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September 7, 2017
Hardy dazzles yet again with another captivating performance that keeps the audience roped in well. The film drags at times due to its setting but kept me nervous due to the well designed conversations between characters
September 6, 2017
Tom Hardy hits this one out of the park. If someone told me to watch a film with a guy driving and talking on the phone, I'd probably give it a miss, so glad that I didn't. Excellent movie
½ August 28, 2017
Veala hoy , agradeceme maņana XD
August 19, 2017
When the entire film consists of a man sitting in his car and talking to various people on the phone, you'd be forgiven for thinking it might be a tad boring, but thanks to an engaging performance from star Tom Hardy and subtle direction from Steven Knight who opts for an extremely minimalistic approach, perfectly suited to the vibe of the film, you might find yourself surprised at just how much you enjoyed it.
August 18, 2017
A surprising role for Tom Hardy. He delivers an amazing one man show that is compelling to watch. Not a must see but a very curious film for very curious people.
August 15, 2017
One of my personal favorite performances from Tom Hardy to date. Engaging, restrained, emotional, and powerful all in one go.
July 31, 2017
What sounds like a boring concept gets brought to life by a great script, great performances, and an unusual filming structure. Seek out Locke if you want to see how unique and fantastic minimalist cinema can be.
July 29, 2017
great performance by Hardy obviously. Interestingly watching the film you get anxious, waiting for something to happen, waiting for the scenes to change. This was a clever trick as not only does it convey the sense of desperation sometimes felt when driving, but is also in strong opposition to the fact that Locke is having more things happen to his life in such a small time frame than possibly he has ever experienced. concrete sets a foundation but can also easily crack as is simultaneously happening with Locke's life.
July 29, 2017
Put simply, Locke is an underrated film that features one of the most underappreciated performances of all time, courtesy of Mr. Tom Hardy. It's not often that you can point to a movie that works solely because of one performance. Sure, there are films that are elevated from "good" to "great," or from mediocrity to legitimate quality, but it is a rarity to see a film that features an actor who quite literally brings the character into the real world. Hardy's heart-breaking, but also mind-blowingly authentic performance transforms what could easily be a film trying to profit off the gimmick of only showing one man in a car for the duration of the runtime into a captivating character piece.

The plot, though on the surface doesn't run much deeper than a Wikipedia summary, is executed pretty well. Though repetitive at times, it stays engaging for the majority of the film.

In terms of the technical aspects, director Steven Knight does the best he can with the obviously limited settings, with creative lighting and interesting shots out of the window, but such limitations can only hold up for so long. Of course, such barriers cannot be overcome, but the lack of different set pieces does become tedious after a while.

Overall, Locke is an engaging film which becomes wildly elevated by the performance of Tom Hardy.
½ July 18, 2017
When we see we have alot to handle but can't be in every place at once, we see how our decisions and directions we turn to only lead to an uncertain end. When we see what we done in the past to try to handle our mistakes now. When others see they don't have a handle in the way we do, we see we are depended on. When we see when we let go of our handles, all trouble breaks lose. When we see who we let down when we try to keep a handle of everything at once when we our on damage control till we are able to see and handle things for ourselves. When what others dont see, or can't believe, they are unable to handle the news when everything they see comes crashing down, and now have to start seeing something else. When we all see to it we do our part to put those in charge to handle our dirty work or important work to know who won't let us down. When we don't see somethings coming to lose our handle to only regain it with another plan. When what we see is our foundation in what we want to see to keep a firm handle everything runs smooth. When we see we require the best, the precise and complete marksmanship to only handle the work and put a handle on a dire situation we see we can designate handling work in different places step by step. When we see that others need a firm handle to not mess up we need to see they don't. When we see other things we have no handle over that others have to do on their own when anything wrong can happen we don't see coming. When we don't see what comes next we naturally can't handle the pressure, fear, and anxiety it brings that we lose our handle on everything. When everyone needs to see they need to find a way to handle to what they don't see we coach them through when our eyes and mind is everywhere when we have every situation handled. When we never thought moments where we don't see or have a handle on things could lead to us losing our handle on the life we built. When we don't see how others we built we male them lose their handle that we can't always be there. When see a lot rides on us to handle everything when we only see eye to eye with others want to make sure we handle everything correctly. When we see that what pushes us to handle everything correctly is handling our life differently from those who we see handled our life incorrectly. When we see that the life we built we only had a firm handling others couldn't do that we see we can do when we see we are better. When we see we handle more then work, and family, but people's livlihoods when we have a handle on their life's strengths and weaknesses we steer them through to move forward. When we see that we can't always handle everything when it's not theirs to handle when we see they no longer can be trusted. When other things we don't see we built we lose our handle when others built it for us. When we see that other things we can't handle we rely on quick fixes till we see we can deal with them when the time comes. When some things we don't see or can't fix we must handle now head on when we are in charge of new responsibilities. When others see we can't handle the responsibilities, we know it's hard seeing a future with eachother when we are afraid of raising things alone. When we see we don't know how others will handle the news when the world they enjoy seeing is gone. When we see everything flys off their handle when all that could go wrong goes wrong to only put firm grips to what we can control and other things we can't control that we look forward to or look behind to what's to come. When we see we have made some friends, family, and partners with those to handle our challenges along the way, we know it all comes with a price. When we only want others to see it the way we see it to not lose a handle in their life that we hold so tightly too even in moments of relapse, when we see we built this all together. When we dont need yo see how others turn out when they are our blood and do what we do to handle tough situations and make it good again, when they look up to us. When we see we are unlike others to give up, we restore what others couldn't handle in our shoes our name, our dignity, humanity, and livlihood.
July 15, 2017
Tom Hardy's single handed grit & mastery to add to his phenomenal portfolio
June 26, 2017
Truly a one-man tour de force. I can't think of anyone else who could pull this off EXCEPT Tom Hardy. He has more talent than the law allows.
May 30, 2017
I prefer Buried but this is still great
May 24, 2017
OMG! That is terrific. Tense, one-man show - you seriously do not have ANY other actors on the screen. And the guy barely moves - he is just driving and talking all the time. An outstanding drama! Tom Hardy - my respect!
April 17, 2017
Would be easy to write this off as a technical experiment in film making - 90 minutes of a man driving to Croydon whilst making a series of (hands free) phone calls in which his professional and personal life unravels. No one else appears on screen other than Tom Hardy, the camera is rarely off him and after he gets in the car he doesn't leave the driving seat, so camera angles are limited. However, a remarkably absorbing performance from Tom Hardy makes this tense emotional film well worth watching. Who knew pouring concrete could be so engrossing? Don't expect car chases, shootouts or explosions - just well-acted intelligent drama.

