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November 14, 2017
Fabulous movie, funny, entertaining, definitely left of center humour. Loved it and everyone should watch it!
November 12, 2017
This an extremely enjoyable movie. Inspire the sort of cliched premise, the cast and script help elevate this into a fun, enjoyable, and heartfelt movie.
October 19, 2017
Best family movie of all time. Don't be deceived by its name, behind this corny name is a sarcastic to the beauty show, and as a all-age movie, it has every touching factors that this genre requires.
½ September 22, 2017
Hope in the life of depressed uncle; Carefulness in rebellious brother to mother; A whole family of weirdos having the most ordinary daily lives; A complex world of love; there are flaws but this was filmed in 2006! Best family comedy ever. I want their car-- with smiles that rise as it run.
½ September 21, 2017
A great little movie!
September 11, 2017
(5.0 out of 6)
When we enjoy seeing ourselves in some places, moments and good times whenever and however it happens down the road.

When what we see we enjoy the spotlight, the winning, looking good, being in charge, the highs, and relaxation of it all. When what we see we don't enjoy to end it all, know its a bad idea, know it's a bad connection, have no choice, and it's bad for us. When what we see influences us for the good and bad, depending on how you see it. When what we see coming of age and with the times we see a lot to know and experience alot to know life is either meant for us or not. When what others dont see or experienced enough, they have their whole life ahead of them. When what we like seeing in this house is what puts food on the table when it's our living. When we just live for somethings more than others when we see what we like at a young age to set our goals high each competition at a time to know we are confident, enjoying what we do and eventually live up to what we always see on tv. When we see we are all in this together to see the more support the better. When we respect others seeing life the way they do to play by their perspectives in order to play with our perspectives when we just enjoy seeing everyone altogether. When we just like seeing it our way when we have seen a lot of things to know that life is short and to get as much of the bad things that make us feel good as we can. When we just can't see someone being the wrong influence on some people when we try to make them see the realities of the world to prepare them in what they don't see. When only prefer to see it there way to not see eye to eye with others. When some eyes that see are impressionable when what makes us enjoy what we see we do anything to keep seeing it that way. When do me ways of seeing things are meant to constrain us for the good or bad depending on your perspective of how they see it. When we all see what makes us happy to not worry and enjoy the now rather then later. When what we see we can't resist when somethings are meant to be enjoyed. When we just don't like how others see it to see it another way when we see in the eyes of child rather then an adult. When what we don't seem to reach we see we another way when life poses their problems along the way. When what we see we like when we hold onto our goods and bads to see us through to life in what we want. When others don't see others basked in the spotlight to see the good and bad. When we see that getting through to life is hard to enjoy the challenge and bumps when we see somethings that you don't see but us to know we don't see what others see. When we all see life differently to know there is no one right way of seeing things to see others dont agree to see completely different when they think they are right. When we like and dislike what we see to carry it along the way with us or be reminded of of what we no longer could see. When we see life is full of highs and lows to see we have to live with them along the way. When we lose sight of why we are in some places to forget about what we are supposed to see. When what we see we need to stop seeing for awhile when we are tired and need a break. When somethings we keep seeing in our mind we need to keep practicing. When what others dont like seeing we like when we are different. When somethings we don't know what we are seeing is true when results say otherwise and we have doubts that makes see differently. When we see we have a responsibility to seek a solution to our problems when we need to keep seeing what we see. When we have had enough seeing what we see to take a break and see other things to escape us for awhile. When what others see they no longer can see when they hate seeing the same old thing. When what we see we find alternatives to see other ways. When somethings we see we learn the hard way. When somethings we see we learn along the way with helpful tests and tools. When we see we can let somethings hold us back, but other things are difficult to move forward from. When what we see others are prepared for including ourselves when we always could see somethings coming rather then other things. When we see we can't let some people down to keep going when we move past our problems thick and thin. When what we see is unbelievable when we can't believe our eyes others do what they do when they have strong beliefs. When we see no harm in somethings to see it through to the end. When we see life needs a little push to get us going, and other things we need a big push to not slow us down. When somethings we see others dont see when you don't expect to see some people carrying somethings to not see it. When others can't see when they are blind that stops them from seeing other things they wish to see. When what we continue to want to see past we can't when others clearly see what we are and what we always see that puts us down. When we need to see somethings and have a chance that others dont have one we see we can't let some people down when they are not what we hate seeing. When we hate seeing the downsides to life to want to see the up sides to life that could make us or break us along the way that we have to live with. When we don't see we still have a chance at changing course and perspectives when we are young to learn from our elders mistakes.

