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The Lawnmower Man

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The Lawnmower Man suffers from a predictable, melodramatic script, and its once-groundbreaking visual effects look dated today.



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A mentally handicapped gardener (Jeff Fahey) allows a scientist (Pierce Brosnan) to experiment on him. Marnie: Jenny Wright. Timms: Mark Bringleson. Directed and coauthored by Brett Leonard. Contains footage cut from the theatrical release.

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Jeff Fahey
as Jobe Smith
Pierce Brosnan
as Dr. Lawrence Angelo
Jenny Wright
as Marnie Burke
Mark Bringleson
as Sebastian Timms
Geoffrey Lewis
as Terry McKeen
Jeremy Slate
as Father Francis McKeen
Dean Norris
as Director
Colleen Coffey
as Caroline Angelo
Troy Evans
as Lieutenant Goodwin
Rosalee Mayeux
as Carla Parkette
Austin O'Brien
as Peter Parkette
Joe Hart
as Patrolman Cooley
John Laughlin
as Jake Simpson
Ray Lykins
as Harold Parkette
Jim Landis
as Ed Waits
Mike Valverde
as Day Gate Guard
Joey Simrin
as 2nd Boy
Frank Collison
as Night Gate Guard
Jonathan Smart
as Assistant
Doug Hutchison
as Security Technician
Denney Pierce
as Skinhead Guard
Roger Rook
as Older Guard
Randall Fontana
as Hotel Waiter
Mara Duronslet
as Young Woman Clerk
Duane Byrne
as Letchworth Buddy
Craig Hosking
as Helicopter Pilot
Mark Bringelson
as Sebastian Timms
Michael Valverde
as Day Gate Guard
Craig Benton
as White Coat
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Audience Reviews for The Lawnmower Man

  • Jul 17, 2017
    Ahead of its time. Unfortunately, the technology it uses was not.
    Gimly M Super Reviewer
  • May 11, 2014
    A film ahead of its time, The Lawnmower Man explores the dangers of unchecked technological evolution. Starring Jeff Fahey and Pierce Brosnan, a scientist's experiments with virtual reality and the mind have unexpected effects on a mentally handicapped landscaper named Jobe whose mental powers begin to escalate, giving him telepathic abilities and the power to merge the virtual and physical worlds. The writing's not very good, and is full of cliches and stereotypes. The development of Jobe is especially weak, and offers little explanation for what he does...besides general craziness. And the special effects are awful (even for 1992). The virtual reality in particular is more bizarre and distracting than intriguing. Unfortunately, the poor filmmaking in The Lawnmower Man overwhelms the ideas that it's trying to explore.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • May 11, 2014
    Both a cyberpunk retelling of Frankenstein and bastardization of Stephen King's short story of the same name, The Lawnmower Man is made worse by its preposterous plot twists, dated effects, and ham acting.
    Edward B Super Reviewer
  • Jan 20, 2013
    For me The Lawnmower Man is a modern-day retelling of the classic Frankenstein story. A Scientist is attempting to reach new ground for the interest of science and the good of mankind. In the process he creates a monster who runs amuck and he is left wishing he'd left well alone, although totally fascinated with the results at the same time. Dr. Lawrence Angelo (Pierce Brosnan) is one such scientist. He is employed by Cybertech to work with chimpanzees to increase their mental capacity and to train them in war tactics via the use of virtual reality and drugs. He disagrees where his research is leading and leaves the company. Unable to let his research go he begins experimenting again, this time with a human subject. He chooses a local Lawnmower Man who is a little simple and attempts to increase his intellect with dire consequences. The main talking point with The Lawnmower Man is the special effects. It says on the front of the DVD that I watched something along the lines of; stunning visuals, better than Terminator 2. This is simply not the case, but the graphics were ground-breaking at the time. Not because they were that advanced, but because these were the first virtual reality graphics in a movie. The Lawnmower Man is the first movie to cover this topic (as far as I am aware). Audiences seem to be divided on whether they are very good or not. I feel that they could have been a lot better if the technology was used in a better way. In the hands of a different director perhaps. I can't image what Stanley Kubrick could have done with this movie. For example, the scene of the lawnmower man running over Jakes Brain and the scene where Father Francis McKeen is set on fire. I feel that Jeff Fahey (who played Jobe) gave a good performance. I don't think he did anything that amazing but he delivered the role well. Since Lawnmower man he has gone on the do many other roles, one of my favourites is as J.T. in Planet Terror. He has become quite the cult icon nowadays. I'm afraid the same can't be said for Pierce Brosnan, oh dear Pierce ... oh dear. In the early 90's big things were in the pipeline for Mr. Brosnan, but unfortunately The Lawnmower Man wasn't one of them. Having said all this I do enjoy watching The Lawnmower Man. It's one of those films where you can just "switch your brain off". You can sit back, relax and be mildly entertained by this weird yet satisfying story, and they don't get much weirder than this. Having cyber sex, becoming joined together in the form of a butterfly before turning into a monster and firing red spit at your partner. I wouldn't recommend The Lawnmower Man, but if you enjoy weird SCI-FI thrillers then feel free to give it as go. Coming back to what I was saying at the start, as with Frankenstein, The Lawnmower Man is a movie with a message too. That some things are better left alone than meddled with, and that Technological advancement can be dangerous..."Lawnmower Man's in your head now Jake".
    James C Super Reviewer

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