April 1, 2017
It doesn't matter how simple the concept is kept, great direction, an invested script and a fantastic performance by Tom Hardy makes this small drama worth the viewing.
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½ March 25, 2017
Tom Hardy, one of the most in-demand actors of this generation, stars in Locke, a movie about one man in a single car, for 85 minutes. Every aspect of Locke's life is in turmoil: his job, his relationship with his wife, and even his home. It's about as interesting as it can get, and Tom Hardy's performance makes it watchable. Not to mention the supporting voice actors he speaks with on the phone throughout the movie, all of whom turn in realistic performances. His character, however, is unlikable: we're given no reason to pity him, and most of the circumstances he finds himself in feel deserved. Maybe this is what makes the movie interesting. It's an ambitious concept, which I have immense respect for, but I did feel a little underwhelmed by the time the credits rolled.
March 18, 2017
Here's a good example of how far minimalistic films can go. You don't really need a bunch of characters on screen, too many locations and a mind-blowing and life-changing argument, in order to create a good movie. "Locke" shows us how a man deals with his family, job and the fuck-ups he made in the past, all of this in 90 minutes or less. But wait... I've heard this before. Because it's the story of most of the people nowadays. It's that real, that you even feel everything Ivan Locke's getting through. And how, in the beginning, we are introduced to a successful guy who has it all, but at the end, loses almost everything, with a little hope on the new life that is born in the last 15 minutes.

There's no human antagonist in here. The bad guy is Ivan's past, who is making consequences threading his personal and professional relationships. We don't know what's coming next, of course in the last shot we saw him driving ahead, probably to meet his new kid, but will he get his job back? Is he coming back home? Will his wife forgive him? That's the cliffhanger of this film.

As I mentioned before, there's no need of a big argument to make a good film out of it. A normal person's life is a different movie every single day.
March 5, 2017
For the occasional faults in its substance, Locke is an inventive one-man show experiment that works in its technical prowess and impressive performance from its leading man. The film, simply 85 minutes of phone calls and introspective character moments in one single location, is something unique, but it often jumps back and forth from being profound in its subtlety to feeling a bit tedious. Even as a whole, there's not a lot of closure to each arc presented, but as a character study about an average man, it's understandable that a film about life is so meandering. Our meandering lead is Ivan Locke; as Mr. Locke, Tom Hardy, as well as writer/director Steven Knight, has crafted a hard hitting character, one who never has to scream or get physical to show anger, or bawl to show sadness. As he always seems to do, Hardy infuses this character, and this film as a whole. with such a quiet sense of raw power and emotion that makes for a stunning cinematic experience.
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½ March 5, 2017
Whilst Hardy delivers a performance that draws you in, it's nothing more than a one man sitting in a car dealing with his life choices.
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