rhythm is too vacuumed by the outer world to float in one room, maybe they should have just stayed in that cinema hall, but despite of claiming it to be a La La Land, this is the reality, they had to get out.
½ May 18, 2019
pontos altos são músicas bem e não cansam demais o filme (mesmo sendo musical). um história simples, por (C)m bem escrita. Uma evolução bacana dos personagens e um final simpático e reflexivo ATENO SPOILER /senti que de fato houve um carinho e respeito mútuo pelos personagens no final do filme, satisfeitos com a felicidade do outro/. para terminar o ponto forte foi o entrosamento dos dois protagonistas.
ponto fraco achei a edição um pouco confusa, focou de forma desproporcional nos trechos da história e dava se muito tempo para algumas passagens e voava se no tempo para outras. al (C)m disso, a história (C) legal, mas não chega a empolgar. e para terminar o filme mesmo sendo muito bom, a mídia toda que nele se fez me levou ao cinema com muita expectativa e no final só vi um "filme bom", mas que pensaria umas 3x antes de cogitar revê lo.
May 18, 2019
I judged the movie before to see it, I thought that will be boring but I was wrong. The history is great.
May 4, 2019
A colorful movie, in every aspect
May 3, 2019
10/10 Wonderfully acted and smoothly directed, with outstanding songs and a poignant tone.
May 2, 2019
Best Movie i've ever seen, it's my whole life
½ April 27, 2019
Completely overrated. waaayyyyy too long
April 26, 2019
One of the most beautiful and heart wrenching displays of romance I've ever watched
½ April 25, 2019
Maybe without the fuss around this movie, I should not have told myself to forcibly like this movie, and probably, I would have enjoyed this much more.
April 25, 2019
This movie is the reason of me falling in love with cinema and music.
½ April 23, 2019
Excellent, I really enjoyed the movie and especially the soundtrack is refreshing.
April 23, 2019
La La Land is gorgeous. If you like film, see it and realize why it had so many Oscar nominations. First of all the movie has basically two characters, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling's characters are the central focus and it works. They both get nearly equal screen time in order to show off their amazing acting. Not only do they show off their acting, but also dancing and singing, all of which is beautifully sung and choreographed. (This especially applies to Ryan who learned to play piano beautifully just for this movie.) The plot is sweet, romantic, and I always love a tragedy. My favorite aspect of the film are the visuals and the pacing. The movie focuses a lot on color and uses that to paint a fantastical image of Hollywood without being to direct. It helps the plot and determines the mood. The pacing is also perfect; the use of seasons to separate periods of Seb and Mia's relationship works and is timed like they could be chapters in a book. It has a plot that could have been a book integrated with cinematography and musical aspects that I have never seen in a film together.
½ April 13, 2019
I don't think I have ever been in love with a movie, like I'm in love with La La Land. From the first few seconds, till the very end. This movie had me and didn't let go. My english vocabulary is not good enough to express my love, heck, my dutch vocabulary is not good enough to express it. This movie is everything.

It is beautiful, happy, magical, romantic and I could go on for a little while longer but I won't. I wasn't expecting it to be this musical-y, but I mean, I love musicals so I'm not complaining. I think this is a great "musical" because there isn't non stop singing, so people who don't like musicals might like this one because it's more "subtle". I can only imagine how much practice went into all those dance routines and don't get me started on the impressive piano skills Ryan Gosling showed us.

Something that really impressed me as well was the way they filmed everything. It's a very creative and different way, which I really enjoyed and think makes this movie a great inspiration for those who love film and camerawork themselves. The build up and flashbacks and stuff were really cool as well. Yea I really enjoyed that. Also, the storyline, which does so much for a movie, was so great.

This is normally the part were I talk about the actors, but seeing that there were mainly only two actors and they were both amazing (I do think tho, that Ryan Gosling his character wasn't a very challenging one for him because we have seen him in roles like these before. Mixing it up with all the dancing, singing en piano playing though, you got something quite different and I loved it), I'm going to skip this part and say that you should watch this movie, do nothing more, just watch it, enjoyed it and love it.
April 10, 2019
"This is the dream! It's conflict and it's compromise, and it's very, very exciting!"

