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July 19, 2017
It's hard to narrow down the brilliance of David Lean's masterpiece Lawrence of Arabia because it is quite possibly the best movie of all time. Peter O'Toole crafts such a unique and complex character with T.E Lawrence that he goes beyond great but legendary giving a pulse to the very heart of the movie. Themes such as identity and humanity are explored not only through a brilliant script but the cinematic narrative masterly construed by David Lean's vision. There are shots that will captivate its audience and has the ability to tell a story of epic portions without saying a word. It is truly a gift to cinema.
July 13, 2017
I did my best to pace myself and planned a break midway through Lawrence of Arabia, because I can sometimes be biased against long films. I have to grant this movie one thing, unlike most other epic historical films I've seen, it gave me a clear protagonist and a personal story that made me care about all the big events happening around him. Lawrence is a very engaging character, and stands out as unique from the other British officers he works with. Peter O'Toole delivers an spectacular performance.

Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I just couldn't hold interest in this story for the full runtime. If it was only the first half I would have called it brilliant, and a superb historical film. That entire first half seemed to be building towards a specific goal and had some great moments. But the second half seemed to lose direction. It felt like it was split up into a number of vignettes instead of having a singular focus. There were select moments or scenes in the later part of the film that worked but I was in danger of boredom.

The visuals in Lawrence of Arabia are breath-taking. I never thought desert could look so amazing, but they capture the beauty in the scenery. You get a genuine feel of being there in the desert, and can sense the dangers surrounding the characters at all times. Some of these big sweeping shots are truly iconic. And equally as iconic is that music. The score from Maurice Jarre is one I recognized without ever seeing the film. It is a truly legendary piece of music and sets a tone that fits the story well.

I wish I was more of a history nerd so I knew better what was going on in every beat of Lawrence of Arabia. I think I followed most of it, but there were some people (like Alec Guinness' racially questionable character) whose role I kept struggling to figure out. I sensed there were a number of underlying agendas that I wasn't picking up on. But the important part I understood. I certainly didn't actively dislike Lawrence of Arabia, in fact for awhile I was loving it. I just felt with a little more focus and a little less time it might have worked better for me.
July 12, 2017
My father's favorite movie of all time and one of my top 10 for sure. I love David Lean's use of landscape in his movies.
July 11, 2017
One reason this film works so incredibly well-and I am one wont to call it the most epic epic-is that Lean balances nimbly the same literary aesthetic that Lawrence himself strikes so perfectly in his "Seven Pillars". Like Lawrence's personality and his politics, as a poet he aimed to give equal voice to (in his time, dying; in our time, dead) the heroic Romance and, at the same time, (in his time, burgeoning; in our time, post-) the bleak and introspective Modernist. Like horizon landscapes that make up so much of the movie, as Lawrence balances between where sand meets sky, on one side (bright and empty) is a 19th C. hope in man's enlightenment, while on the other (filthy and dry) is a 20th C. arthouse nihilism. Lawrence, as the film notes, is a double-edge sword, cutting both ways, wielded by two masters, but like Joyce his contemporary, servant to none. Which is to say, the film-notably split down the middle, between the action of its first exhilarating half, and the stultification of its bureaucratic ending-is Lawrence through and through.
½ July 8, 2017
Brilliant and grand in scale, Lawrence of Arabia combines history with cinematic charm perfectly. That being said, it may not be for everyone, as the pacing is rather slow and the running length is well over four hours.
June 24, 2017
I could watch the desert cinematography along with the beautiful theme to this movie all day long. Beautifully shot along with a stellar performance from Peter O'toole, not to mention a hell of a story about the great service T.E. Lawrence provided for the great Arab revolt against the Ottoman Empire during ww1. However, this is much more than a history lesson. I was shocked to see O'toole not receiver on oscar for the lead role of one of the greatest movies of all time.
May 28, 2017
The most beautiful film of all time; gorgeously shot, lavishly directed, and exquisitely acted. You must see it.
May 23, 2017
Immaculately shot and featuring a career performance by Peter O'Toole, this film is one of the greats. The nearly 4 hour runtime is not always easy to get through, and I would forgive those who would be turned off by that. However, this is a must see for any film enthusiast which is lifted by the assured direction of David Lean, who makes the absolute most out of the technology of the time period that this was filmed in
½ May 6, 2017
This movie was hyped up for me and I get why it is so loved but it is way too long. Don't get me wrong I did enjoy this film with all the great performances, best cinematography that I have seen, and a good story, but they stretched a story that could of been told in 2 hours to 3 hours and 40 mins. Still glad I watched it all the way through.
April 16, 2017
A film that is worthy of the title: Epic!
April 8, 2017
One of the true classics and it's not hard to understand that position. It looks impressive and I'm kicking myself for seeing it on a 36 inch or something, and not a bigger one I expect to invest in pretty soon. Man, that desert search scene.