When what we see we find another way and any way to get us there when we are constrained to other people's expectations. When we see that a little rule bending is harmless to not by overly strict in what we see. When we see expectations are high and somethings we see are big business, and take us places to see others take it seriously when it means the whole world to others. When it's a matter of how you look at things to see what other people see to see whether we like it. When somethings we no longer can see we send them off to other places. When there is no other place others wish to be and see thst it's not all bad in what we see or what others make us see when we have a chance. When the way we see life puts us in the spotlight in our hearts when we just enjoy seeing what we see, others happy when we are not to know they have chance to live a better life that is not like ours. When life is full of judges to see that we will encounter plenty of judges seeing us and pointing out what we don't see to see that we either got it or not. When we see that others have had enough of seeing and hearing the same things when it's all these girls got before they start seeing the real world. When we see some places are not what we see but what others see is us when we can judge as much as others in what we expect to see how our life should be. When we see life is full of their illusions to not get caught up in seeing the unreal. When we see others have seen enough when they are really good, have better chances then we do, when they see is seriously what they want to be, a winner. When what we see we don't want to see when we like seeing what we see and not what others wish to see to see we hold what best for others seeing. When we need to see things through for someone and ourselves to perform. When we don't see what others see when it's plain fun that makes us see things in a perspective that others see all wrong and serious. When others wish to keep a certain standards to things others wish seeing to see different is not welcome when trying to keep old traditions the same. When we see that others could use a boost when not many like seeing what we see but a few who hate seeing the same thing to see change. When what we like seeing is all of us together to stick together to only see ourselves the way we intended not others intend to see life is going to be okay as long as we stay away from places that are not meant for us. When we need to see the thing we no longer will see to see what really impacts us, influences us down the road that we carry a long through our life whether it's good or bad, it's just a matter what perspective you see it.
September 10, 2017
This movie is will go down as one of the greats, Little Miss Sunshine is in my top 5 favorite films, this movie mixes comedy and drama like no film before and no film since. I truly believe this is a must watch for any one that loves film.
½ September 4, 2017
I love when she performs at the competition. Very funny and nice ending.
August 31, 2017
A fun little movie, well done .. but nothing breathtaking.
August 5, 2017
Beautiful, effective and damaging
½ August 1, 2017
Hilarious comedy with a superb cast and a great script, loved every single one of the characters. I love this kind of character-evolve movies, and this one is really good at creating grest characters and to take them into situations that makes them evolve.
July 23, 2017
I've watched this at least 10 times. Love it every time.
July 20, 2017
Probably one of the most important movies of the last 20 years, yet few have seen it. The message is so poignant and relevant and the movie is so unique, it's worth watching multiple times. All the acting is nuanced and is an absolute masterpiece. Watch this ASAP!
July 9, 2017
Little Miss Sunshine is quirky an fun, a rebellious challenge to systematic notions and placing a spotlight on psychology. The script is well-written and balances all characters evenly.
Super Reviewer
July 8, 2017
One of my favourite movies of all time!
July 1, 2017
One of the best comedies I have seen! A classic!
June 18, 2017
Definitely top 10 favorite movies ever. Not many if at all flaws. Flawless.
½ June 17, 2017
Hated this movie. Little Miss Sunshine fails. We sat down with my granddaughters (oldest is 10 youngest is 6) Then is starts: Alan Arkin character shout up hate speech than a few minutes later loudly promising all life is better if you fu*k / screw and many girls as you can and do it all as you are young. After this 2nf outburst I pulled the movie out. I replaced it with some appropriate. I was so ticked off as I disappeared into the kitchen, I snapped the DVD in half and threw it into the garbage can: where garbage is put, right. People for this crap is: Jonathan Dayton , Valerie Faris and the writer, Michael Arndt. Also condemn the the money people and the worse. the morons here on Rotten Tomatoes. 91% likes...oh my lord, what a bunch of toads (or worse). Got to be the most ignorant set human tools. This movie is crap for our society and simply lowers everyone's IQ and honoring yourself and the people around us. Gut wrenching manure. Did I mention we hated it here?
April 22, 2017
At around the halfway mark I became really disappointed in "Little Miss Sunshine," because it becomes stupid for maybe ten minutes. There's something the central characters decide to do that's completely out of nowhere, and doesn't fit the almost-ultra realistic tone of the rest of the film.

But, after I got over the ridiculousness of this one part of the film, I was able to return to concentrating on everything else. And I liked almost everything else. The cinematography is beautiful in a broken sort of way, the atmosphere is perfectly decided, and (above all else) the cast is phenomenal. The adults of the film are as great as they always are in everything they're in. And Abigail Breslin, who I don't think I've seen in anything else before, is absolutely an insane talent. She's real and she's funny, and she's√Ę?? so far beyond her years I have a hard time believing it. Or, I guess she WAS all those things. It's been ten years since this movie came out, things might have changed.

And while I'm mentioning the cast, I really want to draw my focus to Paul Dano's performance. I've only started to really notice him in movies recently, and I'm surprised it's taken me this long. He's always fantastic, and I think he's outdone himself here. What could have been just another angsty teen character became so much more than that.

If it weren't for the stellar performances, I don't think I would've liked "Little Miss Sunshine" at all. Some of the jokes made me chuckle, but there were just so many clich√¬ (C)s, and that stupid ten minutes, I mentioned earlier, really is very stupid. But, again, the performances were very, VERY good, and that saved the film...

Actually, that pagent scene also majorly contributed to saving the film for me. Most indie dramedies have that whole "the dysfunctional family is gonna be happily dysfunctional together" moment, but this one was especially funny...

Also Steve Carell should have more awards.
½ March 27, 2017
It takes a lot of talent from the actors, directors and writers to make a movie where the family is just as irritable and lovable as a real family.
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