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June 18, 2018
I am not much of a fan of musicals. In fact, they are my least favorite form of entertainment. However, I wanted to see Les Miserables for the story, as I've never viewed any incarnation of Les Mis. While nearly 3 hours of 100% singing is a bit hard to swallow, the performances make most of the songs worthwhile and the story more than makes up for the rest of it. My only real complaint was the hideously poor casting of Russell Crowe. What I liked about the filmmaking aspect of it was that most of the singing is filmed live, not overdubbed with studio recordings. Sure, this means the performances aren't flawless and are sometimes out of synch with the music, but it portrays the story as it is intended, in a very stage-like display. This doesn't prove a positive thing for Russell Crowe who, while he may have looked the part, was painful to hear singing.
June 14, 2018
A few good numbers, but overall I think the casting of hugh jackman ruined this film. Where there was supposed to be emotion and on cue singing, Jackman seemed to miss beats in a faulty attempt at musical artistry. He also seemed to lack the emotion of a 19 year convict who seemingly has been unjustly punished. Where emotion should reign, a nasal whimpering voice substitutes. Russel Crowe is out of tune, but the experience he brings is no more worse than most of the other out of tun, talk singing actors who can't seem to muster any emotion in a very emotional story. As someone who has seen the musical, read the book and knows this story very well, this movie does not do it justice. The acting is good, don't get me wrong, but the message of the story and the feelings one should take from it are absent.
June 13, 2018
This movie had many amazing & moving moments, considering most of the songs were done live. Certain scenes were a bit drawn out. Scene flow was a bit jumbled. However, over all this was a great movie. Great character development & wonderful character commitment.
June 9, 2018
I worked very hard to hold my tears.
May 29, 2018
this movie is about 5 years too long.
May 27, 2018
This is the worst movie I have ever seen. The acting is awful but the singing is just beyond any words I have in my vocabulary, it was so bad. Russell Crowe gets all the flack in this department but it's not just him, it is the entire cast (apart from Colm Wilkinson). I might be being too hard on This movie because I saw The original Broadway cast perform when I was very young (for me Colm Wilkinson will always be Valjean). Hugh Jackman just completely destroyed two of my all time favorite songs "Who am I" and "Bring Him Home" with his horrific singing. The only redeeming feature of this movie is that it ended.
½ May 8, 2018
Whilst I liked the movie it's not rewatchable like Phantom of the Opera is. Phantom of the Opera is similar to that of Les Miserables, a tragic tale. Yet where it fails compared to where Phantom of the Opera succeeds, is that every bit of Les Miserables dialogue was done in song. Unlike that of a Westend play you have many acts of the play, you can't really do that in a movie. The singing dialogue of the movie detracts heavily from what the movie could have been. A more traditional musical movie approach should have been taken.
The singing should have been used more sparingly as it would have enhanced the feeling of the movie and would have established Act changes throughout the movie. Unfortunately a nearly 3 hour unbroken song, doesn't work.

Whilst I like Hugh Jackman and Russel Crowe I believe that Russel Crowe was out of his depth for what was needed in the singing. I even believe Hugh Jackman was at his limit. In reality I would have preferred seeing Hugh as Javert and Russel removed and replaced with a superior singer, someone like Gerard Butler would have been better. Anne Hathaway played it well and Eddie Redmayne/Amanda Seyfried/Samantha Barks were all fantastic. Even though these are minor roles and I think Helena Bonham Carter is great, yet her and Sacha Baron Cohen were both terrible choices and each of their appearances ruined the scenes they were in for me. People who are known as Operatic singers should have been chosen over actors. It's why this movie suffers so badly is that nearly every role is crammed with an actor who can sing (even badly). More singers less actors would have been preferred. Having one or two big names would have been more than sufficient. Yet we got seven big names - I'm reminded of the old saying "too many chefs in the kitchen".
May 7, 2018
One of my favourites
½ April 12, 2018
based on the musical and novel, it feels like a 2-and-a-half-hour music video but has dedicated performances in an engaging story, and importantly, memorable songs. melodrama and live singing are prominent, and it's generally well-acted and remarkable.
April 7, 2018
Wildly uneven and overstuffed. The film largely succeeds thanks to its amazing score and strong performances.
½ March 30, 2018
Russell Crowe's awful singing and the odd use of long takes and jump cuts throughout the cinematography does make this long awaited adaptation of Claude-Michel Schonberg's musical epic, much less impressive than the stage version.

However fans of Les Miserables and musicals in general, will get a kick out it's massive scope, Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway and Samantha Barks's incredible performances as Jean Valjean, Fantine and Eponine, respectively and the reworking of Claude's scores and songs for the big screen. It may not be the best version of the musical, but Tom Hooper mostly succeeds at making this work within the context of a film.
½ March 6, 2018
A very good movie. but still couldn't keep up with the book. The book is the best classic i have ever read.
March 2, 2018
Astounding, the soundtrack is catchy and beautiful. The characters all have depth and the fast pace keeps you on your feet. The story is well baked, no part seems to come out of no where.
February 12, 2018
Russel Crowe was amazing, fight me
January 30, 2018
A dirty, gritty, true-to-life film with amazing performances and attention to detail. I was disappointed with the vocals in some of the songs, but then not all of these actors are singers and it was recorded live. A classic story. AAN GGWM AFI 1001. D
½ January 20, 2018
It's not the best adaptation of the musical but it adds few new things which are good. Anne Hathaway is fenomenal and rest of the cast is okay (despide Russell Crow who just don't fit in)
½ January 17, 2018
First time I see this movie. Pretty amazing and powerful.
January 16, 2018
Best musical! Best movie ever!
January 15, 2018
BEAUTIFUL!! BREATH TAKING!! ...BRILLIANT from start to finish!!!!
January 9, 2018
Majestic, heartfelt, and epic in scale. This, however, is due more to the source material and incredible music than to some of the questionable directorial choices. These choices (some additions, some changes from the original) can cause scenes to change from tear-inducing one moment to silly and unbelievable the next. Performances by Anne Hathaway and (especially) Hugh Jackman are indescribably beautiful. Performances by Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen are equally grand. Performances by others like Russell Crowe are cheesy and forced. Seriously, why didn't someone sit Russell Crowe down and explain to him what human emotion sounds like while singing? Did he practice singing with to iPhone's Siri voice? (As I write these last two sentences I am reading them in his nasally sing-song voice). Why didn't someone explain to him that he didn't need to force every. single. syll. ab. le. of. every. single. word. into a sung note?
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