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½ May 24, 2016
Comedy doesn't come much blacker than this adaptation of a Jules Feiffer play. Elliott Gould is a listless photographer who's so apathetic that he daydreams while being mugged. He meets an energetic optimist (Marcia Rodd, strangely forgotten today) who somehow falls in love with him and is determined to inject him with some pep. But in a city of daily escalating violence, it's hard for anyone to stay smiling for long. The characterizations are arch and hyperrealistic, and the action sustains an aggressively satirical edge. Vincent Gardenia is stellar in his typical role as a protective father with a temper, while Donald Sutherland (as a hippie preacher) and Lou Jacobi (as a God-fearing judge) add dazzling cameos and virtually steal the movie. First-time director Alan Arkin also has a scene as a frazzled detective, but sails far, far over the top.
May 9, 2016
If David Lynch were to direct Neil Simon, it would come out like this. A beautifully acted bone-dry comedy, one of several that came out in the late-sixties/early-seventies (think Brewster McCloud, Harold and Maude, A New Leaf, The Heartbreak Kid). The great Alan Arkin directs, Elliott Gould stars, and there's a tremendous performance by Vincent Gardenia. Urgently due reappraisal.
½ August 25, 2015
Odd, reflective and funny.
March 27, 2015
Man, 1971 was a violent year in the movies.
February 10, 2015
Que bela surpresa é "Little Murders", comédia tão cheia de um negrume quase ácido como de uma doçura enternecedora que tem tudo a ver com o Outono de Nova Iorque (que aparentemente é o pano de fundo para este filme adaptado a partir de uma peça de teatro). Alan Arkin, figura multifacetada e actor bastante requisitado, não realizou mais do que duas longas-metragens (esta e "Fire Sale") talvez ciente de que "Little Murders" tem qualquer coisa de inexplicável e irrepetível. Não é realmente qualquer filme que nos toca onde só os bons dramas chegam, ao mesmo tempo que nos deixa às gargalhadas com outras quantas cenas (duas dessas são puramente hilariantes). "Little Murders" estreou exactamente no mesmo ano (1971) que "Harold and Maude" e é quase certo que, a partir daí, ambos tenham contribuído para a escola dos filmes centrados em famílias e relações disfuncionais ("The Royal Tenenbaums", por exemplo, está carregado com as referências desta vaga que entra em efeito bola de neve a partir de "The Graduate"). É uma pena que "Harold and Maude" tenha culto a mais e "Little Murders" tenha culto a menos. Além disso, tudo aponta para que à segunda vez seja ainda melhor e assim sucessivamente.
February 24, 2014
Little Murders, the movie, was based on the Jules Feiffer play, Little Murders. Both of them flopped and it's easy to see why. It is a story about a nihilist who lives in a New York that is going through a collective nervous breakdown. It drove its producer and star, Elliot Gould, to a breakdown and cost him two years of making pictures. Jules Feiffer only wrote one more screenplay after this. Alan Arkin only directed one other movie after this. So, why bother reviewing it? Because it is a perfect movie. Perfect for its time, perfectly succeeding in what it set out to do. There is not one word, shot or nuance that should be changed. It is as dark a comedy as has ever been produced and history will be kind to it. And Donald Sutherland's 8 minute scene should be used in teaching how to steal a movie. I didn't think it was possible for me to like Elliott Gould any more than I already did, but I was wrong. It is also eerily prescient about some things. If you like your comedies bleak, go track down this movie. If not, stay away from it at all costs.
November 13, 2013
Seminal New York Black Comedy--Stinging Satire!!
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July 31, 2012
Such was the depth of quality in seventies cinema that many movies of the era have been unfairly forgotten. While stars like De Niro, Pacino and Hoffmann are still lauded it's easy to forget how great Elliot Gould, Alan Arkin and Donald Sutherland were. All three feature in Arkin's directorial debut, a surreal black comedy which originally had Godard attached. Gould is great as a photographer who has lost the ability to feel and wanders through life with detachment. Marcia Rodd is the young woman obsessed with waking him from his emotional coma. Watch for Sutherland's hilarious cameo as the preacher of the "First Existential" church.
½ July 10, 2012
This is the kind of movie that never gets made anymore. Dark satire. Black comedy. It has some amazingly brilliant parts (Donald Sutherland's cameo for example) and a tone that keeps you off kilter. Great stuff!
October 11, 2011
Alan Arkin directs Jules Feiffer's off-Broadway play satirizing contemporary life in New York. Floundering, nihilistic photographer Alfred (Elliot Gould) becomes a relationship project for Patsy (Marcia Rood), who desperately tries to return feeling to Alfred's life. While the film has fine performances and clever writing (Feiffer also wrote the screenplay), the extensive monologues and erratic final quarter make this a tough one to watch. Donald Sutherland has a hilarious role as the 'preacher' of Alfred and Patsy's secular wedding.
May 20, 2011
An obscure, little-known black comedy that is really demented but very funny!
March 12, 2011
Um retrato notorio sobre a vida na cidade grande. Contendo detalhes comicos sobre a rotina,a visao é cheia de ironia e compexidade. Gould esta formidavel como um homem tao conformado que nao apresenta sentimentos e emocoes. Arkin faz otimo trabalho como diretor com cortes e sequencias comicas como os monologos cheios de movimento. Embora pareca demasiadamente caricatural e chocante em alguns pontos,uma vez que conhecemos as instigantes personalidades,nao temos como recuar. A consequencia é eletrizante.
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December 21, 2010
This is a brilliant black comedy based on a great off Broadway play. The story is fantastic and comments on city life and the postmodern world in an outrageous way. I love this movie, and I recommend it.
½ January 26, 2010
I just saw this movie and spent the whole time trying to sort through my feelings about it. This is a good sign, a very good sign. I was shocked. I laughed and I teared-up. A more thorough review is forthcoming.
January 10, 2010
A truly strange and disturbing film that failed to find an audience and polarized befuddled critics. I am not sure what to make of it.
December 24, 2009
Bizarre film with even more bizarre characters. A laugh riot until the depressing final reel, which leaves a really bad taste in ones mouth.
December 17, 2009
it's still ahead of it's time. it's also one of the best movies i've ever seen. and i'm positive i will never be able to get it out of my head.
November 3, 2009
Throughout its first hour, "Little Murders" has the makings of a typical, wrong-side-of-the-tracks, boy-meets-girl rom-com. Then things get a bit headier, as we find the characters asking each other questions no one asks in a typical rom-com. Without giving too much away, as the less you know about this film the better, the film uses New York City as a metaphor for human cruelty. A pandemic of homicides has flooded the city's streets, and the only thing they have in common, is that they're all unsolved. The film handles these "little murders" gently, keeping them in the background, and at times, even seems to present them with a smile. It's not until the end of act two that the film takes one of the darkest, most sudden turns a film can take, and boy does it nail it.
½ July 1, 2009

i read amazinhg critques for this one,
It High rated

Its Alan Arkin

Its 70's!

Its a black comedy
So, i should love this film... But nope...
It didnt work for me at all...
Didnt find it funny and bored me...
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½ June 20, 2009
Entertaining. Sarcastic. Unpredictable. Hilarious.
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