Where to start? I'll be honest, based on the trailers that I saw I wasn't very excited to see this; I thought that it would just be average or slightly above and incredibly artsy either way. Let me say, I love being proved wrong when it comes to a film being better than I thought it would be, and I was proven very wrong in this case.

In my opinion, this is what film making is about. Director Damien Chazelle came out of the gates swinging in 2014 with Whiplash (probably one of my top ten films of all time). He hits the ball out of the park this time by telling the story of Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) a jazz pianist and Mia (Emma Stone) an aspiring actress who bump into one another on more than a few occasions resulting in a roller coaster of emotions.

I know that musicals (especially modern day ones) are often looked upon in a certain light by most. Sure there is singing and even several incredible dance numbers in La La Land, yet beyond all of that it has so much more to offer. The story isn't the best ever told but the way it is captured both visually and through the song and dance is almost beyond words. Both Gosling and Stone have achieved what I'd consider their best performances in their careers to this point.

Please don't go into this expecting Singin' in the Rain, The Sound of Music or even Grease. This film transcends the traditional role of a musical to offer something that I've not seen before. Damien Chazelle's idea was to "to take the old musical but ground it in real life where things don't always exactly work out." He more than succeeded in his vision by crafting a great movie into a fantastic musical. Too often, musicals have strained performances and misplaced song and dance numbers. La La Land has masterful performances with song and dance seamlessly incorporated to enhance the story even further.

Most musicals deliver several great songs; however, this film with John Legend as a producer, delivers incredible songs that have already won awards. "City of Stars," sung by Gosling himself, was a bright point in a film that already had so many. Honestly, before watching this I had no clue that Gosling or Stone could sing. While neither are likely to go on to have exciting musical careers, they both stretched their talents and sung to the level of their characters with perfection.

One of the few things that I take for granted in film are the captivating visuals. I've seen so many major blockbuster sci-fi adventures that I rarely stop to appreciate the subtlety that a true artist can bring to the screen. Everything from matte paintings, lighting, and cinematography play a role in giving a film a look and feel that take you to another world. The visuals in La La Land are truly a work of art, the colors jump off the screen, and thanks to the lighting throughout, your eyes are directed exactly where they're meant to be. On top of Damien's incredible directorial style, he also wrote both Whiplash and La La Land. Chazelle is a true artist that I'm looking forward to seeing more and more from in the coming years.

When I started these reviews, I wanted to make sure I didn't throw around the five star rating lightly. Even Star Wars (which I happen to be a huge fan of) only got 4 1/2. I've given some older films five stars, but this is going to be my exception to the norm. A film like this doesn't come along often and I want it to be known and be seen.
April 4, 2019
Went in with high expectations and was not floored at all. Maybe that's the reason for 2 stars.
April 3, 2019
Starring the amazing on-screen duo of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, "La La Land" is a beautiful love letter to Hollywood, and is also without a doubt the best film of 2016.
½ March 28, 2019
The first 2 songs might've not been so well-fully crafted into the story, and I get why people don't like the conclusion. But, La La Land is one of the best musicals in years. It emphasizes more on its strong story than just throwing songs at you randomly. Damien Chazelle's directing was spot on. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have great chemistry while delivering flawless performances. The music was spectacular. It also manages to serve as a real life portrayal of love, and how sometimes careers and circumstance get in the way of it. This was a great movie guys, don't give it so much hate.
½ March 25, 2019
Aside from the constant aesthetically pleasing scenery throughout the film, La La Land left me looking for more.
½ March 19, 2019
Very good musical and film by Damien Chazelle!
March 18, 2019
La La Land features visually impressive choreography but it isn't enough to make up for the cliched boring plot and lack of original songs.
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