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      Left Behind Reviews

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      Aug 17, 2023

      It is pretty low budget, and the whole religious Rapture thing seems extremely toned down for a movie like this. Cage is decent in this, but there is not much else going on here.

      Aug 14, 2023

      It's not a Left Behind movie. It's a "Look at me, I'm Nicholas Cage saving the day again" movie. And not a good one either. Nic Cage's ego is much bigger than God's message in this movie.

      Aug 5, 2023

      Oie! That was 90 minutes I’ll never get back. So incredibly cheeseball. The acting was lackluster, the story was weak and the execution poor. Felt like a 2000 word essay without a real conclusive ending. The religious overtones were annoying to say the least. Better be good for goodness sake! 🙄

      Jul 30, 2023

      Horrible acting, the start is less entertaining then watching paint dry, the action part of the movie is just cheesy and cringe.

      Jul 8, 2023

      As a big Nic Cage fan I hate this movie. I hoped this to get better but it's boring and Nic doesn't do Nic.

      Jun 22, 2023

      If there's a negative score, probably this is a top list.

      Jun 18, 2023

      Is not the best of films

      Jun 9, 2023

      The barbie movie better

      Apr 24, 2023

      I have nothing positive to say about this mess

      Apr 10, 2023

      Only because 1/2 Stars was my lowest option. I blame Prime Video for showing me this turkey.

      Mar 13, 2023

      Expectations were zero with it being one of the worst rated movies of all time on RT but I didn't think it was that bad, though it naturally should have been expected to be better than the original. A fair amount of mystery and intrigue, but vague allusions to God and it possibly being a biblical event make it somewhat preachy.

      Feb 19, 2023

      This movie was so bad that my TV couldn't handle it! Generic music, nonsensical plot, lack of buildup. It's no wonder why absolutely nobody talks about this movie! It's so bad that it's good!

      Feb 14, 2023

      Even if you believe in the Rapture, this movie stinks.

      Jan 30, 2023

      I feel a lot of people are super mean about low budget films. Because of critics like these low budget films sometimes don't get made. When the low budget films are the ones that need to be made to spread the good news. In this case… I though the fact that Nicolas Cage took this portrayal as an actor (whom choose their roles) was pretty cool of him. You rarely see big time actors take on Christian world view roles. For the sake of a community that might not have otherwise watched this type of film. I personally do believe the rapture is going to happen, also any day now for the time and seasons of this age are present and all around us. The Bible is 1/4 prophecy in a whole and most people don't realize that because people don't want to talk about that anymore now days (prophecy fulfilled btw). It is called the blessed hope for a reason it is an escape of the coming wrath of God for an evil and Christ rejecting world. If you did like this movie Kevin Sorbo just made its sequel recently. It really hit home to how the world has changed in the last few years. Which has brought the Christian view of pre-rapture and end times theology to life and "real" in the way the world is headed currently!!

      Jan 27, 2023

      whoops, wrong movie. Delete this please

      Dec 11, 2022

      The greatest movie of all time

      Nov 22, 2022

      This movie is nowhere near as bad as the critics want you to believe. That said, this movie isn't as good as the original. And that is saying a lot! It does have some good tension in the second half of the movie. But for a Christian movie, it has very little Gospel in it, most of what is there is regulated to the "nut jobs". Not much character here, the movie focusing on the disaster...what there is of it. You just want the movie to be better than it is.

      Nov 11, 2022

      Out of the Rapture topic of films out there, this one is perhaps the better one regarding the biblical topic of what may happen when Yeshua (aka Jesus the Jewish Messiah) calls out and takes out all the believers and followers on Earth. I like how a bit of humor was woven into the storyline.

      Oct 30, 2022

      Ein solider Action Film von Nicolas Cage mit einem spannenden und gleichzeitig fragen aufwerfenden Ende

      Oct 4, 2022

      What I liked is there is plenty of action and it deals head-on with the essence of belief and takes on a plot idea that is rarely or never approached. Nicholas Cage as usual is totally and enthusiastically committed in the role. Gotta say - other reviews I have seen are tough - seem to mix up their own views on Christianity with a movie about Christianity.

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