May 23, 2021
Nothing deep, but its serendipity nature is uplifting for those of us who believe that life is full of surprises and somehow it works out the way it's supposed to be.
Feb 28, 2021 painfully contrived that it drains the spirit and disturbs the soul; rarely has a film strived for laughs to so little effect...
Nov 28, 2020
No romantic comedy or Emerald Isle cliché is left unturned, but Adams and Goode's charm should be enough to get an indulgent viewer to the finishing line.
Sep 13, 2020
A decent way for budding couples to begin 2010.
Apr 3, 2020
Welcome another gentleman Brit to possible leading-man status in Hollywood. Everyone else involved should redact Leap Year from his or her résumé.
Apr 3, 2020
Poor Amy Adams.
Apr 3, 2020
If a worse film is released this year I'll eat my own weight in cuddly leprechauns. So I will. So I will.
Apr 3, 2020
Amy Adams is such a likable actress that she makes the romantic comedy "Leap Year" worth watching even though we've seen it all before.
Apr 3, 2020
Any movie that gives Adams half a chance to show her stuff can't be dismissed out of hand. But "Leap Year" gives her slightly less than half a chance.
Apr 3, 2020
Overall, Leap Year is nothing special but if you want to see an undemanding romantic comedy that will leave you with a smile on your face then it may just be worth taking the leap on this one.
Apr 3, 2020
If you like pat romantic comedies with paper-thin characters and recycled plots then Leap Year will entertain you.
Nov 13, 2018
This film is really a winner. The dialogue is clever, the acting is great, and, well, if you're looking for romance, look no further.
Dec 15, 2017
Leap Year may be too narrow a scenario to sustain the allegories of cultural bondage Rowe is aiming for. There's no denying, however, his eye for the bold and subtle body language of his main actress, and for evocative visuals
Feb 18, 2012
Nov 16, 2011
Adams does her level best, but her perkiness quickly wears as thin as her spiky heels on those pesky rural roads.
Oct 5, 2011
The bright spot in this boggy botched mess is Amy Adams, a fine and always interesting actress who sparkles and shines here despite the stilted storyline, preposterous improbabilities and an artificially sweetened storybook ending.
Apr 4, 2011
I settled for hoping that Pogues frontman and former dental nightmare Shane MacGowan would show up with his new teeth and start biting everyone to death.
Mar 5, 2011
Tough to watch, yet the personal touch ensures it is rewarding at the conclusion.
Jul 6, 2010
It's a fairly solid entry into the genre, and works pretty well for what it is.
Jul 6, 2010
The quick deaths of the three leads would've saved the rest of us a lot of misery.