Lawrence, a Britishman has practicly nothing but manage to assemble loads of men, warriors, fighters. How? Well, he is very trustworthy, kind and knows how to interact with people. He always has an answer and he builds his army slowly by befriending enemies. There are naturally a cooperation between the Britishmen and the Arabs and the Turks and they're Ottoman Empire are the badguys here. Lawrence collects different tribes of the Arabs to make sure they reached Damascus after several other defeated areas. Why, you say? Well I'm not really sure, but he was put in the place to check the situation down there, being a liaison, by command from the British army, and I guess he figured he wanted to change a thing or two there.

Amazing performance by O'Toole and a brilliant story. It's very long. Actually so long that my tealights that I lit in it's opening scenes nearly went out. Three and a half hours. That's a long time. I had my moments where I went off screen for shorter periods, since this is no rapid film - it's quite slow paced, but there is a constant development so it never feels flat.

Big production. Loads of men and horses. What there is little of here is women, though. There are only a handful of them on screen for seconds only and there are no words given out by any lady. That's some special stuff indeed.

I did like the moment after two hours plus a lot, called "intermission" - two or three minutes with a black screen and music. Great music by the way, the theme score is both unforgettable and fitting.

Big film, a little dissapointment but still a very good film, worth a go when you really have the time for it. There is action, adventure and a very solid story here with a fantastic lead and production. My last film of 2016, 148 in total.

8.5 out of 10 camels.
March 26, 2017
My favorite movie of all time. â?º Epic in every way.
March 19, 2017
I think this is the GREATEST FILM ever made because it has taken me 20 years of viewing to fully understand and appreciate the hidden nuggets of David Lean.

One could get an entire BA from studying this film alone - editing, cinematography, acting, sound, music, advertising, production, it has it all.!

Look for:
- Greatest Introductory Scene ever by Omar Sharif
- "The Match" cut
- Losing sight of Lawrence the man and the rise of the image of L of Arabia
February 28, 2017
It's setting, acting, direction, and just about everything else is a near perfect masterpiece.
February 15, 2017
Simply put, this epic cinematic landmark has some of the most beautiful imagery ever committed to celluloid.

A film of incredible scope that dwarfs nearly all contemporary epics. It's a war epic that is crafted with a great sense of scale. Every moment, even those brief scenes simply in an office or a tent, carry this enormity; this physical depth.
½ February 11, 2017
One of the worst ways I know of to spend four hours. At least you'll come out of it well-rested. (First and only viewing - 8/30/2010)
January 17, 2017
January 15, 2017
A film as near to perfection as one can get. Brilliant writing from Robert Bolt -- elegant, witty, and relentlessly intelligent. Every frame from Fred E Young tells a grand, yet intimate story. David Lean provides the world and generations to come with what amounts to no less than a timeless text book on filmmaking. Every viewing will teach you something new about storytelling and about yourself.
January 2, 2017
One of the greatest movies of all time. Thanks to David Lean's wonderful direction, O' Toole, Sharif and Kennedy's acting. Lawrence Of Arabia is the definition of epic, a movie that is considered a "miracle" by Steven Spielberg. To be honest, he couldn't be more right.
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